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  1. Anyone want to loan me $17,500? I am good for it, I swear!
  2. I am really interested in how the "merger" of ALMS and GrandAm is going to go. ALMS has the cool, exotic cars. GrandAm has the best racing. Hope the can meld those two together, cause I would rather see good racing than exotic cars.
  3. Ecclestone warns about 2014 engine costs

    Reb, If we all chipped in I doubt we could afford even a set of gaskets for one of those engines. They turn 18,000 plus RPM and gear shifts are measured in milliseconds. Racing is a rich man's sport, F1 takes it to a whole 'nother level.
  4. TBS wins in Kansas

    To bad it happened in Kansas, because everyone knows that if it didn't happen in Texas, it didn't really matter! Just messing with ya D, way to go
  5. Me and my boy Scott are looking forward to this one. We watch them all the time on TV, never thought we would be able to ever see them in person. This is going to be sweet!
  6. 98 ACR Neon at Texas Mile

    Pfffft! I had a 98 Plymouth Neon that according to some passengers I reached an Oh *(%^* Speed in it. Least they would yell that at the top of their lungs and they braced themselves during some of my, err. aggressive driving moments. LOL Bill "Sarge" Masom
  7. Don't knock sim racing. Forget everything you think you know about it. They are not games. They are simulators. Why do you think a lot of professional (real) race car drivers use them? Why do F1 teams have designated simulator drivers? The software today is about as real as it can be with the technological limitations. If nothing else, a sim can teach you how to race. My two cents Bill "Sarge" Masom Former Sim racing champion
  8. Track Announcer Retires (Involuntarily)

    Awe man! Who am I going to beat in the next, not quit annual "Fastest Race Announcer in Texas" race now? I have a feeling that retirement from the race announcing won't last long. Good ones always find a place to announce. Good luck to you in the future. Thank you for all you have done for the racing community through the years. Regards, Bill "Sarge" Masom
  9. Can't wait for April 6th, Locus Oil Late Models! Should be a good show!
  10. Oh, you mean the actual clown; big red nose and floppy shoes. Whew, my first thought was Nick Holt, my second was J.M. Hallas. LOL
  11. mini stocks at kyle

    Just a reminder, there are several tracks in the Central Texas area that race the mini-stock type cars. Texas Thunder Speedway in Killeen has both the Texas Twisters and the Outlaw Twisters, while Heart O' Texas Speedway in Waco has the same Texas Twisters. I believe I-37 Raceway's Front Runner class is similar was well. Three options for you to choose from Not trying to take anything away from Mr. Self, but if he is not going to run them, those are three tracks that would be options for you to consider. Don't park em, race em.
  12. LOL @ Keith White, He cannot do anything conventional. Everyone else is wearing a black tie, and he is in a red one. That boy ain't right, but he is bad fast! One of the smoothest on dirt I ever saw.
  13. Loss of Family Member

    Milton, So sorry to hear of your lose. We will be praying for you. Bill "Sarge" Masom
  14. This one feels different from the Mayfield case. Mayfield handled it completely different, and if I am not mistaken, did not have his B sample tested. With A.J. requesting the B sample testing, and his behavior during all this, I think that it is nothing like the Mayfield case. There have been no "leaked" I saw him do XXX, no reports of any other issues that might indicate he was on illegal substances. Again, I could be completely wrong, but this and the Mayfield case feel way different. I am willing to give A.J. the benefit of the doubt. America's legal and justice system are based on the presumption of innocence. While not perfect, it is the best system in use in the world today. And I am also a big believer in second chances. Do the crime, do the time, and prove you have learned your lesson. I can give you a second chance, but be warned, there will be no third chance. There are a lot of ways the amphetamines it could be present without it being a desire to get high. There are a lot of legal over the counter medicines and other products that contain amphetamines. If we ordinary citizens were subjected to the same drug screening that NASCAR drivers and other athletes are, many of use would fail as well, with illegal drug use not being an issue. Illegal drugs, and substances that are banned by a sporting body are two entirely different things. Stay safe, Bill "Sarge" Masom
  15. IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks – 1. Shannon Anderson, Urbandale, Iowa, 1,190; 2. Devin Smith, Lake City, Iowa, 1,186; 3. John Watson, Des Moines, Iowa, 1,172; 4. Adam Armstrong, Filley, Neb., 1,126; 5. David Bissonnette, Stephenville, Texas, 1,118; 6. Brian Stich, Topeka, Kan., 1,116; 7. Chase Neill, Haltom City, Texas, 1,110; 8. Tiffany Bittner, Norfolk, Neb., 1,105; 9. Scott Pippert, Elberon, Iowa, 1,098; 10. Jason Wilkinson, Neligh, Neb., 1,088; 11. Eric Stanton, Hartford, Iowa, 1,069; 12. Ben Lucas, Willow Park, Texas, 1,051; 13. Colby Langenberg, Norfolk, Neb., 1,044; 14. Jamie Songer, Ankeny, Iowa, 1,043; 15. Austin Luellen, Minburn, Iowa, 1,039; 16. Chad Gentz, Forest City, Iowa, 1,018; 17. Jarrett Roberts, Temple, Texas, 1,004; 18. Vince Buchholz, Waterloo, Iowa, 973; 19. Rod Grother, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 961; 20. Anthony Simcik, Waco, Texas, 950. Helped ya out there Nick. Send my check to the usual place. Bill "Sarge" Masom