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  1. Bristol Sat Nite ABC Pulled it!

    I sent an email to KSAT-12 about my disappointment in not airing the Bristol race and this is the response I got from David Cuccio-KSAT 12 Audience Relations: Hi, thanks for writing and for watching KSAT-12. We've had a contract for the past several years to air the Texans pre-season football games in South Texas. This 1st game this year just happened to fall on the same night as the NASCAR race. As you can imagine the schedule is beyond our control and it just happened to fall on that night this year. We weren't happy about it either, but inevitably, whatever is in that time period will be pre-empted for the games, per our contract. We're sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks again for writing.
  2. SAS Updates?

    Here's some results that I scribbled down, not sure if I got them completely right or not, but this is what I have. Street Stock Heat #1: 1. Greg Rohmer #51 2. Jamie Fuller #43 3. Brandon Gaither #01 Street Stock Heat #2: 1. AJ Wernette #37 2. Ray Becka #1 3. Mason Teague #50 4. John Witzsche #97 Street Stock Heat #3 1. Allen Alexander #80 2. Greg Carlucci Jr. #55 3. Levi Krauss #32 4. Doug LeStourgeon #27 Grand Stock Main Event 1. Marcia Moore 2. Mark Chrudimsky Truck Heat #1 1. Jesse Salazar #18 2. Beau Bukowski #1 3. Gary Cavigliano #00 Truck Heat #2 1. Chris Davidson #85 2. James Lynch #13 3. Rick Pollaro #96 4. Robert Stewart #32 Truck Heat #3 1. Mark Chrudimsky #39 2. Cody Beddoe #97 3. Jason Marshall #42 4. Cary Stapp #3 5. Jake Wright #48 Chris Davidson did post fast time in his Late Model...Brandon Bendele was second quickest. James Cole took some hot laps in his Modified (he crashed Thursday night in practice)...he looked really fast. I would of taken some better notes, but I thought Nick was doing his LIVE stuff.
  3. Kahne and Kenseth busted in post-qual. inspection

    Penalties: Michael Waltrip docked 100 points. Buffy Waltrip docked 100 owner points. VP of Competition Bobby Kennedy and Crew Chief David Hyder suspended indefinitely. Hyder fined $100,000. Michael Waltrip will attempt to make the Daytona 500 field in David Reutimann's back-up car in tomorrow's Gatorades. NASCAR did not specify what substance was found in Waltrip's intake manifold, but did say the additive was also found in the fuel line. NASCAR's Robin Pemberton said he was fairly confident the substance did not originate in the intake manifold.
  4. Cody Smith to win....Tommy Gural as back-up.
  5. Bruce Beddoe to win...Mark Chrudimsky as back-up.
  6. Craig Roper to win....Steve Green as back-up.
  7. Casey Smith to win.....Matt Merrell as back-up.
  8. Donnie Moore to win....Sergio Hexsel as back-up.
  9. Chris Schild to win....Tommy Gural as back-up.
  10. USRA SLM: Brandon Bendele USRA MODIFIEDS: John Heil USRA TRUCKS: Craig Roper SAS LM: Joe Aramendia SAS Sportsman: Mark Mathias SAS Road Runners: George Reyes SAS Grand Stocks: Byron Reed TPS: Donnie Moore
  11. Brandon Bendele for the win....Matt Merrell as back-up.
  12. Craig Roper to win....Steve Green as back-up
  13. John Heil to win....Mark Chrudimsky as back-up.
  14. Donnie Moore for the win....Jack Dishman as back-up.
  15. Donnie Moore to win....Joshua Tuttle as back-up