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  1. ISO 6.4L Hemi

    Contact Don Painter at Browning auto parts
  2. J.p. Dowell had some for sale on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4763878377026806&id=100002140719032
  3. he's a tv guy and a part time racer. I can guaranty he's not "strapped for cash". it maybe he only ride. but he also said in an interview that being a ford performance driver he is trying to help rick ware's program. he is racing more than just the 500.
  4. 2022 Dwarf/Legends?

    also most of the dwarfs run on dirt around here
  5. david horton

    prayers for his friends and family.
  6. Track List

    san antonio, corpus, and texana dirt racing will be live and well. as will hot and cbs. lets get old and new people to the tracks this year.
  7. Revved Up Special-Tuesday 6P

    Great news for south texas racing. Ill let rodney tell the news. after he gets done on the show. exciting.
  8. Let's See Those Trucks

    I37 no longer runs street stocks
  9. Let's See Those Trucks

    Yes cottonbowl and heart o texas allows them in their street stocks. I'm not sure about 105.