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  1. Pro Truck for Sale

  2. Race ready Pro Truck built by Nasty Race Cars. McGunegill unsealed 602, 3 speed Saginaw, Ford 9” with 5.43 gear, Butlerbuilt race seat, BMF and Earnnest race shocks, new brakes all the way around. Comes with a spare chassis built by Terry James, spare sealed 602 motor, T-10 4 speed with shifter, extra Ford 9” with spare 5.43 chunk, brand new set of 4.71 gears, front end spares (A-arms, spindles, Pitman arm), spare ignition setup, extra rims, and more. 361-461-0662
  3. Parts for Sale

    Updated post
  4. Appleton Rack and Pinion $100 Tote of quick change gears. $200. Ratios vary New Set of 4.10 gears for a 7.5 GM $100 Monte Carlo Nose Screens $20 Generac 8000w generator. $750 Text me at 361-461-0662. Can send pics and answer any questions.
  5. Super stocks @ HMP

    David Webster’s pro stock was always in the top 5 at CTS
  6. Super stocks @ HMP

    Switch it back to CTS rules and see how many show up in July. Simple fix. If none show, that’s your answer
  7. Super stocks @ HMP

    I believe the last year that HMP was open full time, the pro stocks allowed CTS cars to run with them. That didn't stop the pro stocks then, why is it stopping ya'll now? If you want to race, show up. As I have seen the last couple of races, there are 3 street stocks and 6 plus outlaws that have shown up. The pro stocks and regular street stocks will not get their own class, if there are no cars. JMO
  8. Super stocks @ HMP

    They are running CTS rules with slight changes.
  9. Super stocks @ HMP

    If they ran south Alabama speedway rules, the outlaws and street stocks would be able to run together and be competitive. http://www.southalabamaspeedway.com/rules/
  10. 602 crates are the only ones that are able to run the 4 barrel right? Everyone else runs the 4412?
  11. HMP super stocks and factory stocks

    the #80 is not an outlaw stock. it is a street stock with a different body. outlaw stocks are allowed alot more than what that car has
  12. Oh really? Y'all changed the rules a week before the races. And 200 pounds at that!!! Good luck
  13. Texas area Super Stock Race Teams

    Yeah, what he said
  14. HMP race for street stocks

    The rules at south Alabama speedway are the old street stock rules from Pensacola. Maybe we can use those. They have not committed fully to 5 flags
  15. Accident 6/18/16 at Central Texas Speedway

    Bobby Teer Sr, fell and had a compound femur fracture. No one was hit by anything. He has already been through surgery and recovering. Thats the only incident