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  2. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    Extending actually.
  3. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    He choose a "little circle" on the final lap or he'd have been second.....Logan had them covered though.
  4. I-37 Speedway 9-18-21 By JM Hallas Pleasanton TX.,(Sept. 18Th, 2021) It's crunch time. As it comes down to the track points season end, and tonights end to IMCA national, regional and state points, every position mattered for several of the classes. Throw in several points chasers not in attendance, and the season-ender next month sets up some interesting battles. Neither of the top 2 raced in the IMCA Modifieds tonight with Ryan Doyon ahead Jared Maupin with Cody Clark, Stephen Boubel and past track champ, Rick Green in the top five. After last weeks race, Sterling Tausch jumped to the head of the class in Limited Modifieds over Jared Maupin, Tom Grothues, Edward Oakes and Nathan Oakes. In Late Models its still Brandon Brzozowski with a slight advantage over quasi-teammate, Kody Hardage with Landon Sowder, Barry Quade and Alton Fambro in the top five. With last weeks win, Dakota Hurley inched a bit farther ahead of Dillon Gaither in the Factory Stocks while Dustin Hurley, George Quintanilla and Aaron Leddy complete the top five. Adding to his win total last race, Ryan McDonald is still in control of the Sport Compacts ahead of Brandon McCall, Ryker Hernandez, past champ Jamie Garner and Joshua Garcia. Inaugural IMCA Victory to Young Dinsmore It's been a while coming, but Logan Dinsmore(Kerrville) finally was able to take his first checkered flag in the IMCA Modified feature, and did it in convincing fashion. The initial start was a little shaky, but on the next try, L. Dinsmore, from row 2, was first into turn 1 trailed by Anthony Gordon, Chandler Fox, Greg Dinsmore and Cody Clark. G. Dinsmore was able to snag third from Fox as Clark and Ryan McDonald were side by side for fifth. The newcomer, to the class, McDonald would loop it a lap later for a lap 5 yellow. On the restart G. Dinsmore and Gordon stayed wheel to wheel for second until G. Dinsmore got the spot. At halfway it was L. Dinsmore inching away from his dad, Gordon, Fox and McDonald working back up to fifth. As the final half wound down L. Dinsmore increased his margin over G. Dinsmore, who would spin on the final lap. At the checkers it was win number one for L. Dinsmore in the Sundowner Performance Diesel, Jimmys Towing, Royals Automotive, Lowery Plumbing, JC's Auto Body & Paint, Releaf 4 Troops, Carquest of Kerrville, AFCO, Dirt Tracking2, Mears Scrap, crate powered Assault by Dinsmore Chassis. “Pretty big, I've been trying for a while now,” exclaimed Dinsmore. “I was hoping either one of them would push up on the start before they caught each. When he showed halfway I was counting down. Then I saw the two to go and started talking to myself on the front straightaway. It started running through me. I was hoping I didn't spin out and keep it rolling. I heard popping noises.” “We haven't changed gears in a long time and I was hitting the chip pretty hard in the heat race. We've got it more hooked up now and I guess we need to change gears. I was beating on it pretty hard.” “I've been running a neck brace for a long time, but I switched to a hybrid. I can't really see anything now. I kept trying to peek like I did with the neck brace in turns 3-4 and look down the back straightaway. Since I couldn't see anything I just kept pushing hoping no one was there.” Price Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds 8gII Logan Dinsmore, 22m Anthony Gordon, 53x Chandler Fox, 5m Ryan McDonald, 8g Greg Dinsmore, 5 Cody Clark, 7 Stephen Boubel IMCA Modified heat Heat 1; 22m Anthony Gordon, 8gII Logan Dinsmore, 53x Chandler Fox, 5m Ryan McDonald, 5 Cody Clark, 7 Stephen Boubel, 8g Greg Dinsmore Mikulencak on the Money Again The start of the 15-lap Limited Modified feature saw last weeks winner, Marcus Mikulencak jump out front ahead of Mason Castendeda, Trent Beaver, Ben Mikulencak and Dillon Gaither. Beaver got alongside Casteneda for second with Gaither taking fourth from B. Mikulencak. After clearing Casteneda, Beaver ran down M. Mikulencak for the lead and began to apply some pressure. As Beaver took another line looking on M. Mikulencak, Casteneda was able to sneak back to second. B. Mikulencak would bring out a yellow after contact with Allen Alexander sent him around. On the restart, M. Mikulencak waited to go and got turned by Casteneda in front of the field collecting Sterling Tausch and Gaither. The next restart wasn't a lot better as B. Mikulencak looped it and caught up Abel Arrendondo. Now to a single file restart, M. Mikulencak and Beaver, running nose to tail, pulled ahead while Casteneda worked back up to fifth. At the crossed flags it was M. Mikulencak, Casteneda, Tausch and Alexander in the top five. Beaver then began to give M. Mikulencak looks low as the two battled for the lead. This gave Casteneda the chance to close back in on the lead duo. Casteneda tried the high line on Beaver, who was still trying to get the nose inside M. Mikulencak. As the white flag waved it was still M. Mikulencak holding off Beaver and Casteneda, who were now side by side. At the checkers it was M. Mikulencak(Corpus Christi) holding them both off in his Joe Aramendia owned, Vinco Plumbing, Ace Transmission, RPM Equipment, Premier Minerals, GT Sirizzoti Excavating, L87 Speedway, All in Designs, All American Race Engines powered, IRP Chassis. Swenson Racing Products Limited Modifieds 79 Marcus Mikulencak, 14 Trent Beaver, 28m Mason Casteneda, 95 Sterling Tausch, 99 Allen Alexander, 5 Dillon Gaither, 64 Abel Arredondo, 13m Ben Mikulencak Limited Modified heats Heat 1; 79 Marcus Mikulencak, 28m Mason Casteneda, 13m Ben Mikulencak, 14 Trent Beaver, 5 Dillon Gaither, 99 Allen Alexander, 95 Sterling Tausch, 64 Abel Arredondo Brzozowski Bags Late Model Loot The start of the 20-lap Late Model feature saw Kody Hardage get the jump on the field into turn 1 trailed by Brandon Brzozowski, Barry Quade, David Goode jr. and Jamie Campbell. Hardage, running the middle, and Brzozowski, running the bottom began to quickly pull away after Quade jumped the cushion and Campbell slipped. DJ Schroat spun in turn 2 for a lap 6 caution that saw Alton Fambro collect Jason Kelly, Quade and Campbell on the restart. Once back to green, Hardage and Brzozowski took off with Brzozowski now taking looks low on Hardage still running the middle-up. Brzozowski used the bottom off turn 4 get by Hardage for lead coming to halfway with Goode, Landon Sowder and Matt Fox in the top five. As Brzozowski started to edge away, Hardage tried to change his line and was able to make up a little ground. With two to go Hardage had closed to within three car lengths, but that was all he could do as Brzozowski(La Vernia) in the Billy Bobs Repair, Lone Star Pressure Equipment, Mo Bags Suspension & Technology, Texas Industrial Radiator, All in Designs, Magnum by Nilfisk, The Trash Can Cleaners, Pressure Pro, Schaeffers Oil, 604 crate, Rocket XR1 Chassis took the victory. Nogalitos Gear Late Models 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 12 Kody Hardage, 7g David Goode jr., 10 Landon Sowder, 57 Jason Kelly, 53 Matt Fox, 5 DJ Schroat, 19 Barry Quade, 13 Howie Marcx, 29 Jamie Campbell, 08 Alton Fambro Late Model heats Heat 1; 19 Barry Quade, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 10 Landon Sowder, 57 Jason Kelly, 5 DJ Schroat, 53x Matt Fox Heat 2; 12 Kody Hardage, 29 Jamie Campbell, 7g David Goode jr., 08 Alton Fambro, 13 Howie Marcx Villareal Victorious in Factory Stock Thriller The two points chasers, Dakota Hurley and Dillon Gaither, started side by side in the 20-lap Factory Stock feature with Gaither getting the point followed by Da. Hurley, Allen Torres, Josh Sewell and Dustin Hurley. Da. Hurley, running the top, was able to get the bumper past Gaither on lap 3 as a great door to door battle began between the two. As the lead stayed locked at the door handles, Memphis Villareal got past Du. Hurley for fifth. Du. Hurley fought back as they caught defending track champ, Sewell going three wide. Up front the battle raged on as Gaither was able to wrestle the lead away from Da. Hurley on lap 9. The two then switched lines with Da. Hurley getting under Gaither retaking the lead at the crossed flags with Gaither, Torres, Villareal and Sewell in the top 5. Breathe!… Anthony Gordon brought out a yellow on lap 10 when he stopped on the back stretch bringing about a restart that saw Riley Heil spin after contact with Michael Keylich, who was sent to the tail. Finally back to green the lead duo got off leaving Torres, Sewell and Villareal three wide for third. Torres slipped from that battle giving up spots to Sewell and Villareal. Up front Gaither was back on the bottom looking inside Da. Hurley for the lead again. Villareal snuck up the leaders getting alongside Gaither for second. Now Gaither and Villareal were door to door for second while Torres and Sewell ran side by side for fourth. Gaither would slip and fall back to fifth. Breathe, again!… Du. Hurley would spin on lap 17 to bring out a caution and one final shootout for the win. Da. Hurley got a good restart, but Villareal closed the gap back up quickly. Behind them Sewell and Gaither were swapping fourth. With two to go Villareal was able get the nose out front to the lead coming off turn 4. Torres made a last lap charge getting second from Da. Hurley, but it was Villareal in the Mav Motorsports, MCM Racing Development, Car Compound LLC Detail & Supplies, Affordable Window Film, Ridiculous Bodies and Design, Pro Line Fabrication, Powers Racecar Fabrication taking the win. All in Design Factory Stocks 30 Memphis Villareal, 31 Allen Torres, 40 Dakota Hurley, 98 Dillon Gaither, 38 Josh Sewell, 20 Mike Lyon, 44k Michael Keylich, 56 Brian Schneider, 4d Dustin Hurley, 10 Scott Jerkins, 11 Brian Harbison, 30r Riley Heil, 58 Anthony Gordon, 18s Jarrett Payton, 93 Aaron Leddy--dns Factory Stock heats Heat 1; 98 Dillon Gaither, 38 Josh Sewell, 20 Mike Lyon, 30 Memphis Villareal, 56 Brian Schneider, 18s Jarrett Payton, 10 Scott Jerkins, 30r Riley Heil Heat 2; 40 Dakota Hurley, 31 Allen Torres, 4d Dustin Hurley, 44k Michael Keylich, 11x Brian Harbison, 58 Anthony Gordon, 93 Aaron Leddy---dns Legg Legs It Out The B(eginner) Factory Stock class has set the stage for a number of first time I-37 Speedway winners, and tonight was no different. JD Legg and Daniel Lopez stayed door to door through turn 1, but Legg came out of turn 2 with the lead chased by Lopez, John Aramendia, Zach Freeman and Colin Alexander. Legg quickly began gapping the second place battle as they made come contact while Freeman gave up spots to Alexander and Jerry Miller. At the midway point it was Legg, with a big lead, Lopez, Aramendia, Alexander and Miller. That lead was erased when Anthony Mares went around on the front stretch for a lap 7 caution. Legg got away clean on the restart with Lopez, Aramendia and Alexander nose to tail for second. Lopez and Aramendia then ran side by side for two laps until William Cavender brought out a lap 11 yellow. Lopez and Aramendia continued the fight back under green but spins by Levi Hernandez and Lopez on opposite ends of the track brought the yellow back. Lopez would pull off under caution. On the green, white, checker restart, Legg(Corpus Christi) was quickly able to pull away from Aramendia and score the victory in the Mav Motorsports, Sames Ford, Chevy. B Factory Stocks 113 JD Legg, 58 John Aramendia, 99 Colin Alexander, 75 Jerry Miller, 00 Zach Freeman, 15 William Cavender, 3 Anthony Mares, 15L Daniel Lopez, 55 Levi Hernandez, 55c Chris Clark---dns B Factory Stock heats Heat 1; 15L Daniel Lopez, 00 Zach Freeman, 99 Colin Alexander, 55 Levi Hernandez, 15 William Cavender Heat 2; 115 JD Legg, 58 John Aramendia, 75 Jerry Miller, 55c Chris Clark, 3 Anthony Mares McDonald Muscles His Way to Win In the Sport Compacts it was Brandon McCall grabbing the early lead with Ryan McDonald and Jamie Garner side by side for second, Rod Tait and John Thomas in tow. Garner briefly got the spot while Thomas took fourth from Tait. McDonald got back alongside Garner and completed the pass a lap later. McDonald then ran down McCall for the lead while Levi Hernandez, Ryker Hernandez and Justin Sitterle were three wide for sixth. McDonald got the nose under McCall and took the top spot on lap 5 with Sitterle taking fifth from Tait. By halfway McDonald was now pulling away from McCall, Garner, Thomas and Sitterle. McDonald built his lead to nearly a full straightaway as he took home another win in his PRG Realty, Texas Task Force, 181 Paving, Buggy Warehouse, 2004 Chevy Cavalier. “Yep, pretty tired after 40 laps of mains,” replied MacDonald. “Oh, only 35, that's why I still have a little energy left. Running these two unlike classes you can still see how the track is changing and what line is working. The front wheel drive and the modified are so completely different, but knowing the track is helpful.” “I had a plan to get past Brandon(McCall). Coming through (turns) 1-2 I could tell there was something on the bottom line coming out of (turn) 2. I just had to get the car in the right spot since it was slick going in. I haven't changed a thing on this car all year. You just drive it a little different.” “There wasn't much slower traffic to deal with tonight. I was kind of worried after last week getting a little push on the final lap. I just didn't want it to happen again tonight.” “I don't know how the points work, I just go out and keep winning.” Sport Compacts 816 Ryan McDonald, 14 Brandon McCall, 33 Jamie Garner, 88 Justin Sitterle, 9t John Thomas, 28 Levi Hernandez, 70 Rod Tait, 55 Ryker Hernandez, 75 Chad Miller, 43 Jennifer Kidd, 35 Darrel Jones, 11j Josh Jones, 88jr Ronnie Schoenfeldt---dns Sport Compact heats Heat 1; 14 Brandon McCall, 816 Ryan McDonald, 28 Levi Hernandez, 55 Ryker Hernandez, 75 Chad Miller, 11j Josj Jones, 88jr Ronnie Schoenfeldt Heat 2; 33 Jamie Garner, 70 Rod Tait, 9t John Thomas, 35 Darrel Jones, 43 Jennifer Kidd, 88 Justin Sitterle
  5. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    Price Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds 8gII Logan Dinsmore---1st imca win 22m Anthony Gordon 53x Chandler Fox 5m Ryan McDonald 8g Greg Dinsmore 5 Cody Clark 7 Stephen Boubel
  6. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    Sport Compacts 816 Ryan McDonald 14 Brandon McCall 33 Jamie Garner 88 Justin Sitterle 9t John Thomas 28 Levi Hernandez 70 Rod Tait 55 Ryker Hernandez 75 Chad Miller 43 Jennifer Kidd 35 Darrel Jones 11j Josh Jones 88jr Ronnie Schoenfeldt---dns
  7. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    Nogalitos Gear Late Models 104 Brandon Brzozowski 12 Kody Hardage 7g David Goode jr 10 Landon Sowder 57 Jason Kelly 53 Matt Fox 5 DJ Schroat 19 Barry Quade 13 Howie Marcx 29 Jamie Campbell 08 Alton Fambro
  8. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    All in Design Factory Stocks 30 Memphis Villareal 31 Allen Torres 40 Dakota Hurley 98 Dillon Gaither 38 Josh Sewell 20 Mike Lyon 44k Michael Keylich 56 Brian Schneider 4d Dustin Hurley 10 Scott Jerkins 11 Brian Harbison 30r Riley Heil 58 Anthony Gordon 18s Jarrett Payton 93 Aaron Leddy--dns
  9. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    Swenson Racing Products Limited Modifieds 79 Marcus Mikulencak 14 Trent Beaver 28m Mason Casteneda 95 Sterling Tausch 99 Allen Alexander 5 Dillon Gaither 64 Abel Arredondo 13m Ben Mikulencak