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  1. VIRUS

    Its turning everyone into a Howard Hughs.
  2. wow

    More racing...less crap...heard em up...head em out....green flag.
  3. wow

    More racing...More racing...More racing...
  4. wow

    Cutting back laps or number of races is never ever what the "spectators" want.
  5. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    And people say we all overreacted to the sale of Whataburger.....
  6. Good Video of Races at SAS

    I have fun at every track I go to...but arob nailed it. It is gone...in the past...have to move on...but wait...why do we have memories if we don't use them?
  7. Nice background music....cant go wrong with a little Dream Theater.
  8. Formula 1 pit stops - 1950 verses 2013

    Humans....amazing...the progression.
  9. SAS site of Electrathon Competition

    Crap....I thought I was over that place.
  10. This was shocking to me

    Stock car racing never got big because the race was good, it grew because it was fun to follow....nothing much about it to follow now except it's demise.
  11. How many features in a row did Beaver win? I f I remember correctly it spanned more than one season.
  12. Fire and Fury

    Are you ok?
  13. 4 Reasons for Nascar's Big Skid

    The truck and suv crowd have been battling with performance for a long time now.Look at what sells a truck lmao. 400 hp and a gazillion fp torque. Range Rovers with turbo and two superchargers...lol Hemi trucks and Durangos...people want haulin space with haulin a....
  14. 4 Reasons for Nascar's Big Skid

    They burst your balloon, and take away your moon, the party is over....his last view on "the love affair with the automobile is dead" is wrong and comes from a leftist progressive way of thinking. There has never ever been a bigger race on the streets as there is today. When the new Mustang arrives with its 900 horsepower, and lines up against the Demon on main street it will shake the world. U-tube todays muscle car madness. It has never been stronger. Get back to the stock car roots. Put cages in the Camaro, Challenger, and Mustangs...and drop the green flag...if some Smokey Yunik character comes up with a trick, don't ban it, publish it for all to use. Build short tracks in the infield of all the 1.5 mile tracks and let the racers use the old track surface as their pit areas instead.
  15. Those stands were empty....as was the field...
  16. Stolen truck

    The coyotes got my truck a while back. They found the back seats and my personal stuff in the woods by choke canyon. They will give it three days to pop up before they call it gone.
  17. Longhorn Speedway "Ghost Traxs"

    Who ever did the editing has excellent taste in music. Dream Theater's music pops up even after 30 years...too cool. Too bad the tracks can't last as long as the music. What a shame.
  18. 85 Ideas Every Race Track Should Try

    It reads like an all inclusive list of everything tracks around the nation have already tried one or more times. So if one track does every single thing it will survive....big list.
  19. Here's something that will surprise you.....No really

    Too bad the Cup drivers don't have to compete at their local late model etc... events (without appearance fees) a set number of times during the season in order to be eligible for the All Star event at Charlotte.
  20. How bad is NASCAR now?

    Nascar had a chance to do what other sports did and blew it. There is no way they get 200 asphalt short tracks opened back up with 30+ car fields of super late models. Stick a fork in it. The tried and true stock car racing fan that lived and breathed the sport is an endangered species right now. Nascar decided a long time ago to cater to the cheese and wine crowd. They like shorter races, everyone on the lead lap, no blown engines, perfect pit stops by everyone, people with looks, names, prissy personalities. I went from knowing a lot of people that went to asphalt or dirt local racing but never watched Cup racing to a lot that watched it on tv but wouldn't dare step foot in a local short track. The later is a tv race fan but not a tried and true race fan. They come and go, and right now most of them have gone. Can Nascar get them back? We will see.
  21. brad "CRASH"elowski

  22. brad "CRASH"elowski

  23. rip

    nanoo nanoo
  24. Stewart is in trouble...whether intentional or not...he just cannot reach inside his brain and remove this incident from his memory...it will stick with him forever and ever...I just hope that no matter what comes from this in the future...Tony can figure out some way to deal with it and not let it consume him. Rest in peace Ward. Live in peace Tony.