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  1. brad "CRASH"elowski

    Not if Danica has anything to say about it.
  2. I'm not sure I'd call RAB "low budget". Say what you will about Danica, but Duno was pretty much run out of IndyCar for being an absolute danger on the track to both herself and her competitors; not only cause of her lack of speed, but also her lack of any situational awareness. There's a well known confrontation between her and Danica over the issue, but I figure it might be a bit more credible to some of you if she also got talked to by a future IndyCar champ. And I'm sure others have talked to her over the years as well: Now, before people go off on me about being against female drivers, I'm probably among the few male Danica supporters out there. And personally, I think Johanna Long and Kenzie Ruston are FAR more deserving of a shot in that #29 car than Duno was. Those two are pretty good, the latter's still working her way up, but the former definitely got shafted by being stuck in a truly low budget operation.
  3. Well, that's one guaranteed caution...
  4. There's a slow-mo version of the video going around now. For me it's hard to see anything really because it's so distorted, but in some ways it almost looks like Ward actually tried to grab on to Tony's car. Which is something we've seen others do (one of the many BGS videos comes to mind). If he really did try to grab a hold of that car....I don't even know what to say...
  5. Saw this in another forum. It's a screen capture from Facebook:
  6. Trackchaser's Review of San Antonio Speedway

    Well said Nick. From my first race as a fan back around 2002, I've always wanted to run a Super Late Model out there. I know we don't have those kind of cars running around here anymore, but that kind of speed on that kind of track seems mindblowing. I'm glad to say I got to run some Pro Sedan races there, but my bucket list still contains that one item about turning laps there in one of those 600hp, built-for-left-turns beasts. Anyone know what the current mega-millions jackpot is up to?
  7. 15 yr. old girl dies in first ever race

    Yeah, those little 4 cylinder cars can wreck a lot harder than a lot of people think. Nick pretty much hit the nail on the head. Pretty sad deal, RIP.
  8. jr

    I'll take it over wheelbarrow racing like we had a couple of years ago; and throughout the weekend, it sounded like the drivers felt the same. I liked it from a tactical standpoint. If you weren't the leader, you had to be strategic in timing your runs, making sure you laid back enough to get a run and slingshot by faster than they could pull up or down to block. If you were the leader you had to either block like crazy, or once a guy behind inevitably pulled alongside, you had to work the side draft in a way that it wasn't advantageous to them. Personally, I'd like to see them replicate the 2001 package. Yeah the 500 that year ended badly, but watch the other events like the Shootout, Twin 125s, and the spring Talladega race. That was some crazy racing!
  9. jr

    Haven't been that excited watching a race in a while. Wanted Gordon to win of course, but if not him I was all for Jr. winning it.
  10. Daytona 500 polesitter

    Apparently, Brad K posted this online earlier.
  11. It's Finally Here!

    After years of leaning on iRacing, they have finally unleashed a Super Late Model upon our virtual racetracks. It's going to be one helluva season!
  12. I was really expecting a much bigger deviation in the cars, such as 2008 vs. 2009 cars. I don't know how it'll race, but on paper this is about the worst iteration of a racecar since the original NASCAR COT, IMO.
  13. I preferred single car qualifying, but knockout qualifying in F1 is pretty exciting so there's no reason we can't give it a shot. Honestly, the new rumored points system has a better chance of killing my interest than this.
  14. Off Season

    Only form of racing a college student's budget will allow. I'm getting excited though, next week they'll be releasing a Super Late Model based on a PASS Tour car. That's going to be fun. Would be more fun if we had Kyle, Corpus, Houston and San Antonio on there.
  15. I agree. I'm on my Galaxy Note tablet right now, and every thing looks good and smooth.