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  1. 2019 Racecars

  2. Vinyl Wrap Companies

    Jeff is the best in the business at five1seven but that also means he is always busy. pm me the contact info you have and if I have better info I will pass it along.
  3. NowOnDirt RaceOnTexas wants to be at cotton bowl but they need a person that can film at the track. I have talked with Chris at times and they have offered to provide the equipment to film. If you know anyone that is interested in filming at the track have them contact Chris.
  4. There is no post on it's Facebook Page since June 2018. I have sent a message to James that runs the series to ask this question. I will report what he has to say.
  5. Enduro

    Sorry been a busy day. Here you go TEXAS "COLD" HARD CASH ENDURO 300 Presented By Kragh's Jewelry-Retail and Repair, TOP 20! 1. Jeffrey Bates #17x Tyler, Tx 2. Erik Thorne #260 Baytown,Tx 3. Thomas Richardson #25 Conroe,Tx 4. Brad Dixon #97 East Bernard,Tx 5. Allen Williams #7g Hutto,Tx 6. Mark Chrudinsky #30 Hutto,Tx 7. Tommy Gural #01 Elgin,Tx 8. Joe Spillman #281 Marble Falls,Tx 9. Mike Land #48 Waco,Tx 10. Matt Ryan #003 Longview,Tx 11. Karl McMarion #841 Bastrop,Tx 12. Doug Manchester #401 Houston,Tx 13. Brenda Edwards #09 Copperas Cove,Tx 14. Douglas Wiggins #84 Bastrop,Tx 15. John Hobbs #14 McDade,Tx 16. Tryton Temple #99 Odom,Tx 17. CJ Gray #23 Leander,Tx 18. Scott Stubbs #34 Smithville,Tx 19. Sonny Hunt #70 Houston,Tx 20. Cooter James Lynch #13 Cedar Park,Tx
  6. Enduro

    I'll be there at 9 in the morning
  7. Enduro

    Yes sir Rodney. Weather says it will be around 43 tomorrow
  8. Enduro

    Your welcome
  9. Enduro

    The track at noon
  10. Enduro

    So far Mary Ann has said they will do what ever they can to get it in
  11. Enduro

    No updates from the track yet. I will try and post any updates
  12. Longhorn Fords

    my Grandpa Woodall's ford motors weren't all ford
  13. 1979 Speedorama program

    you have my attention. great uploads
  14. Now I’ve seen it all

    because an "asphalt Racer" would never wear that. I think someone with a since of humor would wear it. asphalt or dirt doesn't matter.