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  1. ISO LLM tires

    Ron Sprayue has a bunch of them.
  2. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    I hate to stir this pot some more, but some shocks do pick up a car. You all are forgetting about gas charged shocks. The gas pressure within the shock adds upward lift (even though it's extremely small), and shock builders have to take that into consideration when valving a tie down shock. In other words, if you push down the front end of a BBSS car with pressurized tie down shocks it may return all the way to ride height, but if you replace that shock with a non pressurized tie down it may have a greater amount of what's called "Hysteresis" which is the difference between where the rebound would return with no resistance and where it actually returns. All suspensions have hysteresis because all suspensions have resistance/friction. Now don't jump all over me, it's the truth.
  3. From all the car pictures posted a 1/4 mile track should do!
  4. 2019 I-37 race schedule

    Would it be possible to post which classes will race on each of the race dates?
  5. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    I think your right. Frank may have gotten that many. What's interesting is some of the guys who have run there in the past weren't even there. Could have been even more than 20.
  6. I-37 Speedway updates 7/14/18

    20 modifieds. Most I've seen in awhile
  7. I can't figure why Texas asphalt tracks have always had the time issue. We did the same thing - practice Friday, show up 1 hr before the 1st practice sat, then bake in the TX sun all day. When we raced in PA at Motordrome and Jennerstown, track didn't open until 5, you got 1 practice, then heat race, then race. You did your set up at the shop. It really cut down on the cost too. You had to race on the same tires you practiced on, in other words, 1 set of tires per race night. That's another issue, but I think cost is a big factor in the demise of asphalt racing.
  8. please clarify fuel please

    The track can buy a E85 tester for less than $15, but you really don't even need that. E85 smells totally different than Methanol and if you put some in a dish and burn it, it burns with an orange-ish color instead of transparent. I agree the track should clear up any gray areas, but quit sweating E85. It's a super cheap fuel for racing.
  9. please clarify fuel please

    You can. I use the timing to compensate for track condition. That's one of the nice things about it. You can run more advance with low compression engines without worrying about pre-detonation.
  10. please clarify fuel please

    Drew is right about E85. There is no HP gain unless your compression is above about 11:1. In fact, if you're around 9:1 or 10:1 like most of us are, there is actually a HP decrease (unless you're willing to bump your timing up to 38* - 40*). The main advantages in my book are price and cooling. I'm speaking from experience. We've run E85 on 3 cars and multiple motor combinations for over 3 yrs now. We've dyno'ed the motors and what I posted above is the results. The worst thing you can say about E85 is that it's corrosive. It eats filters, gaskets and carbs unless you take preventative measures.
  11. Facebook and Lone Star Speedzone

    I joined TSZ in 2002 and immediately got hooked, then agonized when it went down for rebuilding. My profile shows I've been a member since Jan. 8, 2003 so I assume that's when the site came back up. I depend on LSSZ. To me it's too much trouble to go on the websites of each individual track and FB is just a pain in the a$$ to have to become a member or friend of each group. Plus, how do you keep up with new groups that are being formed. LSSZ is so easy to navigate through and I can keep up with multiple tracks, as well as news about racing in general. And Nick, you keep the BS in control so I don't get pissed off and feel like I have to respond to some bozo that doesn't have a clue what he's talking about (and I can depend on Nick to jerk my chain if I happen to be that bozo). The tracks in this area are all guilty of underutilizing LSSZ. I don't know how you change that, but from my stand point I would rather see them redirect their energy from FB, Twitter, etc. to keeping up their LSSZ space.
  12. Pitt Parking

    Walt, you know you'll sell that new car before next year. Why waste your money on something you'll never use HAHAHA!
  13. Sport Compacts

    With a little help from your friends! That's why even the sport compact class can get expensive.
  14. I've got a HOT mod chassis that's in the process of being converted to a SSM. Rear clip is on, just needs down bars put on.

    1. zandman3tc


      pics and price   ?

    2. hray


      Here's some pics before the rear clip was put on. $500 as it is now.




  15. What the early over/under....

    Weather tonite showed rain today in Pleasanton. Wonder if it hit the track?
  16. results 8/12

    For some reason the track doesn't post results on here. It's easiest to find them on their FB page.
  17. Let's Have Some Fun

    Taken a few years ago (like 7 yrs ago)!
  18. That one small detail would rule out making it profitable. Just look up the road at the Austin adventure. Your looking at 75 ac. (most of which is parking which doesn't make any money, which costs in Rodney's vernacular a "shit load". Then there's the track surface......More money than anyone I know would be willing to pay!!!!! The only reason SAS might possibly be able to make it is it isn't state of the art​. And, as someone said on here, resurfacing the track is probably not in the cards so we're definitely talking low buck racing.
  19. SS with LLM

    Anything to help the car count down there. If we can get the cars back together we'll have at least1, maybe 2.
  20. I-37 Speedway Grand Opening updates 3-25-17

    I think by the next race there will be 12 - 14 LLM's
  21. A good CTS Topic

    Can't remember the year, but it was when Brian was still running THR. We were racing the Stock Car Spectacular in our TAMS modified. We had a really good year and lead points most of the year, but late in the year we had 2 DNF's and Jerry Schild moved into 1st. We had a chance to finish out the year on a high note. Sure enough, Jason took the lead about 25 laps into the race with Chris Davidson on his tail. He held onto the lead the remainder of the race until the white flag lap. Coming out of turn 4 going for the checkers he spun out 50 ft short of the finish line. I ask over the radio, "What happened?" He said "I don't know, I think the motor blew." I said "Try starting it, there's no oil or water running out." He said "It just goes clunk, clunk". Back at the shop we found the cam had broken in 3 pieces and the center piece was wedged between #3 & 4 rods. The run was great, but the 3rd DNF-disappointing to say the least. Chris won the race and Jerry won the points championship. We never ran a season for points again after that.
  22. What is the 2017 Schedule ?

    Posted on the website. http://www.i37speedway.com/race-schedule/
  23. CTS Update

    Mike's probably got a pretty good handle on it. From what I understand, even the land owner was included in the suit. Also, if you haven't noticed, they have quarried the rock right up to the back fence. My guess, rock pays more than a race track and rock doesn't sue.

    If you use a flex plate with an internal clutch trans, you should use a steel bell housing or a bell housing shield, but if you use the Bert, Brinn or Falcon fly wheel there is no need for the shield. Even a mini clutch shouldn't require a shield because the clutch housing is the shield - but that's another whole discussion.