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  1. Any updates from STS, Friday, 4-10?

    Tmoney #54 takes E-mods
  2. Bobby and Susan Grobe wish to express our most sincere condolences to the Saddler family and Travis Penny for the loss of Leonard Saddler. We now have both our honorary crew chiefs back together to watch over us. RIP Leonardo. We love you!

    payout looks good as long as there is no more than 1 car in each class. kinda hard to put on show with 1 car. it is pretty disappointing that track is already cutting purse after only one race night. a lot of drivers have been cautious to tow to I37 because of past instability with owners and promoters. this just increased the concerns we have about things to come. another thing that makes no sense is why post a payout (3-13-08) complete with car count adjustments. then payout with a cut to the posted purses in the 2nd through 24th spots, and now post a new winners payout that is higher than what you have paid so far and no info on paydown for 2nd through 24th. based on what i see, because of 3-14-08 car count, the purse needed to be cut (adjusted) for 3-21-08. the car count was no better 3-21-08, and now as of 3-24-08 the winner's share has been increased and there is no telling what paydown will be. we feel kinda shafted about being cut last week, and now, more will be given to winner. i guess the next thing we will be reminded of is the investment made to give us a place to race and we should be happy [thankful] for that. well the last time i checked prices on racecars, engines, tires, tools, trailers, racefuel, shops and equipment, tow trucks with fuel, insurance, sanction fees, track registration, pit passes, (did i leave anything out?) the investment was pretty steep also. well, i am happy that we have more than one track to race at but think there needs to be a little more consideration toward our expenses also. just my opinion

    got my Craftsman tuned, stripped, and ready. just got to convince someone i'm of legal age. seen some hot lawnmowers in my time.
  5. Just a suggestion.

    unfortunately the #66 car has caused a pileup two weeks in a row by slightly checking up on track. and this has caused considerable damage to following cars trying to miss or evade the out of control #66. when a car is crossed up on track, it is the one that initiates the caution and should go to back. at a lot of tracks, the promoter eliminates the problem of judgement calls and sends all involved to back. involved being defined as "if you made contact, you are involved " anytime there is a caution someone needs to go to back, period....if you spun out, stopped on track, spun someone out intentionally, your debris on track, etc. as far as #66 involved incidents, video shows the who started the problem, who tried to miss, and who ran over who without trying to miss. good job owen for trying to get it right.
  6. has there been any word

    check leading post or frontpage TSZ news. track sold and rules same as 2007 with no major changes. racing starts 3/14,21,28 with rest of sched to follow
  7. ON LINE STS Registration

    maybe some of those drivers that did not race 50% of the races in '06, would have, if track had been sanctioned. there would have been incentive to run here rather than elsewhere on sat nites. some of these out of towners are probably looking at fri nite in pleasanton and continuing on to corpus for sat nite, double sanction point events. it is also a shame that some of these out of town drivers, who made the extra effort to travel to corpus for several sat nite regular shows, to not deserve any consideration of some type
  8. Another night at the Sand pit!

    yes the track surface has been less than desirable these first few weeks. last winter when frank ran the track we had one of the wettest winters in a long time . that put a lot of moisture in ground. also raised the water table for the well. thanks to mother nature the water is not there this year. there were plenty of rainouts last year also. there were some nights there was so much water on track, you would have thought it should have been rained out. i will take a rough dry track any day over a wet, sloppy or tacky track. as far as pay no good, we got full purse 2 out of three nights even though we did not meet the posted minimum car count. so as long as they keep working on improving track condition and keep teching the cars like they have been without looking the other way when the track favorite was illegal, we will continue to support track. for those of you that do not race i-37 or support it, go to your favorite track's website and post about how good you think it is.
  9. Hot Rod Hill - No races 7/17/04

    what about drivers that travel to race to race there? we travel to your community and support your economy. not only do we buy food, fuel, and drink, but because we are traveling several hours from home , we would be staying over in local motel. we also contribute to a business that employs local residents. we have had plans to race there and be able to visit our son attending A&M this summer. it would be a shame if the track does not re-open. i wonder if mufflers have been considered? i have run them in the past and do not have a problem with them. besides college activities and sports, what else draws out-of -towners to Bryan / College Station? Bobby Grobe Modified 25 Corpus Christi, Texas
  10. where was owen pittman?

    Owen, no apology necessary. I want you to know that I am not trying to knock what you are doing. I also know that getting CCMS back to the racing level of competition of guys like Rick Rapp, Slick Yeomans, Billy Hardcastle, James Mikulencak (sorry if I misspelled this James and Lawrence)etc. may never be attained. There are not many drivers like them left around these parts any more. But I know you are trying. I know you cannot be everywhere all the time also. And I know you cannot fix everything in one night. I am sure that you would not have allowed these race incidents to happen if you had seen them for yourself. I just hope you will be able to position good people around you to assist in all these important areas. And any track staff employee that celebrates a driver for intentionally wrecking another driver should be dealt with seriously. Again, Good Luck and Thanks, Bobby Grobe
  11. where was owen pittman?

    Nick, yes you are right about improvements at the track. I have been around C.C. Speedway since I was a teenager in the 70's and started racing there in 1980. I quit following the racing there several years ago because of the direction they were going with on car type and because they would not control rough driving. We only came back to track for a short time when good friend Michael Carlock leased the track and brought mod racing to C.C. Speedway for the first time several years back. After Michaels' lease deal ceased to continue, the track owner told us the fans did not really like the mods because they did not wreck enough. We never came back. Then, just a couple of years ago, I took another chance and brought my 16 year old son out in a Thunder. But after just a few nights, he said he would rather race dirt because of the way the paved drivers run you off the track or into the wall to prevent being passed. So, I think you will agree, that the most important improvement to be made will be cleaning up the driving. I am sure that Owen does not intend to promote regular Sat nite demo derbies or 'Sat nite at the fights'. Moreover, I am glad these guys do not have dirt type cars and will not be there on Fri nites to ruin our show. And to Jason, when we are behind the wheel, we are as big as the next guy, sometimes bigger. Bobby Grobe
  12. where was owen pittman?

    first things first, i would like to thank owen for taking on the challenge of promoting CCM. i am glad to see attempt to bring mods back to track at local level on Fri nites even though don't agree with all rules. but i can live with the rules for now. i enjoyed most of the show Sat nite 2004 opener. i was glad to see the heavy hand of management (aka. the BLACK flag) show its presence during the Super Street last chance. but what happened when the Thunders came out. who was watching the farm when the 73 and 26 cars got together at start. if the 73 did not deserve the BLACK, then you should have given 26 the courtesy to change tire and return to front row. but, then it really got bad from there. after 26 throws his steering wheel at 73 during caution (that shows a lack of brains) you let him back on track. i guess i must have been the only person that had an idea of what was on 26's mind and sure enough he showed it within a couple of laps intentionally crashing 73 in middle of turn 3 & 4. i think it was great that 73 continued without any loss and 26 ended up tearing his car up more (another show of no brains) if all that was not bad enough, then your track staff down by turn 3 & 4 light pole congratulates 26 after crashing 73 even going as far getting him a drink out of ice chest behing fire truck ( sure it was non-alcoholic ????) to celebrate. i cannot believe you did not have 26 loaded and removed from track immediately for his actions. and while on subject of BLACK flag, what happened while G.B. was running over everyone. it is a shame that someone with a car as fast and dominant as the #77 "Thumper" has to run over people rather than go around like a true driver. Owen, my hat is off to you for what you are doing, but you have your work cut out for you cleaning up the racing action at CCM. hopefully, the dreaded BLACK flag can be used more than once a nite if needed. Good Luck, Bobby Grobe
  13. Long tow money added at I-37 Speedway

    who was the mod hard charger? what is criteria for hard charger? from starting position to finishing position or who comes from back to front during course of race?
  14. Dirt Cars racing on Asphalt

    i like the idea of running friday nites at speedway. i am just not sure about these so-called dirt car rules. there is not a lot to do to most dirt cars to be able to run on pavement. i feel that most dirt cars would be at disadvantage to true pavement car but we need to be able to make our cars handle also. too much deviation from basic pavement theories will not allow us to race competively, cause a lot of damage from squirrelly race cars, and eat up tires. adding a swaybar is a minimal task and expense (must be oem for frame including mounting etc.) can get left side % very easily (offsets and lead) minimum ride height approximately 4-5" ( may be best equallizer to low slung true pavement car) and certainly do not want excess rear % ( push like dumptruck)