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  1. TSTRS - Input needed

    I agree with you Mike, I think the factory stocks would be a cool addition and yes some out of towners would come but, for the long haul HMP needs to do their homework in Harris and surrounding counties and bring in the class with the most potential for a high car count. If that turns out to be the factory stock class, I’m good with that. 😊 Mel
  2. TSTRS - Input needed

    You need to look at the local dirt tracks and choose a class that there is an excess of cars. Need to work on a *local* following. JMO-Mel
  3. Contact Casey Lowe, I37 forum, fast car & race ready, legal for I37
  4. I recall the powers at THR decided to add to the backstretch. Probably fewer cars going off and causing extended cautions. Maybe look up whoever was in charge when that was done for advice. (That is if there’s enough room for it.) Mel This is exciting!
  5. Slick Yoemans RUSS Interview

    Super job Rodney & Bobby. Here's one of my fav Slick rides:
  6. Nascar buys ARCA

    I wonder how that meeting went: NA$CAR - I'm buying your series, ARCA - I really don't want to sell. NA$CAR - Well, your series can not race at any NA$CAR sanctioned track. ARCA - SOLD! 😎
  7. They were down to 36 entries at Atlanta. Plenty of room for more rides. All you need is $$$ and they're in.
  8. i-37 speedway live updates 10-7-17

    That would be great. Bring them with you the next time you come to I37. I'll copy them and get them back to you, Thanks, Mel
  9. i-37 speedway live updates 10-7-17

    I got problems but that ain't one of them. Lol, yes very few people that he couldn't get along with. Wish I was more like him ...
  10. i-37 speedway live updates 10-7-17

    Hey Mike, this reminded me of CC Speedway in the 70's. Do you remember the run-ins between Jerry Edwards & Monty Nichols III? Mel
  11. Starting to see improvements

    Well, the title of this thread is positive, and I like how it has turned to leaving some fond memories: There are so many to choose from, One particular Saturday just before the new season was starting, had to be in the mid-late 70's. Frank, Sandy & ol' Harold would always paint the walls & stands in the off season. As it was close to the season start a few racers were practicing. Towards the end of the day, Monty Nichols was practicing his hobby stock and lost it in 1-2, and smacked the wall. It was very quiet and Big Frank hollers out, hand that damn boy a paint brush! Well, it was humorous then, I guess you had to be there. I for one believe there will be many more memories made there. When it's ready, we'll be ready too. Mel
  12. "Total Invert" (Nick-that's your story and your sticking to it!) Lol
  13. Street Stock Bounty

    Dammit! I was in Houston! LoL
  14. where to buy 100 + octane fuel

    On the south side of town you might try Stinson field,