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    We lost JR this week and its a hard one to understand but Lord is in control. He and Jimmy are talking racing by now, you will be missed. Visitation: Saturday 4 to 8pm Weed Corley 2620 S Congress ave Graveside Sunday 1/9/22 at 1.00 pm Haynie Chapel 16309DR, Del Valle tx, 78617
  2. Shop clean out

    There was only 1 IRP seat.
  3. Shop clean out

    rear ends sold gear sets sold
  4. Shop clean out

    irp seat sold
  5. Shop clean out

    4 tire air box sold.
  6. Shop clean out

    Sold items as of 12 pm 10/5/21 steel bell housing rear ends 4412 carbs tcc carb plate sag-trans irp seat
  7. Shop needs to be cleaned, contact todd@magnumtrailers.com or stevegreen.rvi@gmail.com *Note all parts fit SBC* $100.00 for all the seats - IRP and Richardson seats $140.00 - 4412 Blake Carb for: $200.00 OBO - 4412 Chuck Nuytton Carb for: $200.00 OBO - 650 Crate MClendon Carb for: $350.00 OBO - Longacre 4 tire inflator for:$275.00 OBO - Carburetor Spacers $30.00 each WM Carburetor Spacer: $45.00 - Stock Mr. gaskets: $5.00 each - Longacre Camber Caster Gauges: $65.00 - Lightweight Flywheel Clutch and Pressure Plate: $200.00 - Aluminum Bell Housing: $200.00 - Steel Bell Housing: $125.00 - 153 Tooth Flexplate SFI: $45.00 - 168 Tooth Flexplate SFI: $45.00 - 3 Speed Saganah Transmission: $100.00 - T-10 Aluminum 4 Speed Transmission (#84): $950.00 - GM 10 Bolt Complete 355 Mosser Street Race Axels Long Studs and Extra Housing Only: $600.00 - Aluminum High Rise Intakes Team G: $150.00 - X2 Aluminum Intake Edelbrock 2925: $150.00 each - Gas Petal: $10.00 _ Bump Steer Gauge: $195.00 - X2 Shift Levers: $10.00 -
  8. Shop needs to be cleaned, contact todd@magnumtrailers.com or stevegreen.rvi@gmail.com $100.00 for all the seats - IRP and Richardson seats $140.00
  9. Happy Birthday!

    He makes dirt look young. Happy Birthday .
  10. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    No one is talking about the time he dropped his pants and MOOOONED SAS fans and had to pack up and go home....classic
  11. They skipped a great local track...COTTON BOWL.
  12. Lets all do something.........we cant loose any thing else with racing in TEXAS. 2.00/3.00 per classified 25/30..00 membership fee a year .50 to a 1.00..... 1 time access fee sell adds to company's...but that you have to go to NOT pop up's like racejunk small fee to tracks for weekly info Go support a local track.... Todd mc
  13. Lets all do something to keep this site. We cant loose or let any thing else in Texas on racing go away. 



    25.00  a year membership for all

    2.00 per classified add

    Commercial area that you go to not with pop up adds like racingjunk

    small fee to tracks for weekly  info

    New for 2019 NOTHING NEGATIVE ....


    Todd Mc

  14. Bristol

    You guys made me go back and look cause of the bad rap on this site...From the pictures I see the stands had a lot more then usual . just sayn