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  1. Any word on the number of cars yet?
  2. Best Driver you ever saw (in person)?

    Cal Naughton Jr.
  3. Nascar Website

    It sucks!
  4. HMP 9/17 Modifieds

    97 plans to be there
  5. HMP modifieds

    # 97 pro mod will be there
  6. Daytona

    Was the worse excuse for racing I have ever seen. I hope that is not what Sunday is going to look like. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Daytona on the big screen

    Free entry! Beer and food!. I am in.
  8. I drive my truck around for a while and every once in a while it dies. Even when its moving. I took it to the dealer they said it was a fuse. The check engine light came on and read air intake control. It idles rough as well. Any ideas guys?
  9. Bobby Labonte

    Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Bobby Labonte and Terry Labonte fan. I just dont understand what happens to guys like this when they start heading downhill? Bobby wins the championship for Gibbs and has a great season, Terry wins the championship and has a great season for Hendrick. What happened after that that made their careers not as successful as before? Was it equipment, owners, drivers?I don't understand. I know they arent in equipment this year like they were with Hendrick and Gibbs, but what started it all? These guys are legends, I just want to understand what happens to guys like this? I hope Bobby has a great comeback after he drives the 47 next year. Any opinions out there?
  10. New ride

    New ride
  11. Old article Umscheid.PDF
  12. TIDA Entries 1993

    TMS TIDA 1993 TIDA_Entries.PDF
  13. TMS Program

    See if you recognize any of these names tmsprogram.PDF
  14. Nick, can you tell mw what time it starts. I have to come out now.
  15. Nick, how many cars are there.? I am thinking of driving out.