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  1. Are you still looking for a trailer? 


  2. thanks from Raymond

    Getting thrown out in practice is like getting fired on your day off!
  3. Snowball/Snowflake?

    Speed 51 wants to make money on the pay per view.
  4. New Smyrna

    The driver that used his car as a bulldozer was probably Steven Wallace. Saw a picture of his car. There wasn't a straight piece on that car when he finished
  5. If she would have made the race it would have been. She was about 8 miles an hour off pace.
  6. Trailer Inspection

    Without looking it up anything that is capable of carrying more than 4,000 pounds you have to have it inspected. So pretty much any tandem axle trailer
  7. Setup Software

    Good news, I spoke to Tom earlier in the week and he told me that he has his computer back from getting fixed and was going to get on to defend himself. I can only think of a couple of things that took place. #1 He forgot what he did with his computer and it is lost #2 He doesn't remember how to turn on the computer Given his advanced age either one is understandable.
  8. Setup Software

    How dare ya'll make fun of Tom like that! If he remembered how to turn on the computer he would defend himself so I guess I should do it for him. As far as the suspension program is concerned; it was designed for the first IBM computer in the early 80's so I don't think that they have those floppy discs anymore. I'm not going to say that Tom is old, however, he did work on Orville and Wilbur Wright's first airplane. But look at the bright side look of the evolution of change that he has seen...the transitioning from horses to automobiles, steam engines, the Ford assembly lines, the Colt pistol, prohibition. The list goes on and on.
  9. Birthday week

    I for one will never say Tom is old out loud, but the last time I talked to him I had a 10 minute conversation where he told me the same thing twice. But in actuality I hope Tom has a good birthday because there is no one that I enjoy messing with more than him. I just can't wait till he gets his new subscriptions in.
  10. Michael Schumacher was in Switzerland skiing today and had a serious accident. He was flown to a hospital and is currently in a coma.
  11. CoTA fans?

    Most professional sporting venues use the season tickets that are sold for the events to count towards the total numbers and not the actual attendance numbers.
  12. Bernie Eccelestone

    Looks like he's has some explaining to do. It doesn't surprise me with the amount of money that is involved in F-1 racing http://edition.cnn.com/2013/07/17/business...udge/index.html
  13. Can Races be run in 2 Hours?

    Best show that I have evern been to was the IMCA supernationals. They started hot lapping about 5:00pm. Races started at 6:00pm and were over at 2:30am. I dont remember the exact bumber of races but it was 50 heats races that were 10 laps long. 10 B- features and 2 A mains. As soon as one race was taking the checked flag the next race was taking to the track for introductions. They gave them one lap and then started the race. If you spun and caused the yellow to come out in the heat races you were given a black flag and were done for the night. Awesome night of racing.