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  1. Truck Confiscated

    He does.
  2. Truck Confiscated

    He does.
  3. Truck Confiscated

    Friesen drives his backup truck to a 2nd place finish.
  4. OK, soap box time again

    I was surprised to see Perris mentioned. To put it in perspective: I didn’t want to get on my soapbox either, but there were a few things my dad drove into me when I was a kid: 1. The corners are a dangerous place to watch a race. 2. Don’t ever turn your back to the track. 3. Don’t sit where the cars are coming straight at you - “But dad, those Outlaws look awesome coming down the straight away” 4. Once physics takes over - you can’t predict whats going to happen. As most of us know, sprint car tires are lighter than they appear to be, and they will bounce quite a ways. You would not catch me on that catwalk. My mom almost got hit by a tire in the pits at Fonda, NY in the mid 80s. She luckily jumped into the hauler and closed the door before the tire reached our pit stall. We were a good 200 feet from the fence and it totally caved in the side of the door. Back to Perris, I agree the fence is one of the highest I have seen, and it looks to be pretty darn strong.
  5. OK, soap box time again

    Higher, stronger catch fencing. https://autoweek.com/article/racing/watch-brinton-marvels-sprint-car-flies-stands-ohio
  6. Sportsmanship

    I’m not going to get preachy. This is just an interesting clip to reflect on. 1986 4-Crown Nationals
  7. Nascar Vegas

    After Vegas, we are talking about how exciting qualifying and the restarts were. still keeping an open mind......
  8. Nascar Atlanta

    Yep. I said in the Daytona thread I was going to keep an open mind. One race doesn’t make a trend. For the sake of conversation though, even the “cookie-cutter” tracks are unique in their own way. Something that works at Atlanta may not work at Texas or Charlotte. So, I am good with slowing the cars down some, but nascar is probably shooting at a moving target if they want some form of pack racing everywhere.
  9. K & N East

    If you want to wake us up, write your messages DURING the nascar race.
  10. Nascar Atlanta

    Or the All-Star Race. Or the Coke 600 or Kansas.
  11. Daytona 00

    Maybe some tracks (or the businesses they partner with) need to work on their marketing. What’s the issue here?
  12. Daytona 00

    Thanks for the link. I haven’t read it all yet, but its very informative. I am hoping the cars will still have the throttle response and handling that will allow the cars to seperate some so we don’t have Daytona and Talladega every week.
  13. Daytona 00

    Shortening races is on the table, as well as a schedule overhaul. Of course, nothing can be done until the 2021 season when the track contracts expire. Listened to NASCAR radio this morning and it seems everything is on the table. Schedule could be reduced and compacted down to 28-30 races. They most likely will keep the Daytona 500, Charlotte 600 and Southern 500 where they are on the schedule and at those distances. Everything else is flexible. This isn't unprecedented, it's just been a very long time since there has been a major overhaul. Yeah, the increased likelihood of "The Big One" at every track is not appealing to me at all. I think with a combination of the plates, errr spacers, and different downforce packages it may not be as bad as Daytona and Talladega, but only time will tell. Atlanta chews up tires, so the driver will still have an influence on what happens. One of the crew chiefs was on the radio and they said the entry speeds into the corner were 20 MPH lower, but speed in the center was about the same or a little faster. It all has to do with when the driver gets back on the gas and how the car is handling. Like I said, I'm willing to give it a chance. If we were going in to this season with Brian France still in charge and everything else being the status quo, I wouldn't even be interested. All that said, I agree we need to go out and support the local tracks...
  14. Daytona 00

    But then the cars would all be exactly the same....oh wait.
  15. Daytona 00

    Probably something to do with the investment teams have already made. Also, if it doesn’t work, they can adjust the size of the spacer or abandon it without the teams scrapping two sets of engines. Just a couple theories that may or may not be correct.