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  1. TSTRS - Input needed

    when they opened up sas again my super was in the hunt when they let this go that go Houston crates pushing me down the straights.it was not the same class that they started out with.the dirt cars quit coming at that was that.need to get rules and stick by them
  2. emods.

    17th said all classes didn't see there results.
  3. emods.

    will yall still be running this class rest of the season.
  4. TSTRS - Input needed

    A good factory stock cost about 12,000 to get built. Plus engines.
  5. Watermelon man

    hes got money too
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    they are pocking tires in the factory class..a new f45 is about 50 .used can only pockl 60 before race.
  7. Maybe you could do a go fund me account I would donate.
  8. I'm slowed up for a few days by Lyme Disease

    get well soon.
  9. Prayers for Raymond Delahoussaye, please

    how is he doing????
  10. TSTRS - After First Race Update 07/25/19

    Demographic, didn't know you knew those big words. Lol
  11. Practice After Races?

    yes they do
  12. kids helmets

    to whom it may concern who ever came up with the kids helmets give away is a saint in my book..thanks to the track for letting them do it.
  13. Carb, intake, starter, fan

    Are the distributors complete and hei.and what number is the power master.thanks
  14. Open practice Friday at STS

    Friday night STS shows a practice 7-10. $25 pits. Stand for free. Spread the word
  15. Prayers for James Huff please

    Good news indeed