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  1. Gotta love the rumor mill.

    I heard you were going to let Earl race your car this year since he's awesome and stuff...
  2. Can someone send me Stan's number if they have it? Thanks, Tim
  3. Invert 4-27... is it going to be used?

    Not sure why a track would say how the invert/how many cars would be inverted prior to a race weekend... That would probably just promote sandbagging in the heat races so drivers could start up front. If you are fast enough to pass cars why does it matter? I'm just thankful we have a nice facility to race at. Just my 2 cents...
  4. 2013 PICS

    Probably going to look something like this... #9 Pure Stock for Cotton Bowl Speedway.
  5. Invert

    I think points average makes most sense, but I will be starting scratch voluntarily the first race or two anyways... Hoping to be out in the next few weeks!
  6. 2013 PICS

    I see lots of places for me to put a donut!
  7. Where are all the THR Mini Stocks at?

    I talked to him at the track this last weekend. He didn't say it was for sale, but talked more about having to buy the HANS/Hutchins device to be able to race it.
  8. Where are all the THR Mini Stocks at?

    I know the High 5 is out of commission for now, but not sure on the others...
  9. THR Registered Drivers

    Thanks Deb! I sent you a PM...
  10. I registered during the meeting but my first choice for a number was taken unless the previous driver didn't register by 1/3/2012. Just wondering what my # will actually be so I can get stuff prepared for the upcoming season and see who my competition will be Thanks, Tim
  11. Super Stock #s

  12. Super Stock #s

    I know what # you are after, but I think it's taken...
  13. I know her and the #50 made contact on the last lap, but I don't know if that's the reason or not...
  14. Congratulations Tracy Tschoerner !

    Great job Tracy!
  15. Prayer requested for David Lewien

    Get well soon David. Praying for a quick recovery.