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  1. Mark Martin Pod Cast

    Just learned that Mark Martin has a podcast. Boys you have to check it out. Mark is a smart and bad bad dude.
  2. Don't understand. Guess I missed something
  3. First races you attended?

    1966? If you were seven or eight wouldn't that be more 1920s?.....
  4. Quasi-Live updates from Cotton Bowl Speedway

    Dusty dusty like a dirt fog with chunks. Racing was good though. See ya next weekend.
  5. Concessions

    Is there a concession stand? Beer?
  6. BUDMANS First Win

    3, 2, 1..........Nick!
  7. Shade

    No shade needed. We like our elbow room down there.
  8. Is it possible to change the Racing Poll to something more relevant? Thanks
  9. Best memories at SAS

    Have only been going to SAS for 7 years, but watching Heath Stewart win the 2005 USRA SLM Championship was the most exciting race I have ever seen there.
  10. Is there a dirt track close to Port Isabel? Thanks.
  11. USRA SLM - Casey Smith USRA Mods - Trey Mitchel USRA Trucks - Steve Green TPS - Bryce Dishman SA LM - Jamie Fuller Sportsman - Cary Stapp Road Runner - Gary Chancellor Grand Stock - Johnny Torres
  12. 1) Brandon Bendele 2) JC Umscheid 3) Greg Davidson
  13. Mud Drags

    Does anyone know when and where they run? Website?
  14. "Who Will Win?" Contest Returns to TSZ

    1) Brandon Bendele 2) Chris Davidson 3) T Wade Welch