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  1. Frank Ferris last chassis

    so its been a while since I have had this car back. still looking for any pictures that anyone may have of it. I am about to start the work on it.
  2. always a fun time. too bad I have to miss it this year. kids school stuff
  3. Street stock

    sorry that it seem everyone I send your way doesn't seem to work out. wish I had the cash because I'd take the grey Camaro back.
  4. Old Porsche Race car - SOLD!

    Dennis Collins in willy with Collins brother jeep is always looking for Porsche cars. especially if they may have a story
  5. that could make a good factory stock
  6. bristol

  7. bristol

    You are welcome to that opinion. The large amount of rain hindered the dirt race. Flooding rain if I remember. With the correct track prep and no flooding rain it will be a great race. Also the TV partners and track ownership wants the dirt race. I don't see it going anywhere. If it does I see Bristol losing the second date because attendance for the spring race was terrible for the last couple of years.
  8. bristol

    Nope it's already scheduled and should be there. Plus the track just as much if not more money off the 3 weeks of dirt racing than the spring Bristol race. Remember the last couple of spring races have had the seats in the turns blocked off because they were not sailing out.
  9. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    There is a guy on YouTube that was going to yellow belly earlier this year
  10. Not all the asphalt tracks. HMP is still running
  11. Trackhouse's current Charter was leased from Spire motor sports. Spire has sold 2 of their charters to Kaulig Motorsports that includes the one leased by trackhouse. so track house will one have 2 charters. one for Daniel Suárez and one for a driver to be named later. The other driver could be one of the Ganassi drivers or a different one.
  12. Lost Speedways Season two trailer

    I watched sa and texas world last night. Good job as usual. Also great to see nick and Rodney's cameos in them. Both brought back great memories. Sa still gives the thought there is a chance it can come back. But texas world is gone. I agree with what Dale Jr said last night it's hard to believe that texas only has one asphalt track and no super late models running.
  13. Raceivers

    also makes sure to tell the new driver to have fun. this sport will wear on you if you don't go to have fun.