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  1. #80 "Bumblebee" TPS race bug "For Sale"

    Thanks Neil, the bug sold tonight already, the new owners are from Houston and I will be putting them in touch with David and any other info they need, their intention is to continue racing it in the Texas Pro Sedans and they seem very excited, so the car will still be racing with the Pro Sedans under new ownership ............Randy
  2. #80 "Bumblebee" TPS race bug "For Sale"

    No, he's headed to college, got a new job, and wants a dirt bike to ride with his buddies, so the # 80 is up for grabs.......
  3. It's for sale and race ready, 2054 c.c. motor, well built and safe roll cage, good and consistent runner $3000.00 car only, $4000.00 car, trailer, fire suit and some spare parts.........Randy
  4. ho ho

    No it's not the old red bug Larry used to race, I actually was given that bug by Larry years ago, it was sitting beside his shop and he wanted me to have it to fix up and race, I took it to Houston to my Dads shop to work on, and when my Dad passed away, his psycho 5th wife wound up selling the bug and a bunch of my parts just to be a b-t-ch, so sadly the car is long gone, Mel Krauss, Larrys son, contacted me about the bug to see if he could get it back and I had to tell him the same sad story..............
  5. ho ho

    I've been seeing some top secret pictures and watching a new race car being built between Austin and San Antonio, a new entry, a car re-born from the past, long since forgotten, now being built into something I've seen with my own eyes, beautiful yet wicked, get ready Texas Pro Sedans, a monster is being built, and I believe at some point in the 2015 season this monster will be un-caged, to terrorize the asphalt oval tracks in South Texas................and no it's not me, or a car I'm building, I have teenagers and am broke !!!!!!!
  6. T-shirt idea

    Just my thoughts Mike, I like the bottom print, I think it would look good as a small patch on the left front pocket and large patch on the back of a t-shirt, I'm not a fan of the skull, to me it just doesn't fit the "Texas Pro Sedan" theme, but you are "The Godfather" and only racing "Original Member" of 40 years, so if your getting the vibe people like it then OK, give the people what they want !!!!!!!
  7. In - car video from CTS

    Will be rounding up parts during the off season !!!!!
  8. In - car video from CTS

    I'd like to post the video, but our Internet service is crap, we are on a limited data plan and just to download one video eats a ton of data, will try when we are at a place that we can use their unlimited service.......Randy
  9. In - car video from CTS

    Mike, what a great video !!!, Thank you for the hard work editing and posting the videos for all to see, come on folks, give Mike an attaboy for us getting to watch these great videos !!!!!!!!

    #80 will race, #53 will not race......

    No motor, no #53, all effort being put into the #80 for the last two races, SCARED, Heck yes I'm SCARED every time you pass me at warp speed you crazy Brazilian in your rocket..........

    Larsen Team.....#53-not racing, #80-racing
  13. TPS race video

    Thank you Mike (The Godfather) Knotts, good video, sadly the only old bug running is only in there for 2 laps, Congrats on your 3rd place finish !!!!!!!
  14. Texas Pro Sedan drivers group photo !

    Cole was moving up the track on lap 2 to try and avoid a spin by the #3, he ran into the #16 mustang and cut a hole in the steel rim on the right rear, the tire went flat and somehow it broke the stub axle where it comes out of the transmission..........
  15. Old 56 Chevy that raced at San Antonio Speedway !

    I just remember, back that long ago,how everyone was amazed that someone was running such a classic and valuable old chevy, and how much the crowd loved that old chevy tearing up San Antonio Speedway !!!!!!!