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  1. From my facebook feed a lot of texas racers got in. Hitech below is your answer Class Rules Allowed Tires Spoiler Notes Modified IMCA Hoosier G60 2" Sport Mod IMCA Northern Sportmod Hoosier G60 5" 602 Modified Hoosier H60 None 2500 lbs. Stock Car IMCA Hoosier G60 None USRA Hoosier G60 None IMCA Carb, No Quick Change, Aftermarket Blocks Allowed, No Crates 602 Crate Late Model CRUSA Hoosier HTS1350/1600 and Crate 21/55 8" All Stars Hoosier HTS1350/1600 and Crate 21/55 8" Bandits Hoosier HTS1350/1600 and Crate 21/55 8" 604 Crate Late Model CRUSA Crate 21/55 8" No groove / no sipe ACAS HTS1350/1600 and Crate 21/55 8" No groove / no sipe FASTRAK Hoosier FT200/400 8" No groove / no sipe Hornet IMCA Sport Compacts DOT Tires Only N/A RF Beadlocks allowed SCDRA DOT Tires Only N/A
  2. That is very sad news. Rest in peace my friend until we see each other again.
  3. The New 2020 Nascar Champ

    They are still running against the other cars. these are supposed to be the best of the best. if you don't want points for under 16th place done finish under 16th.
  4. The New 2020 Nascar Champ

    if harvick's would have had a better last 8 races this wouldn't be a discussion. he average 12th and some of those were in the 20s. he started with a 3 race cushion on points. he also had the most points at all of the start of the rounds. a free ride to the championship would mean that he can finish 40th in the playoffs and still run for the championship. to me that would be worse than what happened this time. I am a Harvick fan and they may have looked like a champion in the regular season but they did not in the play offs. congrats to chase! they won 3 races in the play offs to me that's championship numbers.
  5. Longhorn Long Gone

    This may not be a comment that most will like but I'm glad it's gone. All it did by being there was give us a false idea that it could be brought back. I felt the same with kyle. If the track is there it give racers a false belief that it may return one day. San Antonio is doing that right now. Just because the track is gone it doesnt mean that our memories of it has to go with it. It is a sad day but happy one as well.
  6. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    I agree kyle should not have been givin a chance back then but we cant go back and change it. on the rookie of the year this year the other 2 rookies had just as much chance to win as Cole. tyler almost did at texas but that was the rules they sign up for at the beginning of the season.
  7. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Kyle won at Sonoma, Kentucky, Loudon, Indy, before the playoffs started. if Kenseth or Newman would have won a race they would have been in the playoffs. Kyle wasn't giving a free ride into the playoffs. His wavier just like the 2 this year was about the races missed he still had to make it into the playoffs via a win or points. I cannot stand Kyle bush but he won races to make it into the playoffs then stayed in the points to be part of the four and won homestead. it took a couple season to get over that fact but he did it as he should have.
  8. more meyer spdwy super mod photos

    they look like oversized go-carts. just awesome
  9. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    they did give Ryan Newman and Matt Kenneth the same wavier. the difference is that neither of them made it to the top 16 in points or won a race.
  10. Sold

    I could see it working just would take some fabrication.
  11. Wanted: Cheap Compact

    i37 was USRA this year for sport compact
  12. the crew chief is always the first to go. they are easier to replace than the driver but not always the issue.
  13. Cage help

    Both have sold
  14. Cage help

  15. that will make someone a nice car
  16. Looking for lead

    Visit local tire shops or mechanics shops and see if they have any used wheel weights they want to get rid of. You can melt it into the size blocks you need. This is if you cant find any for sale.
  17. Cage help

    what type of car

    i37 speedway has them
  19. 07/04/2020 Cody Leonard defeats Chris Elliott on the last lap to win the exciting $1,000 Red River Modified Tour feature Cody Leonard was the Modified feature winner. By Don Cook Blogginisracin.com Kennedale Speedway Park (Kennedale) July 4 (Saturday) The Red River Modified Tour rolled into Kennedale Speedway Park Saturday night for the fourth night of the tour! NASCAR’s Ken Schrader lead a strong field of IMCA Modifieds as they battled for the $1,000 feature win! Along with the Modifieds, were the IMCA SportMods, IMCA Stock Cars, Factory Stocks, and Sport Compacts. Check out all the exciting racing action from Saturday night below: Modified $1,000 Feature Winner: Abiliene's Chris Elliott, No. 915, appeared to have this feature win, but a lap car created problems and Cody Leonard, No. 12, managed to slip past Chris for the exciting $1,000, 25-lap, feature win! Chris Bragg, Josh McGaha, Fred Wojtek, Chris Morris, Jeffrey Abbey, Justin Whitehead, Travis Bragg, and Dustin Hyde, top ten. David Goode Jr., Larry Adams, Chad Melton, Colby Moore, Jacob Pirkle, Beau Begnaud, Raymond McSpadden, Chuck Sanders, Dusty Powers, Ryan Williams, Dillion Tindall, William Gould, Cody Tidwell, Ken Schrader, and Chaz Baca, rounded out the field. Twenty-five cars started the feature. Twenty-eight Modifieds were in the pits. Chris Elliott appeared to have this one, but a lap car enabled Cody Leonard to get the win. Ken Schrader was one of a good field of IMCA Modifieds that were in the pits. To view a video of the Modified feature, click below: SportMod Feature Winner: Damon Hammond, No. 116, was your run-a-way feature winner! Billy Gould Jr., Shelby Williams, Jerrett Bransom, G.W. Egbert IV, John Rabozzi, Chance Morris, Jeff Reynolds, and Gary Fox, top ten. Sean Hill, Gregory Muirhead, Austin Neubauer, Andy Hulcy, Kelly Williams, Derek Talley, David Lege Jr., Todd West, and Justin Long, rounded out the field. Nineteen cars started the feature. Jake UpChurch was involved in a bad wreck during his B main. To view a video of the SportMod feature, click below: Stock Car Feature Winner: Picking up his first feature win of the season in a Stock Car, was Erik Miles, No. 165! Jeffrey Abbey, Westin Abbey, Gary Williams, Jerrett Bransom, Gary Nabors, Samuell Spadaro Jr., Jason Batt, Clint Nabors, and Darryl Campbell. Justin Bruce, Brad Ekstrom, Sam Spadaro, Michael Wofford, Chad Burress, Allison Morris, Tristan Carman, Shelby Williams, Markiss Harcrow, and G.W. Egbert IV, rounded out the field. Twenty-cars started the feature. Gary Williams, No. 69, finished in the top five. To view a video of the Stock Car feature, click below: Factory Stock Photos by Mike Frieri Feature Winner: Local Trey Smitherman, No. 96, held off "Flyin" Ryan Powers, for the exciting feature win! Melvin Kemp Jr., Chance Morris, Jeff Hauser, Tryton Temple, Tommy Williams Jr., Tim Murray, Dylan Moss, and Devin Burgess, top ten. Nate Dixon, Robert Narber, Ted Minor, Kenny Magar, Ricky Sessions, Jeff Martinez, Damon Hammond, Kelsie Neunauer, Caitlin Leonard, Cameron Cook, Donald Cain Jr., George Gafford, Katlyn Foster, and Jordan Hefler, rounded out the field. Twenty-three cars started the feature. Ryan Powers had a close second place finish. To view a video of the Factory Stock feature, click below: Sport Compact Photos by Mike Frieri Feature Winner: Steve Riojas, No. 9, was your feature winner! Harold Clifton, Frank Lackey, Jack Bransom, Bondy Cannon, Sean Leasure, Blake Freeman, Don Chamblee, Johnny Clark, Megan Hatley, James Morehead, and Shelley Marnell, rounded out the field. To view a video of the Sport Compact feature, click below: A special thanks to Photos by Mike Frieri for donating an extra $100 to the top five finishers in the Factory Stocks and Sport Compacts! The fifth and final night of the Red River Modified Tour makes it’s way to Boyd Raceway Sunday night, July 5th! Latest info, go to: www.boydraceway.com Photo: Mike Frieri Raceway Ministries: Kennedale Speedway offers a unique feature at the track. That is a ministry. We are under the umbrella of Texas Alliance Raceway Ministry based out at Texas Motor Speedway. The people involved in this ministry are Randy Denbow (chaplain), and Steve Kaneaster (asst. chaplain). We give the invocation, operate the hot pit and oversee the children's special events at the track. We offer spiritual and prayer support. We are very fortunate that the track owner and management want us there. We appreciate the driver's, crew members and fans for supporting us. If you have any questions about the children's events, please contact us at nascarrd@att.net Race fans please support our sponsors! Next Saturday, July 11, Kennedale Speedway Park will host a full race program plus the Lone Star Dwarf Car Club plus Spectators Races. For the latest Kennedale Speedway Park info, go to: www.raceksp.com KENNEDALE SPEEDWAY PARK MEDIA PHOTOS Derrike Pennington Photos Clink on: Viking Media Mike Frieri Photos Clink on: Photos by Mike Frieri To view some photos from Kennedale Speedway Park, click on the link below: KSP Photos RACING COVERAGE Click on: www.blogginisracin.com KSP WEB SITE Click on: www.raceksp.com Posted at 09:57 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)
  20. Yes we can blame NASCAR. they should have removed the pull rope and did the investigation. But they decided to release it before any investigation. Bubba had nothing to do with this and would never had say it because drivers are not allowed in the garage at thos time. Bubba was alerted by the nascar president.
  21. if the noose story is real and done by an individual. it has nothing to do with the flag it has to do with a jacka$$.
  22. Cars for sale

    yall might want to call
  23. iRacing @ Texas

    its actually fun to watch
  24. I am a big supporter of I37 but I'm not sure I think this is a good idea. but i wish the racers, crew member and track safety and the best luck.
  25. so what this article is saying is that even in 1988 racers were complaining about rules, payment, and cost. say it ain't so. lol. great articles