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  1. Mike Harmon Crash 2002

    Winner of the inaugural All Pro race in San Antonio in 1983, a lot of Late Model wins, this wreck, and still racing 36 years later, even if it is for a 35th place finish or worse most races. Not too many from the starting lineup that incredible night still racing. Got to hand it to him. Billy
  2. OK, haven't had much chance to take in any racing since moving to South Carolina in the fall, so drove down to Myrtle Beach Speedway to take in the Icebreaker LM race for a self birthday present. Saw a really good LM race with the first 62 laps under green, 2 and 3 wide racing all around, and most of the field within a straightaway even at halfway. Saw young Ty Gibbs drive a great race and get a big win after saving tires for a big part of the race. But seeing Coach Gibbs in victory lane with tears in his eyes after a tough couple of weeks after losing JD and then seeing his grandson win a big race......that was pretty special. Thanks for reading a little race report from a relocated Texan. Billy
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year from South Carolina!! Billy
  4. Nick As others have said, a huge Thank You for everything you've personally done over the years to keep this site going. You are a huge asset to Texas racing. It has been great, especially for those of us social media challenged or social media averse might be the better term, to keep up with Texas racing, especially So Tx racing. It's been great keeping up with all the racing history especially. At the end of the month, we are calling it quits for awhile after spending almost 54 years in Texas. Relocating to South Carolina to call it home. If there is anything left after Florence comes calling this week...coincidentally...that's where we will be settling...Florence. Was there over Labor Day weekend to house hunt, while it was throwback weekend at Darlington. It was hard not to head to the track seeing all the teams and crews around town. Good luck with the fundraising to keep this very necessary and very wanted racing site going. Hope to do more than wish you luck soon. Best wishes everyone.... Billy Bailey
  5. Freddy Fryar Interview Replay

    Thanks to everyone for putting this show and time together. Good memories and a lot of history in that one hour (+ a little). Wish we could find someone to devote the time to documenting all that history and convince the Flyer he is a goldmine of racing history that people would love to read about........ Good job to all involved. Billy Bailey Ft. Worth, TX
  6. Thanks Nick...for the memories. Even included a Bailey result mentioned way back there in 88. Reading all the lists of results brings back a lot of cool memories. Billy
  7. Neil and everyone who contributed to the article.........Thank You. Billy
  8. 4 Reasons for Nascar's Big Skid

    Thanks for posting Reb. Billy
  9. Any update on Greg? Been thinking of him and the family and don't think I've seen any other posts. Hope all is getting better. One of those hall of famers in Texas racing. Billy
  10. i heard

    Happy B-day Nick!!! Just a little late.... Billy
  11. I am not sure what may have been edited out that came across as bitter and negative from your posts Josh42. To this one lone voice, I think you touch on a lot of the actual things that are affecting the NASCAR product and say it pretty well. Even before the Race of Champions series that you mention where a few would show up, some will remember back when on a Friday or Saturday you would hear of Bobby or Donnie showing up with their own hot rods, or making appearances at any of the short tracks that they could. Or back in early 80's, even though it was rained out at Hiway 16, you might have had the opportunity to see Bobby Allison and Benny Parsons make an appearance. That was huge to a kid that knew they might get to see them at my track on Saturday night and then drive over to TWS and see them race on Sunday. Now, there is some of that still. No matter how you feel about them, at least some like Kyle Busch, or Tony Stewart, or Kasey Kahne and others invest some time and their money in the lower classes and at the short track level. Not all of it is tied up in some yacht or Manhattan apartment. I believe, and it is only my $.02 worth, that oversaturation has something to do with what NASCAR is seeing in attendance. The old adage..."leave 'em wanting more" can be a valuable approach. Look at one of the largest sports. The NFL plays from Sept to about the end of Dec for most teams....4 months. Then a few get to play into January, and then they're done till July/August. NASCAR runs from Feb through Thanksgiving, take a little break for the holidays and back at it. Some fans aren't necessarily "wanting more". Some are "wanting a break". I think the same issue affects the other sports like NBA, NHL and MLB. Except for the devoted few that pay attention to the Combine or the Draft, a lot of NFL fans can't wait for training camp, and are left wanting more, usually on Week 16 of the season. People will say, "No, you have to start in Feb cause it's Daytona" and "they can't take the Southern 500, or the Brickyard, or .......name a weekend away, to shorten the season", but at some point there has be a saturation point, where the average customer says..."I don't have the money to go again"....or "I can't spend every Sunday for 10 months doing this". I think we're seeing that on TV when they pan the stands with the camera shot. Being in DFW, I have several that used to go every time NASCAR was in town, both days and qualifying. Now, they might go to the fall race if someone gives them tickets. But probably not. And I'm talking about former season ticket holders. Again, just my $.02 (which after taxes and insurance, really comes out to less than a penny, or a balance due that I need to pay) Billy
  12. Great article. Thanks for posting Nick. Billy
  13. God Bless you Nick and the Holt family..... You are special blessings in this world of ours.. Billy
  14. Snowball

    Just about a week to go before leaving for Pensacola. Haven't got to go in a few years, but made sure nothing got in the way this year. Can't wait to be in the stands.... And already thinking about next year and being there for 50th. Billy
  15. Richard Petty was/is great with that. Even with a lot of people around he would carry on a conversation with you and ask you about things in your world, not just about him. Kyle was too at least early on years ago. And yes, Freddy was always willing to talk to anyone. Never heard a bad word about him from anyone. Best quote from him was one of the big races at Hiway16/SAS when he brought in the #46 car and proceeded to cut a tire and back it into the turn 3 wall on first lap of qualifying, but then wound up driving Waldo Harper's old Howe house car for the weekend. We were standing around behind the trailer that night and someone walked up and Freddy stuck out his hand and said, "I'm Freddy Fryar and I wreck race cars. Glad to meet ya" Another not so big star but real easy to talk to was Hal Goodson. He had been over here for the Big Shot race at Thunderhill and we talked to him. Then ran into him down at the Snowball on pit road and he came up to us saying "Aren't ya'll the guys from Texas?" and acting like he had known us for years. There was nothing uppity about him. Billy