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  1. CTS Super Stock Hard Charger Award

    Thanks to Huricane Automotive and diesal repair.
  2. Get well soon. Prayers sent.
  3. HMP detailed schedule for May 1 & 2

    Thank you SAS
  4. HMP detailed schedule for May 1 & 2

    Are the Nascar stockcars not allowed radios.
  5. TALMS @ HMP Rained Out

    Sad face.
  6. Snowball Derby

    Thank you for all the updates.
  7. Modified gear at CBS

    When i had a mod i ran a 529 with my crate..depending on track it could have used a littlie more some times..
  8. First races you attended?

    Late 70s at longhorn.
  9. UNOFFICIAL Texas Racing Poll

    Super cars just because it is something new and only 5 min drive.
  10. 2013 Rules?

    Is it going to be imca track..
  11. THR 2013 Season?

    where is the like button..
  12. Modifieds this weekend?

    We will be at cotton bowl with steve driving.
  13. SAS Modified 15 & 79 Get together

    With playstation you can just hit reset.....