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  1. Looking for a good powerglide for a street rod. Let me know what y’all got. 361-461-0662. Thanks Matt
  2. ISO nova clip - FOUND ONE!

    I have a nice nova Purestock lol. I’ll let it go cheap
  3. Tote of Quick Change Gears

    There is a lot of different set #s. I am selling all of them together.
  4. I have about 18 sets of quick change gears and an aluminum drain pan. $300. Text me 361-461-0662
  5. Impala Chassis cut down to 108" Newer Style Camaro Fiberglass Body 9" Floater, No Chunk Lower A-Arms, Spindles, Upper A-Arms, Brakes and Steering with Spares 3 Totes of Springs Fuel Cell Saginaw with Mini Clutch and Stock Clutch Full Exhaust Sweet Steering Box Radiator BMF Shocks Fresh Built Motor with 0 Laps on it Possibly have more parts to go with it. Selling aall together. $6500 obo. Text me 361-461-0662. Only reason for selling is I am getting out of the class.
  6. 14 or 15” Butlerbuilt Full Containment Seat for sale. $500. Was Kyle Busch’s old seat. Text me at 361-461-0662. Thanks
  7. Nova Purestock for sale

    Got plenty of spare parts to go with it.
  8. ISO 6.33 gear and Saginaw

    Text me 361-461-0662
  9. Nova Purestock for sale

    $2200 someone come pick this up
  10. Got a nova purestock roller for sale. It has brand new front end parts and steering. It will come with new exhaust manifolds, brand new rims, shifter, driveshaft, seat, and radiator. Needs seat mounted, motor and tranny. Setup for a 3 speed. $2500. 361-461-0662.
  11. I have a Fresh Outlaw/ Limited Late Model motor with 0 laps on it. Built by Robbie Adams. And also a Fresh Street Stock motor with 0 laps on it, also built by Robbie Adams. Text me for details 361-461-0662
  12. Super stocks @ HMP

    David Webster’s pro stock was always in the top 5 at CTS
  13. Super stocks @ HMP

    Switch it back to CTS rules and see how many show up in July. Simple fix. If none show, that’s your answer
  14. Super stocks @ HMP

    I believe the last year that HMP was open full time, the pro stocks allowed CTS cars to run with them. That didn't stop the pro stocks then, why is it stopping ya'll now? If you want to race, show up. As I have seen the last couple of races, there are 3 street stocks and 6 plus outlaws that have shown up. The pro stocks and regular street stocks will not get their own class, if there are no cars. JMO