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  1. I always took pride in buying Simpson equipment.
  2. older mod chassis

    That sounds like fun
  3. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    15,000 to 20,000 for a limited modified roller 20,000 to 30,000 for a full modified roller
  4. Outlaws Motor options

    ok since no one has commented I will lend my knowledge. the Crate motors have a very smooth horsepower and torque curve. on Dirt it is like legal traction control. this is the reason they are dominating in the classes they are allowed. they are also affordable compared to a built open motor. we switched to one in Ryan's mod this year and are putting one in our Enduro car as well. if you do the maintenance as the manufacturer recommends they last a long time.
  5. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    that's what happened to Texas thunder in Killeen. owner wouldnt sell to the promoters. walmart came along with the big price and they sold.
  6. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    probably James Lopez
  7. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    He didn't win tim. He lost. Scored as last. Second place passed tech won the race and was legal.
  8. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    Here is a quote I saw in an article from the tech official It had titanium piston caps all the way around the whole entire car," Brooks said. "It's blatant in the rulebook—no titanium allowed. They were fastened to an aluminum piston and an aluminum caliper. And what that does is it keeps the heat from sinking into the caliber and the piston. They were drilled to keep from holding the heat going into an aluminum piston and aluminum caliper.
  9. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    It's been years since this class was affordable. If IMCA they have to run 7.5 gm rearends. To buy one built with bracing and the gear you want they are 1,250.00 from rhino. And if you want to run multiple tracks you have to have either multiple rearends or transmission.
  10. Closed????

    Yes sadly as the post said they will not operate the track in 2020. but it is for sale for anyone that would want to purchase it and run it.
  11. Outlaws Motor options

    Ok I have no experience with those. Just in the imca modified and southern sport modified.
  12. Outlaws Motor options

    which outlaw class? factory stock, street stock, asphalt or dirt?
  13. Snowball Derby rain delay

  14. older mod chassis

    i have a holley 4150 850 CFM double pumper. its casting number 4781-8 just laying around. it was working great when removed from a running motor.
  15. New track

    If you have Facebook here is some pictures and a video of the progress. https://m.facebook.com/groups/690320507683737?view=permalink&id=2458704894178614
  16. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    Go have a talk with the tech person.
  17. 2012 Express SM roller

    That's Jeff Shepperd old car. It was a fast car. I believe he finished second in points at least twice with that car.
  19. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    Not true at all. The owner of the speedway has already said that once the bridge is complete and the company renting the ground were finished that they would open back up.
  20. Ok let me see what I got. I need that stupid sticker on my imca mod. But I could us them as back ups. I may have some 2 offs missing the stickers. I'll let you know.
  21. Do they have an imca sticker?