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  1. The coroner was called to a rollover crash with entrapment at the BAPS Motor Speedway in York Haven tonight around 9 pm, officials say. The racetrack was hosting the "Race against abuse of children everywhere night presented by Constellation Home" tonight according to their website. This is a developing story, CBS 21 will update it as we receive more information. RIP Greg Hodnett A couple old diecast I have from the 80-90's.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/brent-dewar-replaced-nascar-president-just-14-months-142917661.html While I'd normally get excited about a big change like this, I'm concerned about the person being named.....If he can't see that NA$CAR has sponsorship issues, will he see the fire burning right in front of him?
  3. Is this another Nick Holt creation?

    Wish I had gotten in on LTA stock before the price rose so high it was unattainable....
  4. Is this another Nick Holt creation?

    Following the success of the lighter than air chassis, this is now surfacing....Nick, one of your ideas? Bwahaha
  5. From KBOE Following Caleb Hammond’s funeral today in Oskaloosa, the hearse carrying his body took five laps around the Southern Iowa Speedway. Caleb, a big racing fan, passed away earlier this week from leukemia. The 11 year old asked those attending the service to wear racing or Green Bay Packer attire. Rest In Peace, Caleb. Gets you right in the feelers
  6. Indy Car and COTA

    No doubt, Rob, no doubt.
  7. You'll have to admit Mike that some of your posts needed a translator....LOL
  8. http://www.journalism.org/2016/01/20/crowdfunded-journalism/
  9. Bristol

    BINGO!.....give that man a cigar... And let us not forget the assinine charter system too....
  10. Bristol

    Rumor has it Truex to JGR....So that's interesting! You're pretty brave leaving Timmy that open-ended question....LOL.....I'm sure he'll find a way to spin it.
  11. Well hell....there goes my raise Seriously there's a couple options I can think of off the top of my head; 1) gofundme or something like that 2) "user" owned...How many regulars posters are there? 100?...three bucks/month, 300?.....a buck/month....Y'all get the math. 3) Where's the head monkey Jason?....Maybe he's flipped enough houses to take back control....It was his dream/idea after all.