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  1. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Budman, Good video...
  2. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Want to fix qualifying? How about fixing attendance? Start with Charter system, and Nix it ASAP... Right along with it, fix the Tech process, aka things like the optical scanner... Also Change up Practice & Qualifying... You get one session for what's similar to hot laps, not hours, but the teams have like 1/2 hour to figure it all out... Also Race it all on one day, Not only will you make it more of a challenge for all involved in the race, but you will make it cheaper for the fans, that way when businesses jack up hotel rates to $300 a night for a $100 room, well i can go to the track and drive home if i want to, and not miss anything... Bristol used to be a entry race, you could build a car, and go to that short track and try to make your way in the field... Used to have 43 spots to race for now basically there are 4. and with the cars being so tech heavy... you can't afford to pay to play that way...
  3. So much better on a mobile device.. just takes some getting used too... Was the same way for a ALONG time..
  4. November 16 Super Stocks

    Pretty much how much mine weighs mickey.. its all good..
  5. November 16 Super Stocks

    Is there a specific place the 75#'s has to be put? or just 75# and hold left side weight at Max 55%?
  6. Day 2, I am thankful that the catch fence did its job!
  7. Double Points Race

    I know there are the Belt buckles, but does points pay anything besides that? Just not 100% sure what the incentive of points is.. AB
  8. track condition

    We even measured.. had 230#'s of mud that we removed from the sportmod the next day.. That was only 1 of our cars... Keep that up, the track is going to need more "Track"...
  9. charger class

    Guess we should be ready to pull heads then to cc them... That limits you to the short double humps of 186 or the 492's from 1971 to 1972 that were used on the corvette and z28 Lt-1 engines. They did make those in 1968 to 1971 but didnt open the chambers up untill 1971 which they did to 72cc. Anything before 1971 is illeagal, with 62-64 cc chambers,Also some of these heads came with 2.02/1.60 valves. Sounds like a tech nightmare!
  10. charger class

    and to show up.. you have to pay up! #50 is a maybe..
  11. charger class

    All this Camel hump head conversations got me thinking i am going to need to upgrade to keep up..
  12. CTS Attendance

    What efforts were made to capture this customer (Concert) for future racing? Or are we rely'n on they know the track is there.. don't know if there was a email capture, or something like that to market to that "New Blood"
  13. AJ, Glad to help... So have to ask, is Dry slick just like Asphalt??
  14. Never a comfortable place to be...