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  1. Slick Yoemans RUSS Interview

    Super job Rodney & Bobby. Here's one of my fav Slick rides:
  2. Nascar buys ARCA

    I wonder how that meeting went: NA$CAR - I'm buying your series, ARCA - I really don't want to sell. NA$CAR - Well, your series can not race at any NA$CAR sanctioned track. ARCA - SOLD! 😎
  3. They were down to 36 entries at Atlanta. Plenty of room for more rides. All you need is $$$ and they're in.
  4. i-37 speedway live updates 10-7-17

    That would be great. Bring them with you the next time you come to I37. I'll copy them and get them back to you, Thanks, Mel
  5. i-37 speedway live updates 10-7-17

    I got problems but that ain't one of them. Lol, yes very few people that he couldn't get along with. Wish I was more like him ...
  6. i-37 speedway live updates 10-7-17

    Hey Mike, this reminded me of CC Speedway in the 70's. Do you remember the run-ins between Jerry Edwards & Monty Nichols III? Mel
  7. Starting to see improvements

    Well, the title of this thread is positive, and I like how it has turned to leaving some fond memories: There are so many to choose from, One particular Saturday just before the new season was starting, had to be in the mid-late 70's. Frank, Sandy & ol' Harold would always paint the walls & stands in the off season. As it was close to the season start a few racers were practicing. Towards the end of the day, Monty Nichols was practicing his hobby stock and lost it in 1-2, and smacked the wall. It was very quiet and Big Frank hollers out, hand that damn boy a paint brush! Well, it was humorous then, I guess you had to be there. I for one believe there will be many more memories made there. When it's ready, we'll be ready too. Mel
  8. "Total Invert" (Nick-that's your story and your sticking to it!) Lol
  9. Street Stock Bounty

    Dammit! I was in Houston! LoL
  10. where to buy 100 + octane fuel

    On the south side of town you might try Stinson field,
  11. Stolen truck

    That's the area they stole Mark Oiela's truck. They made a b-line for the border where it was found a week or so later.
  12. More old pics

    Is 40 my ol' buddy Ron Hurley?
  13. Yes, the car did have a long life. On the CC thread there are a few pics of the original owner building a car in 1972. I believe this is the same car. Original owner's name was Peterman I believe.
  14. TPS Suspends 2017 Season

    Without all of your hard work and perseverance there would have been no Pro Sedans, TPS sedans & Late Models, TWS races, no Texas Race of Champions. Thinking about all the great racers that were brought together by these races is very cool. Priceless Memories. I know it hasn't always been easy. Thank you for all you have done for the Texas racers & their families. Your efforts are appreciated. Hopefully asphalt racing in Texas is just taking a short break. Mel Krauss
  15. NASCAR Critics.

    Who is this "OSCAR" your speaking of? ?