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  1. I-37 point standing as of Sept 23

    Chip, It's been that way for several years. Everyone knows the rule going in, no surprises. The benefit is that it gives someone that blows up/breaks in hot laps/heats a chance to stay in the points chase since no "show up" points are given. Not saying that I'm in agreement with it, but it is what it is. They are talking about doing away with the rule next season.
  2. DTK Memorial/Racing for a Cure @ I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions 10/12/19 By JM Hallas Pleasanton, TX(Oct. 12Th, 2019) With the official 2019 points season over, I-37 Speedway hosted a special race, the DTK Memorial/Racing for a Cure. The event had added purse money for racers in the Sport Modified (1500 to win), Pure Stock(1000 to win) and Sport Compact (500 to win) classes. Over 90 cars, in just three classes, showed up for this special event. This is first of a three-race series, the South Texas Bonus, adding extra money to the top 3 Sport Modified drivers in points. The next race is in combination with the Aaron Hudgeons Memorial at Texana Raceway and capped off with the South Texas Shootout at South Texas Speedway. It was a two-fold show with the DTK Memorial portion celebrated the lives of Richard Keylich and Ray Doyon jr. the fathers of the track promoters, and former promoter Frank Torres, father of multi-time track champion Johnny Torres as well as Adam and Allen Torres. All were remembered in a special ceremony before the races. Racing for a Cure was part of Breast Cancer Awareness month with the ladies getting a chance to participate in one of two Powder Puff races. Each racer was entered in honor of someone who was battling or has battled cancer. Donations were part of the selection process to set starting position with proceeds going to cancer research. Between racer donations, fan donations, t-shirt sales, etc., $20,000 was raised for the Cancer Research Foundation. The ladies were split into two classes, to be fair, the experienced ones and novice racers. The experienced group included Caitlin Leonard, Riley Heil, Jennie Barber, Cheyloh Brodnax and Katherine Keylich along with former racers Janel Duncan, Brandy Torres and Bianca Danielson. The novice group were mainly wives, daughters or friends of racers. Whiteaker Whips 'Em After taking some time off for business, kids activities and promoting South Texas Speedway, Steve Whiteaker jr. quickly knocked the rust off and found his rhythm picking up another I-37 Speedway victory in his 1st Class Towing, DS&S Construction, Supreme Vinyl Works, Braka Operating, South Texas Speedway, G&M Oilfield Services, Churches Chicken, Best Racing Engines, Innovative Chassis. At the start of the 24-car, 25-lap Sport Modified feature it was Tracy Denby, from the pole, getting out front of Whiteaker, Talon Minten, Cody Leonard and Chuck Perry. An early spin by Joe Aramendia slowed the pace that saw T. Minten get by Whiteaker on the restart and Perry taking fourth from Leonard. Leonard quickly retook second bringing Jared Maupin along to fifth. This left Perry three wide with Broc Bowen and Allen Torres. Rusty Head and Brian Moczygemba tangled in turn 4 to bring out a lap 8 caution. On the restart the top 4 edged away with Whiteaker getting by T. Minten for second and Leonard following through to third. This left T. Minten, GW Egbert, A. Torres and Maupin battling for fourth. At the crossed flags it was Denby, Whiteaker, Leonard, Maupin and A. Torres sorting out in the top five. Whiteaker began taking a look low on Denby and when Denby made a mistake, Whiteaker pounced on the opening grabbing the point on lap 15. Leonard also picked up spot as Denby left the door open again, while Egbert took fourth from Maupin. Bowen, A. Torres and Broc Bowen tried three wide for sixth. Bowen slid up and knocked A. Torres over the turn 2 hill for a yellow on lap 19 erasing Whiteaker's lead. Back to green it was Whiteaker and Leonard inching ahead while Egbert and Denby were wheel to wheel for third. Egbert finally got the spot, while A. Torres and Maupin were side by side for fifth. In the final laps Whiteaker was able to get a couple car lengths on Leonard and go on to secure the win. “I was trying to get used to the car that first half,” replied Whiteaker. “We tried some things last night in practice. I came just to get some laps since I haven't driven a lot this year. At TMS we found some different stuff that we had JJ Jennings on that I didn't really like. We went back to basics, tried some stuff, and the track was really slick. Those restarts were killing me. Once I settled in and found a rhythm it wasn't too bad.” Any time you see Tracy(Denby) show up you know he's going to be a contender. We've known him for a while and race together really well. You don't have to worry about him running you dirty. He just overshot (turn) 3 and it was prefect timing. I had a good run off (turn) 2 and he missed (turn) 3 and I had to take it. Naturally he tried to close the hole and get the bottom back. I would have too.” “After that late caution I knew if I just parked it around the bottom I would be good. The car rotated really well. There was a segment where I over-drove the entrance trying to see if I could more out of it. Once I slowed back down and kept it straight around the bottom I figured no one could around me.” “So far I'm going to try to run all three of these South Texas Bonus races. With our boys sports and new baby girl I've been enjoying these weeks of not being at the race track as I promote my own. We're headed to Amarillo this coming week to run for that $10,000 to win. Edna(Texana) is only an hour and half away, it's hard to pass that up. I will race my December race. I get tired watching everyone else having fun.”Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 12 Cody Leonard, 717 GW Egbert, 15 Tracy Denby, 94 Allen Torres, bd2 Jared Maupin, 28m Mason Casteneda, 66 Johnny Torres, 184 Brian Rye, 101 Tanner Whitmire, bd3 Eddy Ross, 22m Anthony Gordon, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 03 Marcus Mikulencak, 30 Memphis Villareal, 57 Rowdy Flanagan, 9L David Lege, 55 Rusty Head, 79 Joe Aramendia, L87 Brian Moczygemba, 11t Tom Grothues, 56 Broc Bowen, 115 Chuck Perry, 2 Talon Minten Sport Modified B-main(top 6 to A-main) 184 Brian Rye, 66 Johnny Torres, 9L David Lege, 28m Mason Casteneda, 22m Anthony Gordon, 55 Rusty Head, 57 Rowdy Flanagan, 9 Ray Doyon III, 7d Derrick Gonzalez, 55m Mike Morris, 24 Jim Blevins, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 69t Bruce Tesch, L87 Brian Moczygemba, 24r Robby Minten, 5r Ryan Doyon, 15 Chase Laven Sport Modified LCQ(top 2 to A-main) L87 Brian Moczygemba, 57 Rowdy Flanagan, 7d Derrick Gonzalez, 9 Ray Doyon III, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 55m Mike Morris---dns, 24 Jim Blevins---dns, 69t Bruce Tesch---dns, 24r Robby Minten ---dns, 5r Ryan Doyon---dns, 15 Chase Laven---dns Sport Modified heats(top 4 to A-main) Heat 1; 15x Tracy Denby jr., 12 Cody Leronard, 717 GW Egbert, 03 Marcus Mikulencak, 184 Brian Rye, L87 Brian Moczygemba, 24r Robby Minten, 69t Bruce Tesch, 15 Chase Laven Heat 2 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 79 Joe Aramendia, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, bd3 Eddy Ross, 9L David Lege, 9 Ray Doyon III, 55m Mike Morris, 55 Rusty Head--dns Heat 3;115 Chuck Perry, 56 Broc Bowen, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 30v Memphis Villareal, 7d Derrick Gonzalez, 22m Anthony Gordon, bd4 Cheryl Gray, 24 Jim Blevins Heat 4; 2 Talon Minten, bd2 Jared Maupin, 94 Allen Torres, 11t Tom Grothues, 66 Johnny Torres, 28m Mason Casteneda, 57 Rowdy Flanagan, 5r Ryan Doyon Sewell Fades, Recovers, Secures Win After Tech After narrowing a nearly 50-car field down to the fastest 24, the 20-lap feature took the green. Mickey Helms was first into turn 1 followed by Allen Torres, GW Hessong, Josh Sewell and Chuck Barber. Torres took a look low on Helms while Sewell and Robby Minten were door to door for fifth. Sewell, stuck up top, again lost ground going three wide with GW Egbert and Daniel Waer for seventh. Michael Keylich and Steve Grantz made contact with Grantz slowing and Aaron Leddy spinning to miss Grantz. On the restart Torres and Hessong stayed side by side with Ben Mikulencak making a big charge up top going three wide and making his to the top ten. Torres and Hessong continued tied at the door posts with Mikulencak and Kyle Kirkland now side by side for seventh. Torres finally held off Hessong leaving him now side by side with Egbert for third. Coming to halfway it was Helms, Torres, Egbert, Hessong and Sewell in the top five. Torres took another look low for the lead giving Egbert a run up top on Torres. Sewell used the opportunity to get under Egbert for fourth. A lap 15 caution for debris slowed the action for a five lap shootout with new competitors after Torres and Hessong pulled off. Sewell got a good look on Helms for the lead but it was Egbert sneaking past both for the spot on lap 16. Sewell gave Egbert a little rap on the bumper looking for the lead but a spin by Steven Doty brought out a lap 17 yellow. On the final restart Egbert got away from Sewell with Mikulencak and Kirkland door to door for fourth. Egbert eased a couple car lengths ahead at the checkers, but was unable to pass tech inspection handing the win to Sewell in his 2 Jacks Racing, TTR, K&H Shocks, Continental Batteries, McDonalds Sales and Salvage, Ace Automotive Machine Shop powered homemade chassis. “I've been trying to get a win here since this place opened back up.” said Sewell. “I've had some seconds and thirds, but finally got it done. It was over a DQ, but I'll take anyway. I've had them taken away from me before so I'll definitely take it.” “It's always really close racing with this class. These cars are really close, really tight. We've got some older cats and some young cats in fast equipment. Anytime you get all these guys at one track, it's always hammer down and go time.” “I got hung outside on the start and fell back. I went to turn 1 and it just slid up. I figured out pretty quick it was going to be one groove around on the bottom. I had to wait my turn to get back down there. I fell in line about seventh and just tried to pick them off one at a time.” “I was just trying to give GW(Egbert) a little love tap and say hey I'm back here. Maybe I could get him out of shape and off the bottom to get underneath him. I wasn't going to spin him out or do anything crazy. A little contact never hurt anybody.” All in Designs Pure Stocks 38 Josh Sewell, 174 Mickey Helms, 13m Ben Mikulencak, 21 Kyle Kirkland, 41t Frank Okruhlik, 19b Chuck Barber, 25r Nathan Rachui, 32 Aaron Leddy, 12b Kody Hardage, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 00 Kyle Carter, 51 Daniel Waer, 88 DJ Schroat, 51m Albert Meddillin, 999 Steven Doty, 68 Clint Montanio, 91 Johnny Westfall, 94 Allen Torres, 9 Robby Minten, 747 GW Hessong, 21g Steve Grantz, 49k Michael Keylich, 17e Lynn Fox, 717 GW Egbert---DQ(tech), 48 Robert Kelm—dns, 8c Kevin Sullivan III---dns Pure Stock B-main1(top 4 to A-main) 91 Johnny Westfall, 68 Clint Montanio, 8s Kevin Sullivan III, 12b Kody Hardage, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 75 Jerry Miller, 44k Katherine Keylich, 10c Karaline Campbell, 14 Trey Heald, r92 Robert Keylich, 25t Travis Slavik, 6 Daniel Preston B-main 2; 21 Kyle Kirkland, 48 Robert Kelm, 13m Ben Mikulencak, 41t Frank Okruhlik, 2x Zac Courtney, 32 Aaron Leddy, 48c Cooter Koehne, 15 William Cavender, 44 Cord Beard, 19 Jennie Barber, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 10x Scott Jerkins B-main 3; 25r Nathan Rachui, 21g Steve Grantz, 17f Lynn Fox, 88 DJ Schroat, 30 Riley Heil, 02 Shannon Maurer, 21r Eric Ramos, 22r Ronnie Sparks, 10 Megan LeStourgen, 19m Daniel Miller, 9b Gary Butler--dns Pure Stock heats(top 2 to A-main) Heat 1; 174 Mickey Helms, 9 Robby Minten, 75 Jerry Miller, 25t Travis Slavik, 44k Katherine Keylich, r92 Robert Keylich, 14 Trey Heald, 6 Daniel Preston--dns Heat 2; 38 Josh Sewell, 00 Kyle Carter, 48 Robert Kelm, 21 Kyle Kirkland, 32 Aaron Leddy, 19 Jennie Barber, 41t Frank Okruhlik, 13m Ben Mikulencak Heat 3; 94 Allen Torres, 717 GW Egbert, 10 Megan Lestourgen, 21g Steve Grantz, 25r Nathen Rachui, 17e Lynn Fox, 30 Riley Heil, 22r Ronnie Sparks Heat 4; 747 GW Hessomg, 49k Michael Keylich, 8s Kevin Sullivan III, 91 Johnny; Westfall, 68 Clint Montanio, 10c Karaline Campbell, 12b Kody Hardage Heat 5; 19b Chuck Barber, 51m Albert Medillin, 44 Cord Beard, 2x Zac Courtney, 48c Cooter Koehne, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 15 William Cavender, 10x Scott Jerkins Heat 6; 51 Daniel Waer, 999 Steven Doty, 02 Shannon Maurer, 88 DJ Schroat, 21r Eric Ramos, 19m Daniel Miller, 9b Gary Butler Schoenbaum Sweeps Sport Compact On the initial start of the 20-lap Sport Compact feature it was heat race winner Brian Schoenbaum jumping out front of Roy Easler, Brandon McCall, Justin Sitterle and Adolph Tracy. Contact between Dylan Kowalik. A. Tracy and Daniel Lopez left debris on track. On the next try Schoenbaum again got the point with Easler, McCall, Lopez and Michael Burris sr. now in tow. At halfway Kowalik stopped in turn 3 for a caution, rebunching the field. Back to green it was Schoenbaum and Easler inching away from McCall with a gap back to Burris sr. and Lopez. Schoenbaum increased his margin the final half grabbing the win in his Tracy Rail Service, Phils Motorsports, Central Cedar, Big A's BBQ, B&C Graphics, Twisted Phone, Spillman Excavating, five1seven Designs, Cedar View Homes, B&C Hydrographics, Bonham Recovery, Superior Steering Wheels, KR Promotions, Kernal Lees Kettle Corn, HD Chassis, Chevy Cavalier. “It was a good season,” stated Schoenbaum. “In 24 starts I think I've had 16 or 17 wins, so ya, it was good. I initially started the season in honor of my dad who passed away from lung cancer and then lost my mom. You just keep going to get your mind of that. It's a good cap to the end of it.” “I started running IMCA and those guys are always fast. Coming down here I didn't know what to expect from these guys. I've got an IMCA car running against V-6's and V-tech cars. I guess I surprised them. We started out with around 20 cars and now down to a dozen. I get some guys get burned out, I was lucky and got saved, sort of, by a blown motor and had to sit out a while. I'm just debating what I'm going to do next season.” “When I started running down here, the Tracy family, Tracy Rail Service opened up their shop down here to me, bought the car and kept me in the seat for the rest of the season.” Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts 719 Brian Schoenbaum, 12 Roy Easler jr., 14 Brandon McCall, 18 Michael Burris sr., 29k Dylan Kowalik, 81 Michael Burris jr., 88 Justin Sitterle, 101 Shawn Tracy, 95m Daniel Lopez, 133 Darrell Jones, 01 Adolph Tracy, 42 Lizzy Blackstock---dns Sport Compact heats Heat 1; 719 Brian Schoenbaum, 14 Brandon McCall, 01 Adolph Tracy, 95m Daniel Lopez, 133 Darrell Jones, 81 Michael Burris jr. Heat 2; 12 Roy Easler jr., 88 Justin Sitterle, 29k Dylan Kowalik, 18 Michael Burris sr., 101 Shawn Tracy, 42 Lizzy Blackstock As expected the Power Puff(experienced) race saw the two regular teenage phenoms looking for their first I-37 victory. Riley Heil got the pole by collecting a few hundred more in donations than Caitlin Leonard. At the start the two stayed side by side with Heil edging out Leonard to lead lap 1 trailed by Brianna Witzsche, Brandy Torres and Janel Duncan. Leonard got the top spot on lap 2 with Heil now trying the high side to get back by. Witzsche slipped falling back to fifth while Jennie Barber, who had a hard crash in her own car earlier, was moving forward. Leonard, racing in honor of her mother Brandy, was able to inch away for the win in her CD Electric, K&R, Flanagans Muffler Shop, Ace Transmissions, Mobilease, Chevy. “It was a long night, but glad I got that win,” said Leonard. “I would like to thank K&R (Mike Morris), CD Electric (Bill Pittaway), Flanagan Muffler Shop, Ace Transmission (Lawrence Mikulencak), my family, Mobilease, and also would like to thank everyone that donated towards me and got me to start front row outside! “We ended up with around 50 factory stocks tonight. I started dead last in my heat and made it to 5th and they only took top 2. Then we ran a B-Main and started 6th needed top 4, but ended up 5th. I wanna thank Kevin Leonard Jr. for getting me in the main event. I started 25th and was taking it easy and got up to 10th place. After all of that we still had the power puff race.” Power Puff (experienced) 9c Caitlin Leonard, 30 Riley Heil, 19b Jennie Barber, 41t Brandy Torres, 68 Janel Duncan, 44k Katherine Keylich, 48 Cheyloh Brodnax, 21r Brianna Witzsche, 10 Karaline Campbell, 12b Lisa Brzozowski, 88 Emma Hendricks, 149 Bianca Danielson As green waved on the Powder Puff (novice) Kristi Mair was first off turn two but Julie Workman and Edna Doyon Nurum both went by going three wide. It was J. Workman getting the spot on lap 1. The top four of J. Workman, Narum, Mair and Mary Ann Fowler then pulled away and were quickly in traffic. Narum and J. Workman put a lapped car in the middle going three wide with Narum getting the lead and Mair following to second. Fowler worked her way past J. Workman and then Mair for second. Fowler had just gotten past Narum and got slowed in traffic with Narum going back by. Fowler was able to regain momentum retake the spot as the white flag waved. Narum would spin on the final lap, do a couple 360's, keep the car running and stay in the top four. Coming to the checkers it was Mary Ann Fowler taking the victory in Brandon/Lisa Brzozowskis car “I went into it with low expectations of just finishing the race, having some fun and not wrecking.” said Fowler in her facebook post. “Once that light turned green, I slammed my foot to the floor, my competitive side took over and I had a LOT of FUN.” “I did something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever do, I drove a race car and won. Thank you so much Brandon Brzozowski and Lisa Brzozowski for asking me to race your car and letting me have that amazing experience of an adrenaline rush!” “Thank you Kris Workman for organizing such a fun event. That big $20,000 check I'm holding is the money raised that will be donated to breast cancer research. I had so much fun, thanks again!” Powder Puff(novice) 12b Mary Ann Fowler, 49k Kristi Mair, k13 Julie Workman, 9 Edna Doyon Narum, 19 Jennifer Kidd, 33 Amber Major, 747 Amiee Guerra, 15 Carrie Huschke, 22r Lauren Crow, 56 Kelly Earnhardt, 149 Sheryl Danielson, 41t Hanna Miller---dns, 75 Regan Frautschi---dns Russ Parker Construction Go-Karts Senior: Charles Flanagan, Hanna Miller—dns, Ryker Hernandez--dns Junior; Blaine Markgraf, James Howse, Levi McDonald Youth; Cheston Markgraf, Trinity Tesch--(DQ)tech
  3. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Swenson Racing Products Sport Modifieds 89c Steve Whiteaker jr 12 Cody Leonard 717 GW Egbert 15 Tracy Denby 94 Allen Torres bd2 Jared Maupin 38m Mason Casteneda 66 Johnny Torres 184 Brian Rye 101 Tanner Whitmire bd3 Eddy Ross 22m Anthony Gordon 104 Brandon Brzozowski 03 Marcus Mikulencak 30 Memphis Villareal 57 Rowdy Flanagan 9L David Lege 55 Rusty Head 79 Joe Aramendia L87 Brian Moczygemba 11t Tom Grothues 56 Broc Bowen 115 Chuck Perry 2 Talon Minten
  4. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    All in Designs Pure Stocks 38 Josh Sewell 174 Mickey Helms 13m Ben Mikulencak 21 Kyle Kirkland 41t Frank Okruhlik 19b Chuck Barber 25r Nathan Rachui 32 Aaron Leddy 12b Kody Hardage 9c Caitlin Leonard 00 Kyle Carter 51 Daniel Waer 88 DJ Schroat 51m Albert Meddillin 999 Steven Doty 68 Clint Montanio 91 Johnny Westfall 94 Allen Torres 9 Robby Minten 747 GW Hessong 21g Steve Grantz 49k Michael Keylich 17e Lynn Fox 717 GW Egbert---DQ(tech) 48 Robert Kelm—dns 8c Kevin Sullivan III---dns
  5. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts 719 Brian Schoenbaum 12 Roy Easler jr 14 Brandon McCall 18 Michael Burris sr 29k Dylan Kowalik 81 Michael Burris jr 88 Justin Sitterle 101 Shawn Tracy 95 Daniel Lopez 133 Darrell Jones 01 Adam Tracy 42 Lizzy Blackstock---dns
  6. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Sport Modified B-main 184 Brian Rye 66 Johnny Torres 9L David Lege 28m Mason Casteneda 22m Anthony Gordon 55 Rusty Head 57 Rowdy Flanagan 9 Ray Doyon III 7d Derrick Gonzalez 55m Mike Morris 24 Jom Blevins bd4 Cheryl Gray 69t Bruce Tesch L87 Brian Moczygemba 24r Robby Minten 5r Ryan Doyon 15 Chase Laven
  7. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Pure Stock B-main1 91 Johnny Westfall 68 Clint Montanio 8s Kevin Sullivan III 12b Kody Hardage 9c Caitlin Leonard 75 Jerry Miller 44k Katherine Keylich 10c Karaline Campbell 14 Trey Heald r92 Robert Keylich 25t Travis Slavik 6 Daniel Preston B-main 2 21 Kyle Kirkland 48 Robert Kelm 13m Ben Mikulencak 41t Frank Okruhlik 2xZac Courtney 32 Aaron Leddy 48c Cooter Koehne 15 William Cavender 44 Cord Beard 19 Jennie Barber 58 Cheyloh Brodnax 10x Scott Jerkins B-main 3 25r Nathan Rachui 21g Steve Grantz 17f Lynn Fox 88 DJ Schroat 30 Riley Heil 02 Shannon Maurer 21r Eric Ramos 22r Ronnie Sparks 10 Megan LeSTourgen 19m Daniel Miller 9b Gary Butler--dns
  8. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Sport Modified LCQ(top 2 to A-main) L87 Brian Moczygemba 57 Rowdy Flanagan 7d Derrick Gonzalez 9 Ray Doyon III bd4 Cheryl Gray 55m Mike Morris---dns 24 Jim Blevins---dns 69t Bruce Tesch---dns 24r Robby Minten ---dns 5r Ryan Doyon---dns 15 Chase Laven---dns
  9. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Pure Stock heats Heat 1 174 Mickey Helms 9 Robby Minten 75 Jerry Miller 25t Travis Slavik 44k Katherine Keylich r92 Robert Keylich 14 Trey Heald 6 Daniel Preston--dns Heat 2 38 Josh Sewell 00 Kyle Carter 48 Robert Kelm 21 Kyle Kirkland 32 Aaron Leddy 19 Jennie Barber 41t Frank Okruhlik 13m Ben Mikulencak Heat 3 94 Allen Torres 717 GW Egbert 10 Megan Lestourgen 21g Steve Grantz 25r Nathen Rachui 17e Lynn Fox 30 Riley Heil 22r Ronnie Sparks Heat 4 747 GW Hessomg 49k Michael Keylich 8s Kevin Sullivan III 91 Johnny Westfall 68 Clint Montanio 19c Karaline Campbell 12b Kody Hardage Heat 5 19b Chuck Barber 51m Albert Medillin 44 Cord Beard 2x Zac Courtney 48c Cooter Koehne 58 Cheyloh Brodnax 15 William Cavender 10x Scott Jerkins Heat 6 51 Daniel Waer 999 Steven Doty 02 Shannon Maurer 88 DJ Schroat 21r Eric Ramos 19m Daniel Miller 9b Gary Butler
  10. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    port Modified heats Heat 1 15x Tracy Denby jr 12 Cody Leronard 717 GW Egbert 03 Marcus Mikulencak 184 Brian Rye l87 Brian Moczygemba 24r Robby Minten 69t Bruce Tesch 15 Chase Laven Heat 2 89c Steve Whiteaker jr 79 Joe Aramendia 104 Brandon Brzozowski bd3 Eddy Ross 9L David Lege 9 Ray Doyon III 55m Mike Morris 55 Rusty Head--dns Heat 3 115 Chuck Perry 56 Broc Bowen 101 Tanner Whitmire 30v Memphis Villareal 7d Derrick Gonzalez 22m Anthony Gordon bd4 Cheryl Gray 24 Jim Blevins Heat 4 2 Talon Minten bd2 Jared Maupin 94 Allen Torres 11t Tom Grothues 66 Johnny Torres 28m Mason Casteneda 57 Rowdy Flanagan 5r Ryan Doyon
  11. I-37 speedway updates 10/12/19

    Sport Compact heats Heat 1 719 Brian Schoenbaum 14 Brandon McCall 01 Adolph Tracy 95m Daniel Lopez 133 Darrell Jones 81 Michael Burris jr Heat 2 12 Roy Easler jr 88 Justin Sitterle 29k Dylan Kowalik 18 Michael Burris sr 101 Shawn Tracy 42 Lizzy Blackstock
  12. youth division go kart track champion Cheston Markgraf