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    budman . give me a call at 512 293 2654 when you can find time, Junior
  2. Snowball Derby entry list & Updates

    Tom, the 15 truck will be there Junior
  3. Need some help finding a phone number

    try 512 293 2654
  4. wake up call!

    I appreciate everyones concern, I have been in contact with the insurance company, which is USAA and they more or less didn't want anything distrbed until the adjuters, one for the strucure and another for the vehicle. The last time when the fire marshalls were they were giong to interview the people that werre on the 4 wheeler at 318 am Sat. but they were leaning toward the cause being an electrical problem. Thanks everyone Junior
  5. Sportmod Question

    two into one muffler is not considered a merge, the merge is when it is part of the header before the collecter
  6. for those that didn't listen in, he ran in the world crown 300 at Gresham in Ga. and finished 2nd against some real tough compitition with his low buck crate engine this last week end
  7. changing transmissions

    There are some of the 400 with the same output shaft as the 350's but most of them have the large output, the ones with the small one can work with same driveshat as the 350. If you are thinking about using it in a race appliction there would not be any advantage and it is a lot heavier
  8. T.H.R.

    A sport mod by IMCA southern southern/THR rules can be on the track and competitive for about $7500.00 with IMCA claimer engine, set up for THR. A car can be seen at THR this weekend, come by and look at it or call for information. Terry James 512 351 5496 Junior Medlock 512 293 2654
  9. THR limited/sportmod gear

    The 28 is running a 626 final which I think is a little more than is really needed and we do not have a tach. In our SS we are running a 633 and turn above 7000 with a 3300 pound car. I saw your mod run a HMP and think you would be competitive at THR with the times you were turning. You can run different offset wheels and got to IMCA and look at their Southern Sport Mod rules which is what THR goes by other than tires and allow the sway bar. For tech. info call Jack Sandefer at 512 281 5489

    Houston run what they call limiteds and there is enough difference from IMCA sport mod rules that THR cars would have to make to run there. They have a required wheel offset, metal fan, stock upper control arms , max sway bar size , a 6200 rpm rev limiter and also allow crate engines. Junior Medlock

    For the sport mod rules at Thunder Hill go on the IMCA.com and under series go to Southern sport modifieds, this is the rules THR uses with the exception that a swaybar is allowed and tire options or call Jack Sandifer at 512 281 5489

    Don Painter runs dirt and asphalt and does good on both type track, contact him at Browning auto parts in Austin(he owns it) and I am sure he will be glad to let you know what it takes from one surface to the other.
  13. Modifieds not running this week

    Bring the Sport/limited mods. to Thunder Hill this weekend on 9 May $500. to win $75. to start if 8 or more show. Call Jack Sandifer at 512 281 5489 for info
  14. Bill Follis

    Bill Follis still runs a machine shop and his phone # is 385 0300 and the shop is located off Burleson Rd close to McKinney falls
  15. Sport Mod rules

    check your pm