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    born and raised in racing from playland park, meyer speedway, on to dirt at many area tracks and back to asphalt at houston motorsports park, and loving every minute of it. i built standard transmissions and set up rearends for a lot of the old timers at my dads place called harris transmissions on parker road off of north shepherd drive.

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  1. Hi all of My Racing Family, I miss seeing Y'all at the Tracks, I've been just a Little Busy working on the RV Park, trying to get it ready for Spring 2019. Between the Permits and Rain, Rain, and more Rain, HaHaHa, just a few Stumbling Blocks. Nothing that with a little Prayer won't stop Us, I know that Racing Season has had it's times with the Weather also, if You can't go Racing, You can Always go Camping, hopefully soon I will see Y'all at My Park. I am looking at Accommodations to make the Park a Fun and Enjoyable Place to bring Your Family and Friends. All of the Spaces will be 30 feet wide and 40, 60, and 80 feet long with some Drive-Throughs. I don't want Everyone Stacked on top of each other. Nice Country Setting, Beautiful Sunsets with Tree's, Pond, Small Lake, Restrooms with Showers, Parks and Walking Trails. I'll do My best to keep Everyone Informed on Progress and a Grand Opening Date, Thanks, Love and Miss You All, God Bless !!! Indian Creek Reservation, LLC. RV Park
  2. a BIG Thanks is in order...

    It’s Sad to lose the Tracks accross Our Country, the Very thing that has kept a lot of Families together is the Racing Community, I would hate to lose the Communication that LSSZ has brought to Us, there is No other Media Service that We can be a part of without all of the Negative, Nasty Bashing that Nick Wont put up with, Thank God there is still People with Family Values in Their Industry. Thank You Nick for letting Me be a part of Your Site, God Bless You and Your Family !!!
  3. I Miss You Guy's and Gals so much, it is Devastating to Not be able to be there with Y'all, Love and Miss All of You. God has Reasons for All things, I will be so Glad when I get to Return, Good Luck to You All on a Good Racing Season, God Bless My Friends in the Lonestar Legacy Class, A Class Above the Rest !!!
  4. U joint part # needed

    dont sell Colt any U joints until after this next Race, LoL !!!
  5. Mitchell Racing

    I am Friends with the other Mitchell Racing on FaceBook Nick !!!
  6. Mitchell Racing

    Congratulations to Mitchell Racing on Their Win in ARCA Today at Talladega !!!
  7. Nick, I sent the LSSZ Link to Terry Foyt to see if She could Help, I sent it through Your FaceBook Link 12/27/2015 !!!
  8. Nick, Terry Foyt is a Friend of Mine in Conroe and also on FaceBook, I can try to ask Her if She can get some Info. and Invite Her to Join Lssz, I'll see what I can do !!!
  9. ISO Front nose piece

    Jason, Have You tried Mr. Huff ? I bet He knows where to get what You need !!!
  10. Jerry Aylor

    Jerry started Racing at the Old Almeda Speedway back in the late 60's, He then Raced at Moody and Clary Speedway in Navasota, Texas. Next would be Big H Motor Speedway and from there, He Raced everywhere, Jerry Won several Championships along the way and was One of the Best Drivers to Ever put His Car up front, He would Pass You and Wave as He was Laughing when He went by You, He was the kind of Guy that You Hated to show up but, He was a Fun Guy to be around and would Help Anybody with Anything, Except His Secret to How He Won so much, He would Help You make Your Car Fast but, Not as Fast as His, He would Help You and while He was, He would drink Your Soda and Eat Your Food while You wasn't even Paying any Attention, Your Soda was Gone. Jerry had a Big Heart and Cared for So many People, Especially Your Family. He will Be Missed by Many and leaves as a Legend of Racing in Texas. R.I.P. Jerry and have Fun at that Big Race Track in the Sky, May God Touch His Family with His Love !!!
  11. tires

    James are You Trying to Sell the Tires off of My Car !!! HaHaHa !!!
  12. My Goodness, It's Funny how We get this Shocking News after I get the Big Dogs involved, Your Offical Guy's better stay on Your Heels or We with the Judge and Jurywill take Y'all to the Cleaners !!! ps, Thanks James and Nick for a Extended Work on making these things Possible !!!
  13. Here it is Racing Season and Y'all have No Answer on Shocks, This is Very Shocking to Me the 2 Space Suttle Experts cain't even come up with a Relacement Shock on just a Little Car, Shocking, Just Shocking, No Pun Intented "Officials" HaHaHa !!!
  14. Can you help find this car

    thats a very nice Car, it would nice to know the Area from which it was Stolen, it may be like looking for a Needle in a Hay Stack, but some General Infomation may Help, if I didn't think that it could be in My area, I may think its not worth the time to look for, Just Saying that I would like to be Helpful !!!
  15. purse

    Y'all Killin Me, it's Pammies Dress Code, Maybe thats why i'm so SLLOOOOOW, I cain't wait to see all My Buds at the Tracks CTS and HMP, Going to be a Great Year for All of Us, May God Bless and See Y'all Soon !!!