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  1. Circuit of The Americas suspends construction in Austin

    http://www.autoweek.com/article/20111116/F...gn=awdailydrive another article
  2. This was certainly brought up several times over by the announcers this past weekend. Tell me SOMEONE has a video of this!
  3. Tubing Bending

    I use a Pro-Tools 105 HD bender and it works great! Its reasonably priced and works like a champ. If I built cages everyday, I'd probably buy a little higher dollar bender. But even when I was building cages once a month, it held up perfect. Pro-tools has the best deal on dies too. Great customer service, american owned and a great price point. Comes with a free die! http://www.pro-tools.com/105.htm Mike Clark is the guy Mark is referring too. His number is 210-842-5669.
  4. News Story to Air on News 8 Austin

    Great video guys/girls!
  5. Congratulations To Megan Smith #07 on her Win!

    This was a great win!!! She came from THE BACK and won this race. I don't know what happened to that kart, but something woke it up! Congrats Megan.
  6. South Texas Racing Community lost a racer yesterday

    Here is John in '02 The longest part of his career was wrenching for the Cole family, with James Cole.
  7. South Texas Racing Community lost a racer yesterday

    John's viewing will be Monday from 6 to 8 pm and the Service will be Tuesday at 11:00 am at Porter Loring, 1604 and Gold Canyon Dr Please send your prayers up for the Nick family, as his wife and daughter struggle with such a sudden, tragic loss.
  8. John Nick of San Antonio TX RIP

    Thank you for the update, I was just about to post it in my other thread I started thursday. Our family would sincerely appreciate all local racer's support.
  9. Yesterday, John Nick (from San Antonio) was working on a large piece of machinery when a malfunction (we can only assume), caused the large bucket to fall on John. Bystanders were not able to free him, due to the large size of the equipment. John passed from his injuries while pinned under the machine. Some of you may remember John Nick from the "glory days" of San Antonio Speedway. He was currently working on a modified to run at Thunderhill raceway. Please keep our family in your prayers today and this weekend, as we deal with the sudden loss. I will update later, once I find out funeral arrangments. Thank you, Robert Yuras Jr.
  10. Congratulations to Lyndon "Captain" Kirk on his win!

    That was a great race. He raced you clean, and deserved the win...but the rules are rules. Funny how we were just talking about DQ'd for weight, huh Mike? Ya'll sure beat the heck out of each other. Mike, you took a shot in turn 3 on the 3rd to last lap that I thought for sure was gonna turn you around.
  11. Helmet Speakers

    you can tell the difference between 5-6 grams (ear buds) and 11 grams (speakers) of weight in your helmet!?!?!? Thats a pretty sensitive noggin you've got there.
  12. Helmet Speakers

    I used them racing karts, they worked fine. You have to run your volume a little higher than ear buds.
  13. 2 x 2 Racing Daytona

    Agreed. I've gotta admit, I've reduced my visitation to the forum signifigantly because I get so tired of reading "I hate Nascar" "the racing is crap" blah blah blah. If the racing is so bad, why do most of you even watch, or comment? Let me ask: What would make it so great, you'd watch every lap and NOT complain? Lets beat that horse to death again. Today I was running down 1604 in San Antonio and got behind a NASCAR caravan of haulers. Pretty cool. 2 CAT team haulers, one Danica Patrick rig, and one Jimmy Johnson rig. I'm always amazed how clean and spotless they are. Sorry budman, didn't get a pic of the Patrick rig. She was about 14 feet tall and looked good as ever.
  14. Looking for experienced race mechanic in Arlington

    As Waco said, Pinnacle does good stuff, he runs with us at NASA and pilot's a few stock cars. If you're going to run NASA, come find me at the next event and I'll help you out. I'm the crew cheif of the silver #32 ST-2 corvette. I'll lend a hand if I'm not burried under our car, which I shouldn't be (fingers crossed). Next event is Cresson, which should be plenty close for you to come out too!
  15. Name change for the NasKarts Racing Series

    Any update on the new site? Can't wait to see the new stuff!