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  1. E mod

    Few in 50 s some 20 s some teenagers .I'd say average 26.or so
  2. Happy Birthday

    happy b day nick
  3. Ford 9" third member

    Been working I'll try tonight
  4. PureStock results YTD (4/28)

    Maybe they ran but got dq.dont know for sure or didn't race the feature
  5. Ford 9" third member

    Let me look I think I have what you need
  6. STS and I-37 Announce Pure Stock Rule Change for Crate Motor Option

    Heck they should all be on the chip. Saves on motors. With stock rods. And pistons they have to run.and stock rockers Just a thought.
  7. Great night of racing @South Texas Speedway!

    Gotta love those orange shirts
  8. Rinne rearends

    Thanks guys
  9. Street stock - SOLD!

    Good for you man
  10. Rinne rearends

    Need the phone number.thanks inadvance
  11. Super stocks @ HMP

    I also remember when out of town cars got tow money too.
  12. Emod roller for sale $600 - SOLD!

    need phone ######
  13. 22 Emod For Sale - SOLD!

    Bd5 is sold
  14. 2018 Racer Incentive Program

    Now that's a points payoff