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  1. Texas Thunder Meeting

    the texas thunder meeting has been changed since the track is having there meeting on that night.the new date will be january 11 same time same place
  2. track history

    i got a call from the friend of mine who is the granddaughter of dick lundstrom's she wanted me to let everybody know that she is sorry it took so long to get back with us,but she just bought a new house and finally got all her stuff out of storage.she says she has to much stuff to post it all but will post some of it when she get her pc and scanner up and running.she going to plan a trip down here and will bring it with her for everybody to see.she was reading me a program,or newspaper clipping that talks about shorty rollins racing at cc speedway back in the 50's.she also has pctures of when the grandstands were being built,and one that shows a car going threw the wall.sounds like some interesting stuff.cant wait to see it.
  3. old track history

    I talked to dirtgirlracer this morning and she told me to let everybody know that she is sorry it is taking so long to get the pictures and old track history on here,but was sick all last week with a bad sinus infection and wasnt able to do much of anything .she finily saw a doctor on friday and started taking medication and is feeling better.she is hoping to get the stuff out of storage this week and will be posting some of in soon.
  4. old track history

    her dad is richard lundstrom,dick lundstroms son.his brother was max lundstrom who use to stay at the track and help frank maintain the track and grounds.
  5. old track history

    about the pictures,she had her family all get together this weekend and most likely wont be able to round up the pictures untill next week.her screen name if i am not mistaking is dirtgirlracer.she is excited about sharing this old history with everybody.she even mentioned if we ever get the hall of fame going and have some kind of get together that her and her dad would like to try and come down and meet everybody.now that mat has come out of the closet,maybe we can post something showing her how interested everybody is to see what she has.now it is time to hook up my computer race game because that the only race thats not going to be rained out
  6. old track history

    ran across an old friend who says she has a bunch or old pictures and programs from the early days of cc speedway.she is the granddaughter of dick lundstrom who owned the track.i told her about lonestarspeedzone and how everyone would love to see them.she said as soon as she can get them out of storage she would be happy to share them with everybody.should be interesting
  7. CC Speedway Hall of Fame

    if you were to start a hall of fame of ccspeedway you would have to go way back and start with the people who made this track what it is.there is so many people to mention that it would take for ever to go though all of them.the first person i would mention would be bill carlock if not for him cc speedway would never of been the historical track it is today.then came racers like freedy barnic who i as a kid of six years old would wear a t-shirt with the number 99 on it.the there was the number 4,dub rollins who would be freddies strongest competition and would almost bet by the end of the night you would see a fight break out.the other fighters included nook salge,bill garrnet,bruce sholders,billy razisky,ronnie miller,mike flanigan donnie yoakom and so many more.dick lunstrom own the track,but put frank hoch in charge to make the track a better place to race.,and that he did.even though me and frank didnt see eye to eye most of the time it took after he was gone to realize how important he was to cc speedway.while frank was there the next greneration of drivers came along,rick rapp,slick yoemans,bruce sanders,jerry edwards,neal flanagan,danny flanagan,pat flanagan,billy hardcastal,jarret rollins,terry labonte.theres so much history at that track that it is so hard to remember all the great drivers that have made cc speedway what it is today.but just think of all the people on the outside of drivers that keep the track going.walter shoemaker who would show up while it was still raining on a friday afternoon to pump water off the track in hopes that we would still be able to race.bob jonhson who almost gave his life to do his part to keep cc speedway going.thanks to frank hoch,greg godfrey,owen pittman,mike and mitzy,and dan for keeping the track going.then theres beddoe,heflin,sinnard,smith,hienaman,barber,greg sr,greg jr,bill stevens ,dan monroe,and so many great drivers that it was just a pleasure to be part of it.and of course you cant leave out donny and carol,for if not for them that place would of been a heb parking lot years ago.after donnie passed carol still continues to do her part to keep the track going.i know i left a lot of people out,but there are so many in the hisrory of the track that it is so hard to remember everybody.good luck on the hall of fame.
  8. i was happy to here that dan has decided to take over the bullring.i have known dan for a long time and know he can make it a successful track.he has done it before.if there is anything i could do to help out just let me know,for i as many other racers and fan know that cc speedway must go on for there is to much history at this track to ever let it go down.i use to count to three and turn left now i count to four.
  9. enough already

    i was told by gregory about what happened to mike and mitzi by the heartless coward that is appearantly a very sick person.i am sorry that you two had to go though this with everything else that you are going though.we will continue to pray for mitzi's recovery and i believe god will take care of her as he will take care of that sick person that made that statement to ya'll.i dont blame you for throwing in the towel.you need the time to take care of mitzi and the situation.god bless. p.s if you ever find the coward i would be happy to strap him on the front of my racecar and do some luchen.i know i am retire but i could come out of retirement for that!
  10. sport mod and late models at ccs

    mitzi is a strong person.she has never showed us anything but kindness and spirit.she will continue to do this though her success to get better.our thoughts and prayers are with you and mike.please feel free to let us know if there is anything that we can help with in any way. greg sr and greg jr and the whole outlaw racing team are here for both of you. the CARLUCCI'S
  11. Pops Carpenter passed

    pops has been a part of cc speedway for as long as i can remember.the carlucci's thought are with steve and the rest of his family.may pops rest in peace. sincerly yours outlaw racing