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    My interests, other than racing, include, in no specific order: Trying to keep up with my 4 1/2 year old daughter, waiting for my 1 year old son to get big enough to come out and play with da da, golfing, lifting weights, hunting arrrow heads, bowling, fishing, skiing, softball, basketball, shootin' pool, hunting, Seinfeld, First 48, hot chicks, giving everyone hell and trying to make them laugh at the same time. For more please log onto www.jodywaynestuartisoutthere.com.
  1. If you lost a trailer ramp leaving SAS.

    What's up bro? Been a while. Gimme a hollar.
  2. If you lost a trailer ramp leaving SAS.

    Hahahahaha. Good job Saturday , Outlaw.
  3. If you lost a trailer ramp leaving SAS.

    And I kissed PaceCar's sister Saturday.
  4. If you lost a trailer ramp leaving SAS.

    He sure did get a kick outa that autographed hot rod, 50. Thx man.
  5. If you lost a trailer ramp leaving SAS.

    You too Reb. And thanks Nick. It was good to see everyone again. Almost everyone
  6. If you lost a trailer ramp leaving SAS.

    Only as a Good Samaritan.
  7. #50 pink...PAPA pink

    That is a very nice sled Big A. Papa!!! That thing needs a trim.

    Way to go Marc Roy.
  9. Happy Birthday Shawn Paul Lehman

    Uhhhhhh, happy Bday bro. Sorry I'm late. Just got out.
  10. Congrat's to the WILD MAN

    Way to go nut job!
  11. Congrats Chase Stapp

    Way to Go Badge.
  12. Saying Hello to everyone

    Good to hear from you Rick. Hope you're doing well. Thanks again for everything you did @ SAS and THR. Except for DQ'n me and givin the trophy to Bryon Reed... Off set ???? WTF is Off set?????? Have a good one bud.
  13. happy birthday

    Happy B day Mrs. James and Thank you for that scruffy spark plug of a pain in the... He's the truth.