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  1. A message from Terry Dickerson

    probably not but he didnt have a problem goin over there and getting in the crews face.
  2. A message from Terry Dickerson

    Terry should have been in cuffs right beside John . He went to Johns pits after John was in cuffs and gone . But I guess its ok to go start crap in someones pits after the problem was cuffed and gone if your T.D.
  3. JoHn HeIl to win and the chicks dig it dude as back up
  4. Street Vehicles on RaceTracks

    hate to see what that guy would have done to a super late model mabe he didnt have enough stagger
  5. lets start the bidding i will buy it

    there were only six car that finished. man that must have been a wreckfest. how many started???
  7. who ever is leading at the end of the race will win !!!! jk i say billy becka if he races
  8. USRA late models

    that is the best point on the whole post john. it is something he will learn with more races under his belt
  9. USRA late models

    it is not somthing we want to see but i guess its all part or racing. [bash deleted by Nick Holt, 6/27/05]
  10. hey nick it was not john that refused it was the car owner. not that it matters, but i was standing there after the race. not sure why but, he was not any faster than most of the others. he just managed to stay out of bad trouble.
  11. who ever is drivin th 69 car
  12. THR info

    legend you know whats funny everyone talks about chris and gregs soaked tires. if they are so worried about the davidsons why dont they soak their tires. thats always peoples explnation for chris or greg being fast or running good. when john heil won his first race in corpus people said it was cause the davidsons soaked his tires. it just cracks me up [Comment removed by Nick Holt, 9/30/03].
  13. John Heil at Pensacola

    I just wanted to say good job at five flags. i also wanted to thank the three or four guys that do not normally crew for john. lynn who is greg davidsons crew chief and chris s. who is chris davidsons crew chief. with out those guys we would not have done as good as we did because we had never been there before. i really wish i could have been there. maybe next time. rob
  14. george hagy

    does anyone know where i might find racing stats for sas before the 90's??