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    Occasionally running super stock (#2) at Wichita Falls with son, Matthew, running bomber class (#02) on Friday nights and running Saturday nights and special shows at Altus, OK.
    I won the superstock spooker national race in 2006 at Altus Iv'e now stared running a car at little river old buick skyhock a Denis Murray prodject at sat in a hauller for about ... 12 years.

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  1. Who won this one?

    george huff
  2. Photos of interest to Texas race fans

    bubba cowan charles johnson wane nedecken came from san anglo
  3. How long has it been?

    we had lots of racing out there some victoms were Manny, Junior Marshall, Benny Marshall, Chuck Bradshaw, Edd Becker, Steve Pfunter, We mostly ran a 1968 red Camaro Lp #gettem I MISS THOSE DAYS.
  4. Austin Raceway Park

    I may have my head bolted on backwards but I belive the guy you're thinking about is Bill Von Quintus. You described him to a T. For some reason, he may have also worked for, or logged a bunch of time, at Hal's Auto Parts on Burnet Road. Hal White owned it and opened the Midas Muffler Shop on Guadalupe after he closed the parts biz. Rodlea:bill ziptach postman

    who won it i won it 7 years ago 02 ss matts dad
  6. Austin's Speed-O-Rama / Paramount Speedway

    hey Mona post or send me some pics please 1980's 02chevy from Austin or SA
  7. Ole favorite driver

    Elliottfan was that the miller lite pure stock # 22 car ?
  8. Ole favorite driver

    my favorite was "Bill White".
  9. Bill White

    I went by and saw Bill White a few weeks ago,had a great visit, Talked "racing" and "ol times"!
  10. Picture of Terry Labonte (actually is Bobby)

    In 1977 Terry won a late model feature at Hwy 16 raceway. I won the limited late model. We were in a picture together with the big Schlitz beer can car. Does anyone remember that or have a picture of it?
  11. Texas Racing History

    Crazyhorse, we (Matthew and Jimmy) just returned from the two day show at Wichita Falls which Matthew won. He finally passed Buddy Morgan's good car on the outside off of 4 on the final lap to take the checkered flag. Don't know Jake Jr's exact age in 1984 when we had our little incident but I won a few races in '83 - '84 and don't recall him racing in '83. Can't remember for sure which year that I won 7 feature races in a row but they put out a bounty on me. It seems like Terry Brooks or Terry James or maybe Tim Yahn won the bounty and broke my streak. If memory serves me right I won the track championship in '83 and '84. Must have been oldtimers luck.
  12. Super Stock Champion 1966 Pan Am Speedway

    Yep. That was a early view of things to come. I did that just for Ricky Ware. He didn't think it was funny. George Huff is the guy that helped Ricky put his Crown Vic with chrome wheels on its roof, with Clyde Borders help. We also had some of Ricky's concession stand phrases on the side (buy two they're so good)
  13. What about promoter Joe Horne?
  14. Judy Parks

    Anyone heard from her?
  15. Who won?

    Don't know if it was called Street or Hobby, but he won the track championship in 83 and 84 at Austin, and doubled up in 84 at San Antonio. San Antonio called them "Pro Street' Sorry, txtom, but Terry Brooks did not win the Street Stock Championship in '83 & '84 at Austin Speed-O-Rama. I did. He did run good and we had several good races together. In 1983 my number was #2. In 1984 Terry wanted the #2 because it was always his father's #, Leroy Brooks. So in 1984 I was #02. I currently run #2 at Wichita Falls and Altus, OK in Super Stock and my son, Matthew, runs #02 the same places in Bomber class. Jimmy Hicks (Chevy2Much) This past season I won the 50 lap Spooker Nationals at Altus, OK at age 60. It's still fun. Hey, Budman, Frank Ferris used to tell me the cream always comes to the top.