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  1. Valve Cover Gasket

    Stock gasket. 89ish mazda b2200
  2. Drag Racing and Dirt Tracks better than Asphalt?

    Because no one wanted to go back to what made asphalt racing locally successful. * 10 - 15 classes in a day was the start of the end. NO ONE wants to be sitting around the track all day usually 12 hours, in the Texas heat for a whopping 20 or 25 minutes of practice. And no successful short track, dirt or asphalt runs 10+ classes of cars. Too many cars, too much chaos, too many different agendas. * Primadonas were catered to and heat races were done away with. Something about costing too much to put extra time on the car. Non sense * Rules changed more often then the majority of racers could keep up with. Too many "option" rules. Thank the inventor of the crate motors for that. * Enforcement of rules become more and more hard to find. On and off the track. Guess the liberal mentality over flowed to short tracks. You cant tell someone they are wrong. The black flag and parking a car/driver became obsolete. * Racing became too sparse. Im sure there was a good reason in the beginning but racing only once a month or every 6 weeks became too much time to get into something else. Again, the primadonas cried about it being too costly. Here is a thought, if you cant afford it drop down a class or two or get out but quit bitching about cost. Racers will always spend too much money. I dont own a track, I never ran a track. I have been to a great many short tracks. I have been a participating racer for over 25 years. This is not rocket science. Its just costly and for any racetrack to succeed compromises from both the owner/operator AND the racers is a must. Too many racers wont race if the purse isnt real high. They are a big part of the problem. Dont cater to those who are not committed to racing. Hell I traveled last year 700 miles to run a PLM race that paid like 500 or something to win. JUST TO BE ABLE TO RACE!!!!. In my opinion, just my opinion, asphalt racing will probably not make a return to glory due to what has happened. Their are a lot of cars, or were, but not enough to sustain a track with just 4 or 5 classes. The reason I say that is it wasnt that long ago where an official tried to get to competing beginners classes to consolidate and be one class. This meant one side ditching their cars and building a different one. Nope, wasnt gonna happen. So you had 6 or so in each class. The latest superstock deboggle is another catastrophe. You got super stocks which are made up of street stocks and then allow outlaw something or others again to allow yet another dead class and so you have a healthy car count of 4 who have a chance at success and 12 who are out to lunch. If someone builds a track in Texas Im sure if I have a legal car I would race it. But in the mean time, my trailer has wheels so it can "travel". See you guys out there Cory
  3. Just as an FYI for any interested. I have been talking with Allison about some information and the Allison spec replacement shock for the discontinued PRO is: AFCO :1564 for the shock AFCO: 20125SB for the coil over kit For anyone who ever plans to want to run at one of the Allison sanctioned events. As a disclaimer, I have nothing to do with the local class rules or management, I am just passing along info. If anyone has any questions about their specs feel free to contact me Cory
  4. How was the HMP show last night (9/23)?

    I will say this race went off 200% better then the first. Even tho we had our own issues the event went pretty good. Hats off to Raymond and his staff for putting it together especially right after the track became a fish bowl. Radracr Im pretty sure no one blames you for what happened in practice. Randy said he lost a brake rotor, nothing you could of done differently. If anyone says differently dont listen to em, plenty of keyboard racers around who know everything. Keep digging
  5. Ive got some out of state folks asking about payout and its not listed on the website. Can we get that please?
  6. HMP

    Power boat racing??
  7. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Probably. Its that old age thing.
  8. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Longhorn Speedway San Antonio Speedway Houston Motorsports Park Corpus Christi Speedway Wichita Falls Texas World Speedway heart of Texas I-37 Speedway Kennedale Altus (both tracks) Pan American (i was kinda young) (Nascar related) Las Vegas Motor Speedway Gateway Michigan Texas Dover Martinsville Richmond Homestead Atlanta Bristol Darlington Pensacola Slinger A few dirt tracks in the carolinas I cant remember the names of Some super modified tracks in the new york area when I was a kid Other then the ones I was too young to really remember too well, I was a competitor of some kind at each one of these
  9. Good ideas, but again, what im saying is the up front cost to the owner/operator to make this successful enough to be financially appealing makes it look less then appealing. HMP super nice facility but closed. Yes it may reopen full time, thats an unknown. CTS seemed to be doing ok with all the extras it did but eventually closed, yes there are other circumstances but on a whole, if it was making plenty of $$$ id have a hard time believing it would still be closed. CCS has had a tough time after opening, closing, opening, closing. Then you have to look at car counts. After all, cars make the place just as much as fans. SAS is a great location for those in central Texas, but how many cars can you pull without having the 8 - 10 class 12 hour days? The last 3 races t sas seen a very respectible car count the first event, less the second and even less the last. The entertainment idea has always sounded good but I was amazed to see that after the new wore off at CTS that the attendance deminished to anemic numbers. I seen many of the local racers yelling at everyone else to support your local track and either were the first to haul ass out of the gate before the evening concert started or never showed for concert only night. When i was growing up in Austin your weekend choices were the movies, bowling, or Longhorn Speedway, its not like that now.Face it, todays average house hold isnt as interested in sitting in the Texas heat for too things when they can watch it on the phone while driving down the road. lol Even the mighty COTA is suffering for attendance. Im not trying to say Im against it, Im just dont see it being a attractive investment for the type of person it would take to make it happen. Not saying impossible, just not good odds of success.
  10. Very informative. Its nice to hear actual facts from time to time. I wish them the best but from what Ive witnessed for over 25 years in central Texas, its going to be a long steep uphill climb with more to lose then to gain.
  11. Isnt location what started the demise? Some re-zoning and other city nonsense?
  12. Poor Danica!

    99% of the racing fans didnt like her when she showed up so why bitch if she returns the favor by not signing your autograph?
  13. Eventually these folks will see the REALITY of it. It would be cheaper to build another facility then to try to fix that one. Every aspect of it needs a huge amount of dollars thrown at it.
  14. Seems like the only thing this has really done is give you guys something to complain about