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  1. Thanks Nick! Yeah just might make it a enduro after all.
  2. Car is no longer for sale. I have decided to keep it.
  3. Car has a good strong solid cage and the frame has been tied together. Front suspension has stock control arms and it does NOT have weight jacks. It does have newer racing springs and shocks up front. Has a steering quickener. Rear end is a 10 bolt 8.5. Would make a awesome enduro car or with a little bit of work a great street stock. It does need a little TLC. I have some spare stuff to go with the car. $1300 takes it all! Car is located in Kyle, TX. Call or text Matt @ 512-925-1716 if you have any questions. Thanks, Matt
  4. Does anybody in the Austin/San Antonio area have a steel chevy bellhousing that they are willing to sell? If so please shoot me a text or give me a call @ 512-925-1716. Thanks, Matt
  5. Would you sell just the bellhousing? If so how much?
  6. Do you still have this for sale?
  7. Pure Stock Rules?

    Thanks Bobby
  8. Pure Stock Rules?

    I have a question for the pure stock rules. It reads that pure stocks can run E Force SBC 76cc Cylinder Heads Part #175769. What heads are these and who sells them? I have google searched the hell out of this and can not find any info on these cylinder heads. Thanks, Matt
  9. Purestock - SOLD!

    Is this Wayne Waltons old car #49?
  10. I-37 Speedway updates 5/19/18

    Thank you very much for the results reb!
  11. CTS Update

    It really makes me sad to watch Thunderhill get torn back down to nothing! Yes I said Thunderhill cause it will always be Thunderhill Raceway to me. My first job was at URACE driving school when I was 15. When the doors closed to URACE my boss Mike Knight gave me a 76 Cutlass street legal car, a new firesuit and a new helmet and wished me luck on building my first race car. With the help and advice of my dad and a few really great people like Robin Luthultz, John Benker, Ray Riley and a few others my first car was complete! Now I was 17 and on cloud 9 cause I had a race car! I had many GREAT years of racing there and met soo many awesome people that I am still friends with today. I only live a few miles away from the track and each time I drive by and see a piece gone it makes me tear up. To most of yall it was a place to race but to me it was the place that I first raced, first crashed and first won! I raced there from 2001 to 2013 minus 2 different years. I was there the first opening night and cheered on one of my favorite drivers to victory in the #58 camaro. I was even in the neat little video that was made about the race track back in 2002. Funny how fast time goes by. I am sorry to have bored yall with this post but this place really made me who I am today and gave this boy a place do live his dream of racing a car! I really appreciate you all and I am thankful to have met alot of you on here. I look forward to watching yall race at other tracks but Thunderhill Raceway will always be in my heart. Bless you all!
  12. Closest open asphalt track?

    Thats just sad!
  13. LOL Mickey! My dad use to autocross a 79 Z28 when I was little and I remember riding with him! Scared the crap out of me! Sure was fun though! I would find a car and fix it up to do this! Hope this happens!
  14. That would be fun! Might be interested in finding me a car if it takes off.