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  1. Curious

    Usually a track will give you one night to run and they will point out issues that need to be addressed before running there again. There are factory stocks that aren't allowed decking that have the same amount as I do that's why it was built the way it is Not saying I have a problem just what I see as a foreseeable issue. To me the more cars the better. My dad has always wanted a wagon body just never found one and did the work.
  2. Curious

    Decking and longer roof. Only problem I foresee is if they allow one person then others will try and do it as well claiming well u let so and so do it why not me.
  3. I think my dad is planning on takin my car. Street Stock 8s
  4. STS Pure Stocks

    No x2
  5. RESULTS JULY 2-3, 2016

    On lap 23-24 I was 6th and got paid for 19th
  6. Feature Night Firecracker Spectacular

    01 wife u don't know what u are talking about as I was the car in the turn and was out of the way. Snow messed up please do not try to put the blame on me as he did it himself as the video proves.
  7. Compact Update

    I'll ask hopefully they are in the shop and not in the tire mountain outside.
  8. Compact Update

    My problem with street tires is size.
  9. Compact Update

    I would change tires as long as I didn't have to change gears.
  10. Compact Update

    I ain't scart and I would enjoy it more if it wasn't so easy but u and I both know what that lil car is capable of.
  11. Compact Update

    If u don't have a compact or front runner or mini or anything else to race in this class please don't add your 2 cents worth.

    The first set of rules said DOT nothing about street. But no more worries for me as I have sold the Mustang and it's moving North. So y'all have fun.
  13. Need your Help

    Ken my new pure stock will have a passenger seat so if u wanted to do a fan ride along for a couple laps I would be good to do something during intermission like 5 laps. Message me and we can possibly work something out. The car should be ready by Thursday if u wants to do something this weekend.