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  1. Happy Birthday Cassie!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Enjoy it !!!!
  2. Weather

    The track and area was pretty bad yesterday,i know there was rain there around 5 pm today,we are going tomorrow to accertain if prepping can start Wednesday,so we will know more sometime tomorrow,sorry everyone for the delay in racing It's not your fault...unless you have a direct phone line to the weather man upabove.....and if you do could you please tell him to stop....I would love to ride my horses and watch a good race...lol
  3. TDR

    Don't forget the diet coke...lol!
  4. www.texasdirtraceway.com ONLINE!

    It looks GREAT!!!!
  5. The scope after 20 minutes of bla bla bla

    I don't know what is going to happen to I-37 but I wish it could all work out! I sure do miss spending time with the new friends I have made and my family out there.....even my 7 yr. old daughter is upset that we can't go watch "hunsband" race! Have a good weekend everyone!!!!!