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    RACIN!!! I'm also the biggest Cowboys fan in the WORLD!!!

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  1. Cart build

    Lol. Funny. Didnt think that far into it but yea. Alota power for small cart. Id imagine id have to add some lead also. Lol. Well. Too big for cart. Too small for legends car..... Hmmmm... Hey. I bet itd be great in some type of boat....?????
  2. Cart build

    Sooo.... I have an almost new 600cc waverunner engine that i have been looking to do something cool with. Back yard carts seems fun. Would it work on a cart? Legal? Hard conversion? Thoughts? Ideas?
  3. That's what it is all about! Thank you Wallace family for giving back unconditionaly. What a selfless family. God bless!
  4. More old pics

    Know what, you are correct, sir. I assumed it was pan am. didn't look look ​past the flag stand. Thanks.
  5. More old pics

    I'm pretty sure this is John Kelly at pan American
  6. More old pics

    Ubetcha. At Texas dirt speedway
  7. More old pics

    That crazy fellow is my favorite father. I think he is was hoping to for some of that Kelly green luck. Unfortunately that​only works with fords. The red and white 33 with the cattle gard is a GTO with a straight six. Strange I know. The 8 and 13 are my way cousin Garry Chappell.
  8. More old pics

    I was able to add some more to my collection and getting closer to the big stash
  9. cross your fingers

    Getting closer everyday. I am being patient as I know my cousin is very busy and I don't want to rush him. should be posting some by early January. This is going to happen and be worth the wait. Meantime, I got to spend a little time with my hero. A true legend. And a great man. And still has a great sense of humor. What a great Saturday for me.
  10. I'm in. Need to do something with my Camaro. I'll make the pull as long as it stays affordable. Setup should be fun. Mikey #00
  11. Update

    Any updated news?
  12. cross your fingers

    Thought I would post some I like while I'm getting all this together. This is a 1978 olds on a 1957 Chevy frame with truck trailing arms built by Gary Chappell and Bubba Dove for the "Texas Classic" at Hwy 16 raceway. Why truck trailing arms? All I can say is, legends hold on to some secrets. That man right there, boys and girls, is my Dale Earnhardt. I encourage everyone to remind there local drivers who inspired them, family or not, what they have meant to you. It means more than you think.
  13. cross your fingers

    If anyone in san Antonio area has a VHS to DVD recorder and would like to help me transfer hwy 16 raceway vids to DVD, please p.m. Me. Thanks. Mikey
  14. cross your fingers

    I am really excited about some things that I will be posting soon. Getting my hands on some pics that I have been trying to get for years. Now I just got word last night that I will also be able to copy many videos to DVD as well. This has been a long time coming so please be patient as it might take up to another month to get all ready for upload but well worth th wait. Thanks Mikey
  15. transmission rebuild

    Can anyone please tell me the best place in san Antonio to have an automatic Chevy 400 transmission rebuilt. Thanks Mikey