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  1. 2016 CompKart Ranger cadet chassis (8-12 yr. old class) with Woltjer mini swift engine. Kart was raced at and is legal for Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, Gulf Coast Karters in Katy and North Texas Kartway in Denton. Kart has adjustable pedal assembly and Mychron 4 gauge. Kart stand and all spares included with kart (wheels, sprockets, etc.) $2,000 OBO for kart, stand and spares Located near San Antonio. Can meet or possibly deliver depending on location. Contact Chad Menard @ 210-669-1659
  2. BMF Asphalt Modified

  3. BMF Asphalt Modified. Car was built new in late 2016. Only raced twice in 2017. Can be sold race ready, as a complete roller or however you prefer. All extras (parts, set-up tools/equipment, etc.) will go with car. No reasonable offers refused. Will also consider trades or partial trades plus cash for ATV/UTV, bay boat, etc. Contact Bubba Menard @ 210-669-4129 for details or any questions.
  4. CTS Ticket Pricing

    If you're worried about the increase in cost due to running more laps, then pull off at halfway. Or better yet, run 4 lap features for all classes at each event! Then your tires and fuel will last all year. Geez.
  5. HMP 2011 Rules

    If I remember right Romco was 2800 lbs., not 2600. Correct me if I am wrong.
  6. 7-31-10 PRO MODS @ THR

    #65 Menard is racing this saturday.
  7. brad bush

    Brad, as everybody else has already said, we are very saddened to hear about your dad. I know saying we are sorry is never enough, but if theres anything you need just let me know. The Menard family
  8. what if

    People didn't know what they had til it was gone. If by some miracle it did re-open, we'd be there in a heart beat. Wishful thinking though.
  9. San Antonio Speedway Lease Option

    I thought none of those would be an issue any longer after the city had their fallout with Toyota on the re-zoning issue.
  10. Talladega

    If your going to cut the banking down then they might as well not even run at either plate track. You already have Michigan, California, and Pocono that are all either 2 or 2.5 mile flat ovals, and also three of the most boring races all year. If anything maybe the stands should be moved back. Or tqj3 should run the show.
  11. Street Stock Race In Car Camera

    I only got to run SAS half a season in the sportsman car before it shut down, but damn that brings back some good shit. I caught myself workin the pedals and leanin my head to the left too. Man I wish that place would re-open.
  12. Carl Edwards wins NA$CAR championship

    You could take a racecar driver and turn him into a successful baseball player long before you could take a baseball player and turn him into a good racer. It's not just stepping on a pedal and turning a wheel.
  13. 'Dega farce and other worthless junk

    If they can't go below the yellow line at Talladega or Daytona, then they might as well stop letting them race below the yellow line at Vegas, Kansas, Chicago, and a few other tracks that they dip below the line. Let 'em race, this ain't football.
  14. Stapp is First ASA/Joe Gibbs National Champ

    Congrats Cary, Chase and gang. And thanks for racing me clean at the end of the TSRS race last week too!

    The sport was about money in the old days too. How do you think Richard Petty won all the time? He was probably no better than his son Kyle is now. Just had the money that the others didn't. And I don't know why everyone complains about the cars not being "stock" enough. How many parts on a super latemodel are stock? Nobody complains about that. They're racecars, not grocery getters.