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  1. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    Why would you want to throw away points? Isn't the objective to get as many points as possible?
  2. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    So if a driver races all of the races, they have points taken away? If a driver misses a race, they keep all of their points?
  3. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    Why is a race dropped?
  4. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    You shouldn' knock NASCAR like that. They are slightly above pop warner these days.
  5. She didn't just win some local race. She beat several of the top ASCS National Tour guys to do it. She also beat several previous Short Track National winners at the same track. I bet that crowd was as wild as there has ever been at any track. If you ever go to a race where Harli is at, you need to go meet her. She is as nice and down to earth as they come. Her burns were from her FIRST race ever. How many people are there that would ever get in a race car again if that happened to them?
  6. Liberty Bell race thoughts

    It is AMAZING how many cars are able to continue on at tracks that have the rule where you are out of the race if you bring out a solo yellow in the heat race or two in the feature.
  7. Lets have some fun

    Knoxville would be great.
  8. purse

    That might be the worst reasoning ever. Did you check on the specific inflation rate for property, liability insurance, taxes, electricity, building materials, fuel for maintenance vehicles or items specific to owning a race track? Did you research the competition for the dollar in 1973 versus today? Tracks are closing left and right. Do you think it is because the promoters are making so much money they are having to quit to spend it all? Lots of tracks available for purchase or lease. There is a reason for it.
  9. All tracks should have some sort of incentive for open trailers. The open trailers get a lot of attention and stir up conversations. From thumbs up going down the road to 20 minute conversations at the gas stations. Race cars in clear view going down the road is good for the sport. I don't know if anybody with enclosed trailers would sell them and buy an open trailer for a free pit pass every night but it might stop a few people from buying enclosed trailers.
  10. Where are the asphalt guys going racing this year?

    Where are the road courses located?
  11. thumper, I noticed in your reply you said "failed tracks". Not all of the tracks closing are "failed". A lot of owners and promoters are just tired of the crap.
  12. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    I have seen the following method be very successful. If there are 24 cars - Lowest 8 point average run 1st heat / 9-16 point average 2nd heat / 17-24 point average 3rd heat Slower cars together in same heat opens opportunity for more winners throughout the year Fastest cars all in the same heat is a good show / similar to the old trophy dash Top 5 in first and second heat qualify for A Main / top 6 in third heat qualify for A Main Line up A Main with lowest qualified point average on pole and highest point average 16th If previous race feature winner is qualified for A, they are moved out of their place and start 16th Run a B Main and the top 4 will line up in the order they finish behind 16 cars already qualified
  13. World of Outlaws Sprints

    I see Cotton Bowl Speedway on their schedule for February 26th, 2016.