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  1. Bill White ?

    any one know how Bill is doing ? Gordon Woolley past on the 1st. of Feb. , have not heard any thing on Bill.
  2. A few old photos.

    any one know who was driving the #72 skinny car that day? I remember the car running here in WACO but not who was the driver.
  3. Fords

    I think Bill White had some seat time in the little Number 1 coupe. Awesome car!!! bill was the only one to drive it.
  4. Results?

    we made the trip from waco down there to cross another track off our list of tracks to go to. races were good an track was e-z to get to. only thing flagman a little quick on that yellow but over all once the sun went down it was a very nice night of racing. good job to the people who run this track. two thumbs up. junior garrett from waco,tx.
  5. Sunset Speedway, Belton Tx

    was this the track out on fm 317? was one there back in this time frame behind a beer joiut called REDS. last time i went threw there REDS was still there. all that land is now in TEMPLE city liments all the way to hy 36.
  6. Meyer Speedway Pics 2

    looking at the pictures of bill white in the 70,71,72 time frame, i rember him at h.o.t. speedway on friday nights driving for joe smith and winning nearly every night. man could drive anything. all so rember seeing roy smith an son there too.
  7. Texas Winged Modifieds

    we were there that night an seen him pull this off. wood not have belived it if we did not see it our self. sad to say that was the last time i was at thunderbird.
  8. good job team. lots of good stories around this week an some sad ones too.
  9. Bill White

    he was at h.o.t. sunday night driving a imac mod and a sport mod. cars were #2w. ran mid pack
  10. Well they've already started....again

    just got off phone, h.o.t. is on.
  11. Skinny cars

    the 68 cars are james taylor from here in waco.
  12. ghost of hillsboro speedway

    we ran there some to back in the good old days. that is a good picture of bubba.
  13. Heart O' Texas Trivia

    i`ll take a shot at it. i`ll say 1974? after seeing the picture, the car in the back ground packing the track is me. i am thinking that car was the sec. chevy we put together. larry walts was still driving for ous at the time. we tryed power steering some yrs later when i was driving but got it to quick. my brouhter tryed it too in a heat race an said the same. loaded car up, took it home an put the rear end steering back in it. i may be off a yr or so but in that time frame. johnny is a cousin to ous but have not seen him in yrs. later, junior garrett
  14. Remembering Morris Smiley

    i had foregotten about that car.
  15. H.O.T. forum on LSS?

    only thing on gene`s mine is selling the place to the state to make i-35 wider.