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  1. Yes we can blame NASCAR. they should have removed the pull rope and did the investigation. But they decided to release it before any investigation. Bubba had nothing to do with this and would never had say it because drivers are not allowed in the garage at thos time. Bubba was alerted by the nascar president.
  2. if the noose story is real and done by an individual. it has nothing to do with the flag it has to do with a jacka$$.
  3. Cars for sale

    yall might want to call
  4. Iracing has high tech laser scanners that scan the tracks. it picks up every bump and imperfection in the track to make it as realistic as possible.
  5. iRacing @ Texas

    its actually fun to watch
  6. I am a big supporter of I37 but I'm not sure I think this is a good idea. but i wish the racers, crew member and track safety and the best luck.
  7. so what this article is saying is that even in 1988 racers were complaining about rules, payment, and cost. say it ain't so. lol. great articles
  8. WOO cancels

    hopefully it works out this time
  9. 2020 racecars

    nice Josh
  10. VIRUS

    a coworker of mine has been home isolated due to it.
  11. Prayers for James and Janette Huff

    prayers for both of them
  12. JJ in Austin

    jimmy has said that next year and beyond he want to race different cars. he has mentioned indy cars.
  13. Super Saturday 200 Enduro

    as of Jan. 21 Current list of registered drivers! If we (ok, Joe) missed anyone let us know! It's coming up soon! Current entries Alan Lindow Allen Williams Andrew Venables Brad Dixon Brenda Edwards Colby Doughtry David Cobb David Golden Don Painter Doug Wiggins Doug Wiggins Gary Brown Howard Willis Jack Barfield James Hanusch Jamie Songer Jamie Songer Jeff Blackwwood Jeremy Oliver Ken Boatman Kent Lewis Jr Kent Lewis Sr Marcus Berndt Mart Wampler Matt Ryan Mike Land Mike McCarthy Mike Vondraks Ritchie Robins Ryan Childress Sam Hunt Scott Stubbs Shelbi Baker Stanley Smith Steve Dixon Todd Masterson Tommy Gural William Atchison
  14. REGISTRATION INFORMATIONRegister TODAYOnly First 100 Entries Accepted!Driver Registration InfoDRIVERS Register TODAY!Regular Registration $130 (November 1, 2019- January 15, 2020)Late Registration $160 (January 16, 2020 - February 1, 2020)Registration via PayPal, friends and family, at info@cspromotionsllp.com or backhoejoe@gmail.com (list driver name and car number) *USE FRIENDS AND FAMILY or WE WILL CHARGE BACK A FEE!GENERAL ADMISSIONADULTS - $15KIDS(6-12) - $5DISCOUNTED FOR SENIORS/MILITARY/STUDENTS - $105 & UNDER - FREEPIT ADMISSION$35 FOR ALL AGES ( NO EXCEPTIONS!)*NO PASSES/DISCOUNTSPlace Pay Out1 25002 10003 7004 6005 5006 4007 3008 2509 25010 20011 20012 20013 20014 20015 10016 10017 10018 10019 10020 100Rules for Enduro RacingSTART: Self-start with forward and reverse.WHEEL BASE: Max wheel base 116 inches/minimum wheel base 96 inches.MAXIMUM CAR WIDTH: Maximum width of car 92 inches.WEIGHT: Minimum weight 2800 and max weight 3600 after the race.TRUCKS: No ¾ ton or larger trucks.STEERING: No center steering type cars.TIRES & WHEELS: 4 tires and wheels only, must have 20 psi in the tires to start. Top of tire measured from the ground must not exceed 32 inches. Wheels up to and including 8 inches in width may run any tire. 10 Inch wide wheels must be steel and tire must be an ungrooved asphalt slick only. Wheels cannot be solid black and no other wheel and tire combo will be allowed. Wheel covers allowed but must be bolted on by at least 6 bolts on a beadlock ring.CAR BODY: Cars must have hood, doors, rear quarters and a trunk or covered rear deck. If running a spoiler, clear lexan is highly recommended! Wings, spoilers, sideboards or any other body panels cannot be adjustable from inside cockpit of car and or by remote control. No part of body can be made out of material more than 1/16 gauge thick. No nerf bars outside the tires. Seats must have steel protection underneath. No lights on cars.BUMPERS: All cars must have bumpers that are completely welded in and or chained. Bumper loop or chain mandatory for towing purposes. CSP is not responsible for any damages from towing or pushing. No solid black bumpers. No cattle guard bumpers. No sharp/pointed edges on bumpers or any other part of car!FUEL CELL: Fuel Cell maximum of 32 gallons securely mounted and protected. Fuel filter cannot hold more than a quart and fuel line cannot exceed more than 1/2” diameter and a maximum of 16 foot long.CAGE: All cars will have a minimum of a 4 point cage with a minimum of 3 driver door bars with vertical supports securely welded, 1 ½ – 0.95 minimum. Steel driver door plate and window net required.DRIVE SHAFT: Drive shaft must be painted white and must have safety loop or chain.BRAKES: Cars must have working brakes.SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Car must have minimum of 3 windshield bars. Racing seat and 5 point seat belt harness must be securely mounted to cage. Full face helmet, fire suit, gloves, fire shoes and neck brace required. Small fire extinguisher required, securely mounted in all cars.PASSENGER REQUIREMENTS: ALL cars carrying passengers will have to abide by the following safety precautions: Door bars required on passenger side, as well as driver’s side. Race seat of same specifications for drivers is required for passengers. Window net and 3 windshield bars on passenger side is mandatory. Passengers must abide by the same dress codes and safety codes of drivers or car will be black flagged. No passengers under the age of 18 allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS!DOOR NUMBER: Cars must have contrasting large, easily readable numbers on doors and roof.No 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive allowed.No 2 way radios or rear view mirrors.SCORER REQUIREMENTS: Each driver/car must provide their own scorer. NO protest on scoring. Scorer MUST purchase a pit pass and attend MANDATORY scorers meeting.This event will be delayed or postponed only in the event of severe and unsafe weather conditions, otherwise, we run rain or shine.
  15. Super Saturday 200 Enduro

    RACE DAY INFORMATION Saturday, February 1, 2020 Pit Parking Opens at 10:00am Driver check-in 12:00pm Drivers Meeting at 2:00pm Scorers Meeting at 2:15pm Cars start lining up at 2:30pm Green Flag at 3:00pm TICKET BOOTH OPENS at 1:00pm (GA & PitPass Sales) GENERAL ADMISSION ADULTS - $15 KIDS(6-12) - $5 DISCOUNTED FOR SENIORS/MILITARY/STUDENTS - $10 5 & UNDER - FREE PIT ADMISSION $35 FOR ALL AGES ( NO EXCEPTIONS!) *NO PASSES/DISCOUNTS
  16. hoping for a great year
  17. I-37 Speedway announces 2020 schedule

    the schedule was put out before the announcement of the usmts race. they are in process of updating their website and it should have the updated schedule
  18. sheet metal cost?

    I have thought about ordering these. I haven't checked how much locally it would cost but with 8x10 sheet aluminum being around 70 dollars a sheet it maybe more. https://www.performancebodies.com/products/modified-spruce-up-special
  19. Pure stock ... SOLD!

    wish i could. did that car used to have a 32 on it?
  20. it will be interesting to see how it works out. the teams have been asking for it.