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  1. And still 3 more heats to go on the non winged 600 mini sprints. Good racing while it lasted hope they come back.
  2. I-37 Speedway live updates 4-22-17

    They had to shorten the race due to two cars rolling over. 1.#77 2.#3 3.#0
  3. Results?

    Any results from last night? no rush.
  4. Rules

    I37 compacts are front wheel drive cars only
  5. 2017

    cperry I raced as much as I could with out any sponsors if we did not race we were in the stands supporting the track that way
  6. 2017

    Bobby now you want to let the 4cyl run with the bomber in 08 you were one of the ones that bitching about them letting some of us run
  7. USMTS FEB 16-18th

    I hope they pick pure stocks and limited modifieds Alway a good show in those classes
  8. Mini Stocks

    I have one that should be out more next year plan on changing out tran and see if that helps it run better

    If you know why just say it looks like it is important to you
  10. This weekend (October 29th weekend)

    I believe all classes this weekend
  11. Bowman-Gray comes to STS!

    What happened didn't make it
  12. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    They said 7:30 is when they start
  13. Tecate Night at STS

    Thanks for the coverage tonight didn't get to make it
  14. Race 8-27-16

    It would be nice to see the llm back at sos