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  1. Under the lights

    Ain’t that the truth. Dale never did that to anyone.
  2. Holy Smoke

    I thought you were going to say Tony Stewart converted to the priesthood.
  3. 1979

    Nice comparison regarding Bowman and Labonte. Hadn’t really thought about it...and that’s coming from a huge Terry Labonte fan. Thought it was a good race overall. Ratings were up a fair amount - especially in the big cities. A big difference between 1979 and 2020....cellphones and technology - so many more options than 3 major networks, PBS and a local station or two.
  4. 1951 Langhorne National Open

    This is a great video too. I can’t remember seeing sprints without cages. I think they are some of the greatest looking cars that ever existed. I would have loved to see Jud Larson race.
  5. 1951 Langhorne National Open

    Glad you enjoyed it. 🏁
  6. Thought some if you might enjoy this. Funny to hear comments on how racing has changed and the difficulty in being an owner-driver in 1951. Wrecks are scary, two seperate fires on this day.
  7. No Nascar till may

    Kenny Wallace is all over social media - twitter mostly doing things to try to bring people together in his own way. He seems like a genuinely good guy.
  8. And so it begins

    One of the better tweets I have seen from the racing community
  9. And so it begins

    That would work in an emergency, I would be concerned about them not breaking down and clogging a line - especially with my kids who like to use a lot of it. Worst case - go organic
  10. You can watch 2019 and 2020 events FREE all weekend. This is how you market the sport in 2020.
  11. WOO cancels

    I had plans for Tulare and Perris.
  12. WOO cancels

  13. Blaney and Bowman

    I have always been a Blaney fan - not just Ryan, but Dave, Dale and Lou as well. If not for a questionable decision and worn out tire he easily could have won the last two races. Bowman has been right there as well. Yeah, “if” doesn’t matter. But there could be the makings of a rivalry if Bowman and Blaney continue running the way they are.