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  1. South Texas Speedway · UPDATE: Due to significant weekend rain the Sames Ford Bash from the Beach will be moved back to Jan 14-16, 2021. The pits are underwater and it will take days to get the facility ready. Practice is Thursday, Racing on Friday and Saturday, complete shows each night. An updated flyer will be posted soon. All online paid entries will receive an automatic refund for two days of entry fees. Online entry is now closed. Entry will be available at the track.
  2. Southern Dirt Track Championship - Texas Motor Speedway 8m · The Southern Dirt Track Championship February 4-6, 2021 at TMS event has been cancelled. We worked really hard to come up with a way to do this event that was fair for the racer, for us and for TMS but we just couldn’t reach an agreement with TMS that was fair. December 8, 2020 TMS decided that we could not have fans in a new contract that they came up with but in that contract they also would only allow a limited amount of people per car and required advanced payment for all pit passes which they also wanted 15% of along with doubling our Lease cost from the original contract. We have spent the last couple weeks working on a resolution but have decided it’s best to cancel the event and give everyone back refunds. Please bear with us as we work with our payment processing company to be sure everything goes smoothly. If you have not received your refund within 30 days, please message the page and let us know. The only way we are able to issue refunds is back to the original form of payment. We understand that many may have updated cards but we have been assured that if you still bank with the same bank and just have a new expiration on your card, it will go back to your account. If you have sold your spot, please return payment to the proper person. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is the only way we are able to do it. Thank you all for your loyalty and support towards this event. The event in 2019 we put on at TMS was record breaking and we are very proud of all racers and fans that helped us do this. We are in process of putting on a show at a different facility that will pay all (4) Divisions $10,000 to win and $1000 to start. Chase and Erin Allen
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/nhra-pro-stock-stars-64-221500399.html NHRA Pro Stock Stars Say 64-Car Southern Sportsman Showdown Will Feature 'Real Money' Susan Wade Mon, December 28, 2020, 4:15 PM CST Photo credit: Marc Gewertz/National Dragster 2019 From Autoweek At first glance, the inaugural Southern Sportsman Showdown might appear to be another independent drag racing event in an already splintered motorsports scene. But this three-day racing extravaganza planned for March 19-21 at South Georgia Motorsports Park near Valdosta, Ga., is significant—thanks to organizers Dave Connolly, Jason Line and Bo Butner. All three have left a mark in the NHRA Pro Stock ranks, and this race is the quick fulfillment of their promise to grassroots racers with an emphasis on customer service, a sort of declaration of dedication to an “of the racers, by the racers, for the racers” principle. Moreover, it offers a hefty purse that far exceeds what Stock and Super Stock sportsman racers could earn in an NHRA weekend. The purpose, they say, is as substantial as the payout ($20,000 to win in each of the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shows, along with a $50,000 to win 64-Car Shootout). That's more than the $15,000 NHRA paid Pro Stock event winners in 2020. - ADVERTISEMENT - Co-promoter Bo Butner, the 2017 NHRA Pro Stock champion, said, “All three of us—Dave Connolly, Jason Line, and myself—we have roots in sportsman racing, so this means a lot to us. We want to put on the most awesome race for these Stock and Super Stock guys. They deserve it, and we're going to treat them right, feed them right, and make sure they have a good time. "We're so excited about this. It is truly an event made for racers by racers," he said. Photo credit: Dave Connolly Facebook Connolly and Line had kicked around the idea of this Southern Sportsman Showdown for quite a while, and Butner joined the conversation toward the end of this past season. "The best part is that we get to give something back to the racers who are out here investing their time and money into the sport that we all love," Connolly, a 26-time Pro Stock winner and respected tuner, said. Line, who retired from Pro Stock driving at the end of the 2020 season, vowed that he wasn’t leaving racing entirely and is plunging into event promotion for the first time. "Our goal,” Line said, “is for this to be a positive experience for the racers and to give them a chance to win some real money. We also want this to be a good experience for the vendors who are supporting the racers. If one is successful, the other will be, too." Title sponsor of the Southern Sportsman Showdown is Johnson’s Horsepowered Garage, a Middle Tennessee establishment housing more than 100 show-quality vehicles, from classic hot rods to exotic automobiles. Owner Jason Johnson, son of Copart Salvage Auto Auctions founder Willis Johnson, has a deep, lifelong appreciation of all things automotive. "Drag racing is one of the last sports that I watch anymore," Johnson said. He got an up-close view of the sport when Copart sponsored Top Fuel driver Brandon Bernstein in the mid-2000s. "I'm looking forward to being part of this race," he said. "This is getting back to the grass roots of drag racing, where the sport came from, and I think everyone is going to have a good time." That includes the Saturday night Nitro Fish Nacho Night/Racer Appreciation Party. Each of the three promoters brings something unique to the table. Photo credit: JERRY FOSS NHRA/NATIONAL DRAGSTER Line is a three-time Pro Stock champion and the 1993 Stock Eliminator titlist. Line still has many ties in the Stock and Super Stock community, and as a mechanical wizard at KB Racing and former dyno operator at Joe Gibbs Racing in NASCAR understands the technical aspect of racing. Connolly has a variety of racing experience, including NHRA Top Fuel and the early days of the Factory Stock Showdown class, and he has behind-the-scenes experience in event planning. His fiancée, Jennifer Folk, is an integral part of Folk Promotions, the company that puts on the annual Million Dollar Race that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. "I've watched (Folk Promotions) succeed in putting on one of the most prestigious bracket races there is, and I've also been behind the scenes to witness problems that can arise," Connolly said. "That experience should help us prevent a lot of issues that we might not otherwise know to look for. It will help us make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible, especially for the racers.” Butner, the 2006 NHRA Comp Eliminator champion who also has earned four NHRA division crowns in sportsman classes, has an expertise in customer service from his primary job as CEO of his family’s Jim Butner Auto, Inc. at Clarksville, Ind. Photo credit: JERRY FOSS NHRA/NATIONAL DRAGSTER “You have to know your customer as a fan or a racer, and you need to treat your customer great, Butner said. Back at the NHRA Finals at Las Vegas, he said, “We're going to put a huge Stock/Super Stock race together and pay these guys like these big bracket races you see, because that's our people. Look how many are out here racing for $1,500, and they're just not treated right. But we want them to have a good time, know that we respect them. Hell, we are them. We're not doing it to make a penny. We're not going to compete against (the NHRA), but we want to show that these old-school Stock and Super Stock guys that there are other options, maybe.” And within two months, they’re making good on that promise.
  4. LoneStar Speedway If anyone hears of someone selling batteries please contact Gregg County Sheriff office, Sam, Lisa or Susie. Sometime between Friday evening and Sunday morning an unknown person or persons stole every battery from every piece of equipment at track. They also stole winches from wreckers. The container building was broken into and spare batteries, battery charger and other miscellaneous items were taken. The Pit PA system was also stolen. This may not sound like a lot but it’s minimum $2500 just to replace these items before we can even work on track.
  5. Grab a smoke and another drink.....It's a long list! https://racexr.com/2020/12/28/bristol-dirt-nationals-pre-entry-list-as-of-december-28-2020/?fbclid=IwAR2AMVolyQS0Q_6liow0sCuDyWRs6WGoA20nmjCEW3ICH-kt0LTQAUJcJuM
  6. There are two other dirt shows there in April.....Sprints and Late Models
  7. SUPPORT CLASSES ARE SOLD OUT! Entry is CLOSED, Waiting List is CLOSED for 602 Late Models, 604 Late Models, Open Modifieds, Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sport Mods, and Hornets. Super Late Models have no cap and will stay open for entry. 84 - Super Late Models - $10,000 and $50,000-to-WIN 160 - 602 Crate Late Models - $5000-to-WIN 159 - 604 Crate Late Models - $7500-to-WIN 145 - Open Modifieds - $10,000-to-WIN 179 - Modifieds - $7,500-to-WIN 169 - Stock Cars - $5000-to-WIN 155 - Sport Mods - $5000-to-WIN 173 - Hornets - $2000-to-WIN 1224 Total 375+ on Waiting List March 15-20, 2021 Bristol Motor Speedway www.bristoldirt.com
  8. According the FB posts....A lot!....lol
  9. 12 Hours. Bristol Dirt Nationals Unofficial numbers as of 11:45 PM CST 58 - Super Late Models 158 - 604 Late Models (+22 Waiting List) 108 - 602 Late Models 141 - Open Modifieds (+10 Waiting List) 185 - Modifieds (+29 Waiting List) 153 - SportMods (+31 Waiting List) 168 - Stock Cars (+37 Waiting List) 175 - Hornets (+80 Waiting List) 1146 Total (+209 Waiting List) Entries came so fast some went over 150 before we could cut off access. We will honor those entries. Some Modifieds will be moved to Open Modifieds pending clarification from those entries. 40 U.S. States and 1 Canadian Province (British Columbia) represented (Missing Idaho, Utah, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Alaska, and Hawaii)
  10. Richard Snider burned at track

    Update (Sunday): Dad is at Parkland in ICU in the burn unit. They are trying to control his pain and are closely monitoring the pulse/blood flow to his legs/feet. Someone will be able to see him today, speak with his doctor, and we will have more info then. Looking like about a week at Parkland and he will likely need skin grafting in several areas at some point. Thank you all for the prayers and concern.
  11. Richard Snider burned at track

    Update: Dad is in ICU at Parkland and in a good deal of pain. Sandy was able to speak with him and will be able to see him tomorrow. We will know more then. Please watch this post for updates. We are overwhelmed with text messages!
  12. Richard Snider burned at track

    From Ricky Snider Just want to let everyone know that there was an accident while Dad was working at the track today and he was badly burned on his lower legs and feet. He’s been Care Flighted to Parkland and is awake, talking and stable. We will update as we know more and appreciate prayers for him. **For those unfamiliar, Richard was long time promoter at Kennedale Speedway, now at Boyd Raceway. He is a long-time track prep guru for the north Texas area working with Abilene Speedway and TMS Dirt Track on some of their big shows.
  13. It's a Racing Life, for Husband and Wife By JM Hallas Seguin, TX., (Dec. 5th, 2020) The first husband-wife championship in the history of San Antonio Raceway/Alamo City Motorplex. It all started at age 4 for Candace Ritter, this years Super Pro track champion at Alamo City Motorplex. The first championship for the mother of two, in her racing career, but not the first for the family. Her husband, Brent, picked up track championships in 2001(Top Sportsman) and back to back titles in 2014/2015 in Box(Electronics). Both of her parents(Noreen and Dennis Soefje) were drag racers at Alamo Dragway in her early years. “My mom raced a '68 Mustang coupe that she drove to the race track. She even changed her own tires to her slicks and my dad raced a Ford Pinto called Baby Blue.” recalled Ritter. So of course where did she meet her husband, Brent? “We knew of each other from Alamo Dragway, but really met in September 2002. I told Brent that I wanted to go for a ride in the double dragster that he drove for Todd Zampese and Brent didn’t charge me for that pass. Then we got married in May of 2003 in the courtyard behind the tower at San Antonio Raceway.” “The week of the last race I was a little nervous but once I got to the track and got in my dragster I was fine. We just treated it like a regular race. You have to or you will just get in your head too much and that is when you will mess up.” “For myself, being the points leader was better. I have been the points leader this whole year. For Brent he does better chasing the points. In his three championships he was either 2nd or 3rd in the points and won the race to win the championship.” “I was sitting in my car getting ready to be pulled for 1st round when Todd Zampese came up to me and told me that Scott Ball took out the 2nd place points person, Jerry Longoria. I told myself just get past the 1st round with a win and keep gaining points on him.” “After first round Brent said that he was going to see what Jerry does in the buy back round. I didn’t go with him because I didn’t want to jinx myself. When Brent came back he had this serious look on his face. Then he said, 'well you are the track champion,' he smiled and told me good job! I said 'YES!' Then thought to myself now I can just go race, have fun and try to win the race as well. I went to the 2nd round and won, 3rd round came around and I dialed a 4.78, the car ran a 4.79 and I lost.” When asked about racing against her husband, “We never want to meet up until the finals, but if we do we are no longer husband and wife, we are competitors. We hardly ever race each other though. Believe it or not we actually don’t keep track of that so neither one of can remember who wins more. We don't have any side bets, it's all about bragging rights. If we do race each other we don't try to get in each others head, really. I will try to get him to look at me when we are at the 'T' so I can make him laugh, but he won’t ever look at me.” With her championship Ritter adds to list of females to win ACM/SAR track championships. Silvia Zemgals won the Street title in 2016 while in Jr. Dragsters, sisters Ashley and Megan Hubbell, plus Emily Ball have all scored championships. Next Generation? With two children there's a good chance that there will be a Jr. Dragster in someones future in the coming years. Sponsors; Simpson Racing Products Engine/Chassis; Rehrer/Morrison, Undercover
  14. Couldn't find anything tangent.....BUT.....I am certain that the USAC Silver Crown, Sprint and Midgets have raced at Phoenix(Copper Classic) for years.