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  1. No Spark

    Talked to a local mechanic. He told me to crank the motor over and look @ the tach. If it doesn't move, it's a bad crank sensor. It doesn't move, so after it quits raining, I'll replace it...
  2. No Spark

    Ddid some more testing. With the ignition switch on (not cranking), I have between 9.5 and 9.75 volts to the outside two wires going to the ignition module. This seems low to me. The battery is a little low, so will check it again when it is fully charged.
  3. No Spark

    Just checked with my scanner. Shows NO codes stored or pending. No codes at all?????
  4. No Spark

    Thanks, Mike. Any way for me to check it here at the house?
  5. No Spark

    Have a problem with my '97 Chevy half ton. Was driving it the other day, and it sputtered and Quit. Got no spark. Changed coil, cap, rotor, plugs and wires (was planning on this anyway. Just bought the truck). Tried to start it last night and still no spark. Any Ideas? Thanks... Oh, yeah. Got the 4.3L engine if that matters...
  6. OBD reader

    Thanks, guys. I'll give it a shot. Skipper, I moved to west Texas a few years ago. Sure do miss watching asphalt racing...
  7. OBD reader

    Went to see what code my truck (95 Dodge half ton. 318 cu.in). plugged my reader in, and nothing...(Key in "on" position, not running). Tried 2 other readers, same result. Checked all truck fuses. all good. Beat my head against the wall, now I got a headache. Any ideas?? Thanks. Rosie
  8. what do i get to do today

    Well said, Mike.
  9. 20,000th post!

    Proud to call you a friend, Jay. Heck, us long-hairs gotta stick together. Thanks for all ya do.
  10. The Ice Breaker @ Abilene Speedway, as well this weekend....
  11. Anyone coming?

  12. happy new year

    Happy New Year, Mike!!
  13. MERRY christmas

    Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Mike
  14. I'm back

    Welcome Home, my Friend...
  15. Prayers Sent. In Jesus' Name. Amen.