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  1. Wheels (sold)

  2. Wheels (sold)

    Still for sale.
  3. Wheels (sold)

    Wheels are 5×5 ,8inch, 2 in offset 2 D hole 50.00 2 spoke 65.00
  4. CTS Super Stock Hard Charger Award

    Thanks to Huricane Automotive and diesal repair.
  5. Get well soon. Prayers sent.
  6. HMP detailed schedule for May 1 & 2

    Thank you SAS
  7. HMP detailed schedule for May 1 & 2

    Are the Nascar stockcars not allowed radios.
  8. TALMS @ HMP Rained Out

    Sad face.
  9. Snowball Derby

    Thank you for all the updates.
  10. Modified gear at CBS

    When i had a mod i ran a 529 with my crate..depending on track it could have used a littlie more some times..
  11. First races you attended?

    Late 70s at longhorn.
  12. UNOFFICIAL Texas Racing Poll

    Super cars just because it is something new and only 5 min drive.
  13. 2013 Rules?

    Is it going to be imca track..