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  1. Who is racing with us at HMP in 2019?

    Thinking of bringing my sport mod.torace with mods.
  2. Texana racing tonight - October 13!

    thanks from me too
  3. I looked up the times the fast guys in talms qualifying .2014 about the same as mid mods.
  4. here, here!!!!!!!
  5. what would the mod.guys and gal think about sport mods. racing with ya'll.with the tires ya'll run.
  6. Results

    August 4
  7. Long-time South Texas racer, Eddie Butt, passes

    hope he went peacefuly
  8. GM 7.5 CARRIER

    Will you be at sts this weekend
  9. GM 7.5 CARRIER

    have been calling # on screen
  10. GM 7.5 CARRIER

    I'll take it
  11. practice

    thanks for opening for people to practice.our new emod.needed the work out.we had fun.thanks again
  12. Nascar

    Are you calling Cody blind?lol
  13. GM 7.5 CARRIER

    I'll take it
  14. South Texas Speedway Rained Out For June 23rd

    yep.all cost money
  15. South Texas Speedway Rained Out For June 23rd

    My team like the extra time off we are about 90 percent done with the new car