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  1. They skipped a great local track...COTTON BOWL.
  2. Lets all do something.........we cant loose any thing else with racing in TEXAS. 2.00/3.00 per classified 25/30..00 membership fee a year .50 to a 1.00..... 1 time access fee sell adds to company's...but that you have to go to NOT pop up's like racejunk small fee to tracks for weekly info Go support a local track.... Todd mc
  3. Lets all do something to keep this site. We cant loose or let any thing else in Texas on racing go away. 



    25.00  a year membership for all

    2.00 per classified add

    Commercial area that you go to not with pop up adds like racingjunk

    small fee to tracks for weekly  info

    New for 2019 NOTHING NEGATIVE ....


    Todd Mc

  4. Bristol

    You guys made me go back and look cause of the bad rap on this site...From the pictures I see the stands had a lot more then usual . just sayn
  5. Bristol

    Go back to the top and read it again....the RACE was great! Nothing was said about the seats. We dont watch the tv to see how many seats are full. We all know it down, so to help support a local track and go to the races. Todd M
  6. HMP

    It's about time....that car was fast a few years ago..
  7. Services for Jimmy Meredith

    Visitation at Weed Corley Fish 2620 S Congress Monday, April 9, 6-8pm Graveside Service Haynie Chapel Cemetery 16415 Greenwood Dr, Del Valle, Tx 78617 Tuesday, April 10 at 2pm Hope to see a lot of racers there, take the time.
  8. We lost a great friend this morning, too early for him to go. The best engine builder in TEXAS, God speed.
  9. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    Sitting in the spotters area eating a candy bar and having Steve G. yelling on the radio. Last race leading points had to finish....had a flat, didn't have time to put all the lug nuts on, so I said just put 2 on and lets go. He yelled for the last 3 laps..."YOUR TRYING KILL ME". PS Does anyone remember the "MOON" controversy from the grandstands one Friday night? Mark might...haha
  10. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    2 come to mind....spinning out Jimmy Spillar last lap and a few races later passing Colt J. last lap coming off 4 to win. Of course David U. was my spotter. haha
  11. They will do great things to put this track at the top. Thanks to both of you.
  12. 2014 Official Central Texas Speedway Rules

    Lets all read the rules and play nice.
  13. 2014 Central Texas Speedway Purse

    this helps.....