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  1. I-37 Speedway announces 2020 schedule

    the schedule was put out before the announcement of the usmts race. they are in process of updating their website and it should have the updated schedule
  2. sheet metal cost?

    I have thought about ordering these. I haven't checked how much locally it would cost but with 8x10 sheet aluminum being around 70 dollars a sheet it maybe more. https://www.performancebodies.com/products/modified-spruce-up-special
  3. wish i could. did that car used to have a 32 on it?
  4. it will be interesting to see how it works out. the teams have been asking for it.
  5. Prayers Brother. hope you find healing.
  6. novas

    Correct. Just like novas in factory stock at cbs were not legal at any other track.
  7. novas

    Good to hear they are making an exception at their track.
  8. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    we will have to see
  9. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    not upsetting just seemed different
  10. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    the new people in charge of NASCAR is not doing things the old way. they have said that they are exploring the option of adding new tracks or street courses and taking double dates away from tracks.
  11. novas

    here is the first line in the rule book if they follow the rule book to the letter then nova are not allowed in the factory stock. because of the full frame car rule.
  12. novas

    here is a post from I37 facebook page Here are the 2020 rules for I-37 Speedway for Factory Stock and Lim. Mods. We will be sanctioned by USRA for Factory Stocks and Limited Mods (Sport Mods). Attached is the link for the rules in each class.http://usraracing.com/…/Dow…/2020-USRA-Limited-Mod-Rules.pdfhttp://usraracing.com/…/D…/2020-USRA-Factory-Stock-Rules.pdfModifieds will still be IMCA Sanctioned
  13. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    hope the best for texana this year and years to come.