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  1. Why not turn into a dirt car? Should fit the limited late model rules at I37
  2. We will be taking donations at practice this weekend and also donating our portion of 50/50 ticket sales at opening night to the Egbert family. GW was involved in a racing accident last weekend and we have reached out to his wife and gotten the okay to do this. They are very appreciative so let’s show this fellow racer some Texana support.
  3. Requirements at 281

    Remember: 5 point harness, fire suit, gloves, shoes, neck brace and helmet checked nightly. Incomplete then no racing. Mufflers required except sportcompacts and factory stocks. Tow chain or cable required on front and rear of all cars. Must be able to connect the tow truck without dissembling your cars.
  4. Dwarf cars are a weekly class at 281 speedway. All club cars are welcome on your off nights, bring your club rules with you. There is one time registration fee required. Our purse is on the website. So load up those dwarf cars and come race with us weekly!
  5. This Saturday Night we will be raising money for GW Egbert to help him and his family with medical expenses and his recovery. We will Pass the Helmet throughout the night and 50/50 ticket sales will go to the Family and will be selling #717 stickers. Ray has been in touch with the family and want to respect their wishes through out the process of raising funds. I apologize for the delay in this post as I have been at track all day and just now got to internet access. Everyone please continue to pray for GW and his family for a speedy recovery. Please Like and Share to help spread the word.
  6. Heart O’ Texas will be “Passing the helmet” for G.W. Egbert tomorrow night! We will also have a box setup in the pits at admission/registration for anyone in the pit area to donate to him and his family. For those unaware, G.W. was injured while competing at another track’s event last weekend. He has a long road of healing in front of him and we want to show him that his racing friends and family are thinking of him. Please continue to keep G.W. and his family in your thoughts and prayers through this troublesome time. We know he will be back at the track with us in no time at all! 🏁
  7. Too Many Rules

    people that build 100,000 cars are more likely to "push the rules" than the local racer. the 100,000 dollar builders are the reason there are more rules. each time they are caught pushing the rules that is when a new rules is written
  8. I hope this series grows and I would like to join it
  9. I have never raced at a dirt track that had an ambulance on site. Texas Thunder in Killeen owned an ambulance that they stocked and hired 2 EMTs to be there to operate it. But it could not leave the parking lot. so they would take the injured out and wait in the parking lot for a regular ambulance. they would also stop the races until this happened because at that time there was no EMTs present. I believe that they local ambulance services do not want one of their units just sitting at a race track when it needs to be ready to respond at a moments notice. every track does have at least 1 EMT and Fire person on site to control the situation. I dont believe its not the tracks wanting to supply an ambulance. I believe its that they are unavailable.
  10. Most of the promoters at these dirt tracks are dirt racers. There has to be a reason why they dont have an ambulance onsite. I'm sure it's out of their hands.
  11. Update on GW Egbert

    GW is home and resting. Still in a lot of pain.
  12. Update on GW Egbert

    A mod in front of him touched the wall and a chunk of concrete became loose and came went into the car and impacted GW directly in the helmet. The shield gave in and actually stripped the bolts that holds the shield on. GW removed the piece from his helmet and said it was bigger than his hand.