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  1. Happy Easter

    Also today is 4/ 20 lol
  2. How tall rear springs
  3. Purses Reinstituted for HMP March 23rd Race

    This is good for the sport indeed. Hope to make a race there
  4. If they are not going to pay purses. Then maybe they should lower the cost of entry to the stands. Maybe more people will come to watch.
  5. south texas e mod

    Sorry she want's to race again
  6. Too Many Rules

    What I understand about the restrictor was put on after snow ball because they dynoed the engines and they found something different about hamners sealed engine. The guy that won the radler had hamners sealed motor with restrictor. Ricky could just out law the engines and everyone who wants more power can buy a open engine
  7. Too Many Rules

    did you go to the race
  8. I'm at 5flags will try to send you some pictures Monday or Tuesday
  9. 205,175 rear springs think that the belts are still in date. Radiator, 16gal fuel cell, we are taking off the lead. 373 Chevrolet rearend. Disc all way around
  10. Every thing we have that will work on a camero goes with it. $2000.
  11. Metric Front Brake Rotors - SOLD!

    4 3/4 pattern??????
  12. We have a camero in c.c.add motor tranny go racing.
  13. 4412 CARBURETOR

    Who rebuilt it.