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  1. Street Stock Bounty

    Really Soaker atleast I don't have unrealiable sources!
  2. Street Stock Bounty

    Jones41 did that ground have a complete chassis sitting on it?
  3. Limited Late Models

    It's weird to me how llm's feel the need to be so much different then any other class....and that's not necessarily a good thing looking at the car count....every year I wait for my class rules to be posted then I get my car ready and race.
  4. let's reopen this track

    I really wish the current owners would of bought a golf course or something....instead they buy our only local dirt track and price it so high that no one is going to buy it....it's not like it closed because lack of support.

    No wonder why all my parts are illegal....I got them for cheap in Mexico
  6. 2017 racing

    People actually miss the mud pit shady oaks days with even lower car count? I thought the track conditions really improved the last couple years.
  7. Limited Late Model

    That's a good car Deuce....I drove it one time and won
  8. July 2 day show

    Yeah info would be nice because rooms in corpus are not very easy to get July 4th weekend.
  9. New schedule

    Are the limited mods going back to non sanction rules and line ups?
  10. Limited Modified Drivers.

    My rear tires after 2 dry slick nights at cotton bowl.
  11. Races 4-22-16

    mind me asking what was their complaint about the surface? but yes we did race last and i dont recall many cautions due to cars spinning out.but i didnt show up till 930 and i only watched the lm race. hope they all come back... It was sloppy wet on the top and bottom so the middle was the only place you could run in the first few features and all heats....by the end of the night the track seemed like it was a lot more raceable....I am in no way trying to bash the track just trying to give a heads up
  12. Friday Racing

    Y'all actually did the line ups wrong but that's just growing pains....y'all did it by total points inverted instead of point average inverted.
  13. Races 4-22-16

    Holleracing if you think the track was better then previous weeks you must of been the last feature or started up front. I have told a bunch of people how great the track surface has been and they went Friday and they thought something was wrong with me