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    Good I won't need a Parka on the Flagstand for once
  2. Perry fanily

    Condolences and Prayers to the Perry Family from the Sullivan's
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all
  4. well

    HiTech We need to take you and get some lottery tickets, Bad luck has to end sometime and you might get lucky for once.
  5. Any word on racing the 27th?

    Grounds are to wet for this weekend.
  6. HMP weather update for practice on 4/28-29

    Nick, I know Alan is Good but forecasting a month out?
  7. South Texas Shootout Update 12-1-16

    CNC93 You are considered a local. You showed up with multiple cars throughout the season as a regular.
  8. South Texas Shootout Update 12-1-16

    Thursday 12/8 is open practice for anyone that shows up
  9. Thank you Shady Oaks

    Had Fun. car went home in 1 piece, Always enjoy visiting with Bobby, Rosemary, Keith and Cody. Hopefully I will get to race again before to long. Kevin

    Rules stated DOT tires Our tires had DOT # on Them.
  11. Heard a rumor The #8 from Sullivan Motorsports may try and shake the cobwebs off and show up.

    #8 if it will start
  13. Fillip Mystery car

    If I remember right Circle Bar Truck Corral is out in West Texas on I-10. They had a museum with all kinds of race cars and hot rods across the street from a truck stop.
  14. Alright Mini Stocks who has the stones?

    Just drop some carrots in turn 1 and Thumper will stop for a snack
  15. Impact

    If anyone borrowed an 18V Snap On Impact from our golf cart in the hot pit during the pure stock feature, or found it dropped somewhere please return it Thanks. Kevin
  16. Impact

    Impact has been returned Thanks to Major Racing for finding it and Kelly Collier for bringing it back to us.
  17. Photos

    She will be at SOS all weekend with the Shootout officials
  18. Impact

    It is sad when you help people all you can and you're tools walk off. Guess it's back to manual lug wrenches for us
  19. Lots to choose from in South Texas!

    I think I will stay in the flag stand. Do not even want to try announcing. Kevin
  20. Go kart rules

    Thanks for that I am getting to slow getting out of their way
  21. John Skinner RIP

    Brandon let me know if you need anything. To many of us old timers are fading out. Very sorry to hear this.
  22. Parts and Pieces

    Drew it was left on the go cart flagstand at the end of the night.
  23. Update?

    Greg i will try and find out today
  24. Update?

    practice is still on for saturday and 12th is still planned first night
  25. Racing this Saturday night

    kind of shows some of the problems does't it?