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  1. Thanks Nick. Did this win you the Pulitzer or was it another Fryar story?? That was a great day. That last lap was incredible. Some great names in those results, in all the classes. Billy Ocean Springs, MS
  2. One of those true great heroes of Texas racing. I would hope sometime it would be where Chuck isn't the only one, or one of the few, voting for Neil's true place in the TMS Hall of Fame. Anyone who was in the grandstands down at CC Speedway when the first meeting was held with Neil about putting together the TIDA LM series knows he wasn't in for a quick buck or the notoriety, just as one example. He was going to undertake putting together a Late Model series to save the livelihood and passion for each of the LM drivers sitting there that afternoon. He wanted to save a big part of Texas racing. Prayers to all the Upchurch family, and all the racing family who is missing a great friend these days. Billy
  3. Seasons Greetings

    Thanks Nick for all you do and all you have done for Texas racing. It is great to come here and keep up with all the action and news. You are the best!! Merry Christmas to all (a little late to the party....lol) and wishing everyone a much better 2021. Let's all agree to look to the positives in life and love and care for one another. Best wishes from southern Mississippi. (took a Texas boy a little while to learn how to get all those s's and i's in the right place....) Billy
  4. Nick, don't forget a building on the place to manufacture and service your Lighter than Air chassis business that has taken a "back seat" after all these years. Billy
  5. Five Flags

    Great race yesterday. Was great to spend a whole weekend around the racetrack since work has stood in the way the last few years, and especially get to do the whole Snowball weekend during this crazy year that has kept the hospital business hopping every day. Got to talk to Jared Fryar yesterday morning who was spotting for Jake Garcia. And, was great to only have a 1 1/2 hr drive home since we now call Ocean Springs, Miss. home. Billy
  6. Prayers to the Fryar family. That great racetrack upstairs just got one of the best in the history of racing added to the main event. And a great all around person to boot. Thanks for the memories....especially that magical 1978 Hiway 16 season, the 1979 Labor Day weekend win in flames, winning All Pro race #2 in Corpus, couple of incredible Snowball wins, TROC wins, and a ton of highlights. May God Bless Billy P.S. One of the greatest pit area quotes, after backing the #46 into the 3rd turn wall on the first lap of qualifying at San Antonio and having to go to Waldo's #10 for the weekend, greeting everyone with........."I'm Freddy Fryar and I wreck race cars"
  7. Mike Harmon Crash 2002

    Winner of the inaugural All Pro race in San Antonio in 1983, a lot of Late Model wins, this wreck, and still racing 36 years later, even if it is for a 35th place finish or worse most races. Not too many from the starting lineup that incredible night still racing. Got to hand it to him. Billy
  8. OK, haven't had much chance to take in any racing since moving to South Carolina in the fall, so drove down to Myrtle Beach Speedway to take in the Icebreaker LM race for a self birthday present. Saw a really good LM race with the first 62 laps under green, 2 and 3 wide racing all around, and most of the field within a straightaway even at halfway. Saw young Ty Gibbs drive a great race and get a big win after saving tires for a big part of the race. But seeing Coach Gibbs in victory lane with tears in his eyes after a tough couple of weeks after losing JD and then seeing his grandson win a big race......that was pretty special. Thanks for reading a little race report from a relocated Texan. Billy
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year from South Carolina!! Billy
  10. Nick As others have said, a huge Thank You for everything you've personally done over the years to keep this site going. You are a huge asset to Texas racing. It has been great, especially for those of us social media challenged or social media averse might be the better term, to keep up with Texas racing, especially So Tx racing. It's been great keeping up with all the racing history especially. At the end of the month, we are calling it quits for awhile after spending almost 54 years in Texas. Relocating to South Carolina to call it home. If there is anything left after Florence comes calling this week...coincidentally...that's where we will be settling...Florence. Was there over Labor Day weekend to house hunt, while it was throwback weekend at Darlington. It was hard not to head to the track seeing all the teams and crews around town. Good luck with the fundraising to keep this very necessary and very wanted racing site going. Hope to do more than wish you luck soon. Best wishes everyone.... Billy Bailey
  11. Freddy Fryar Interview Replay

    Thanks to everyone for putting this show and time together. Good memories and a lot of history in that one hour (+ a little). Wish we could find someone to devote the time to documenting all that history and convince the Flyer he is a goldmine of racing history that people would love to read about........ Good job to all involved. Billy Bailey Ft. Worth, TX
  12. Thanks Nick...for the memories. Even included a Bailey result mentioned way back there in 88. Reading all the lists of results brings back a lot of cool memories. Billy
  13. Neil and everyone who contributed to the article.........Thank You. Billy
  14. 4 Reasons for Nascar's Big Skid

    Thanks for posting Reb. Billy
  15. Any update on Greg? Been thinking of him and the family and don't think I've seen any other posts. Hope all is getting better. One of those hall of famers in Texas racing. Billy