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  1. Sport mod. Engine

  2. novas

    novas are they going to be allowed in factory stock.
  3. Sport mod. Engine

  4. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    well speedway owns a bunch of imca.so every time there is a new product you can run speedway is banking. oh yea they own afco too.
  5. Closed????

    Web. Page says it's closed
  6. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    Yea I guess they need to do a better job teching carbs too lol .
  7. Sport mod. Engine

    One of the last sportmod engines that Robby Adams built. 355. Eq heads hollow valves. Mahle 30-over pistons Scat rods Scat 9000 crank 010 block Oiling valve covers Comp. Roller tips. About 6 to 7 nights maybe 8 $4500.00
  8. Crank

    I have a stock cast crank I just took out of Brianna's engine .it's been turned 10. /bearing looked real good for being in there for 4 years. Call me. 361 533 3454.not going to hang on to it long.
  9. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    wherearetthegocartpoints lol
  10. October 12 race

    Also need Steve grant to call me
  11. October 12 race

    My daughter Brianna is going to participate in the special breast cancer race and we are looking for donations to help on starting position.if you would like to help call or text me at 361 5333454.thanks inadvanced.
  12. rain?

    Same question different week
  13. Good luck to ya'll going to tms. Have fun be safe. Hope ya'll have success. Take plenty of spare body parts.