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  1. Jimmy Owens Claims 2020 GEICO TV Race Challenge Batavia, OH (December 1, 2020) - This year's winner of the GEICO TV Race Challenge on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, had eight wins, 25 top five finishes, and 29 top ten finishes - out of the 38 events included in this point category. The 2020 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Champion, Jimmy Owens of Newport, TN, added a $10,000 bonus to his overall season earnings by winning this point category in 2020. Courtesy of LOLMDS PR "I appreciate the opportunity to earn more money with the GEICO TV Race Challenge. It's a nice bonus at the end of the year," stated this year's National Champion. "I would also like to thank my crew, Cody Mallory, Jeff "Mullett" Strope, and Kurt Owens. I would also like to thank Melissa and Nathan, Leon, Becky, and Dereck Ramirez, Gary Williams, Justin Talley, Chris Fox, and all of my sponsors." Owens' Ramirez Motorsports Rocket Chassis is powered by a Vic Hill Racing Engine and is sponsored by Reece Monument Company, Tommy Pope Construction, Boomtest Well Service, General Tire, Red Line Oil, Ohlins Shocks, Champion Spark Plugs, and Midwest Sheet Metal. The TV Race Challenge awarded points to drivers at the 38 televised events, within the series schedule. Owens will receive a $10,000 bonus for his win in this point category, while Tim McCreadie and Josh Richards, who finished second and third behind Owens, will also receive $2,500 and $1,500 respectively. To learn more about GEICO, visit their website at: www.geico.com. To learn more about the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series visit www.lucasdirt.com. 2020 GEICO TV Race Challenge Events: February 1st - Rhino Ag Super Bowl of Racing presented by General Tire - Golden Isles Speedway - $12,000 - Tim McCreadie February 3rd - 44th Annual Wrisco Winternationals presented by Lucas Oil - East Bay Raceway Park - $5,000 - Devin Moran February 4th - 44th Annual Wrisco Winternationals presented by Lucas Oil - East Bay Raceway Park - $5,000 - Brandon Sheppard February 5th - 44th Annual Wrisco Winternationals presented by Lucas Oil - East Bay Raceway Park - $7,000 - Tim McCreadie February 6th - 44th Annual Wrisco Winternationals presented by Lucas Oil - East Bay Raceway Park - $7,000 - Brandon Sheppard February 7th - 44th Annual Wrisco Winternationals presented by Lucas Oil - East Bay Raceway Park - $12,000 - Mason Zeigler February 8th - 44th Annual Wrisco Winternationals presented by Lucas Oil - East Bay Raceway Park - $12,000 - Brandon Sheppard February 9th - Lucas Oil Winternationals presented by GEICO - All-Tech Raceway - $10,000 - Jonathan Davenport May 19th - Lucas Oil Reopen Tour - Golden Isles Speedway - $7,000 - Jimmy Owens May 20th - Lucas Oil Reopen Tour - Golden Isles Speedway - $7,000 - Kyle Bronson May 21st - Lucas Oil Reopen Tour - Golden Isles Speedway - $7,000 - Josh Richards May 25th - Lucas Oil Reopen Tour - East Bay Raceway Park - $7,000 - Jonathan Davenport May 26th - Lucas Oil Reopen Tour - East Bay Raceway Park - $7,000 - Brandon Overton May 27th - Lucas Oil Reopen Tour - East Bay Raceway Park - $7,000 - Brandon Overton June 12th - 22nd Annual Grassy Smith Memorial - Cherokee Speedway - $12,000 - Ross Bailes June 13th - Mountain Moonshine Classic - Smoky Mountain Speedway - $15,000 - Brandon Overton June 18th - Clash at the Mag presented by Big River Steel - Magnolia Motor Speedway - $5,000 - Bobby Pierce June 19th - Clash at the Mag presented by Big River Steel - $5,000 - Jimmy Owens June 20th - Clash at the Mag presented by Big River Steel - $15,000 - Jimmy Owens July 10th - General Tire Summer Sizzler Nationals presented by E3 Spark Plugs - Florence Speedway - $12,000 - Earl Pearson Jr. July 13th - Truck Country 50 - 300 Raceway - $10,000 - Josh Richards July 17th - NAPA Know How 50 - Tri-City Speedway - $12,000 - Tyler Erb July 18th - 28th Annual Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 - Lucas Oil Speedway - $20,000 - Payton Looney July 19th - 14th Annual Diamond Nationals - Lucas Oil Speedway - $12,000 - Chris Ferguson July 23rd - Dirt Track Bank Go 50 - I-80 Speedway - $12,000 - Jimmy Owens July 24th & 25th - 10th Annual Imperial Tile Silver Dollar Nationals - I-80 Speedway - $53,000 - Brandon Sheppard August 12th - 34th Annual Ralph Latham Memorial - Florence Speedway - $12,000 - Jimmy Owens August 13th - Sunoco North/South Shootout - Florence Speedway - $10,000 - Mike Marlar August 14th & 15th - 38th Annual Sunoco North/South 100 - Florence Speedway - $50,000 - Tim McCreadie August 20th - 28th Annual COMP Cams Topless 100 - Batesville Motor Speedway - $5,000 - Tim McCreadie August 21st - 28th Annual COMP Cams Topless 100 - Batesville Motor Speedway - $5,000 - Jimmy Owens August 22nd - 28th Annual COMP Cams Topless 100 - Batesville Motor Speedway - $40,000 - Jimmy Owens August 27th - The Rumble by the River #1 - Port Royal Speedway - $10,000 - Tim McCreadie August 29th - The Rumble by the River #3 - Port Royal Speedway - $15,000 - Kyle Larson September 17th - Al Belt Custom Homes I-80 Nationals - I-80 Speedway - $7,000 - Kyle Strickler September 18th - Al Belt Custom Homes I-80 Nationals - I-80 Speedway - $7,000 - Jimmy Owens September 19th - Al Belt Custom Homes I-80 Nationals - I-80 Speedway - $30,000 - Tim McCreadie October 16th & 17th - 40th Annual General Tire Dirt Track World Championship presented by Optima Batteries - Portsmouth Raceway Park - $100,000 - Brandon Sheppard About GEICO - The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is an American auto insurance company with headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland is the second largest auto insurer in the United States. GEICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that provides coverage for more than 24 million motor vehicles owned by more than 15 million policy holders. GEICO writes private passenger automobile insurance in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. For more information, go to www.geico.com. Lucas Oil Championship Points: Pos Car # Competitor Hometown Points Pay 1 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN 7940 $280,950 2 39 Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY 7560 $249,200 3 49 Jonathan Davenport Blairsville, GA 7375 $145,320 4 14 Josh Richards Shinnston, WV 7295 $144,460 5 1T Tyler Erb New Waverly, TX 7110 $125,814 6 25 Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA 6780 $103,450 7 40B Kyle Bronson Brandon, FL 6690 $97,015 8 9 Devin Moran Dresden, OH 6690 $96,940 9 81E Tanner English Benton, KY 6455 $71,755 10 1 Earl Pearson Jr Jacksonville, FL 6390 $108,525 11 21 Billy Moyer Jr Batesville, AR 6375 $86,355 12 16 Tyler Bruening Decorah, IA 5650 $47,275 13 71 Hudson O'Neal Martinsville, IN 5505 $60,930 14 2s Stormy Scott Las Cruces, NM 5375 $40,145
  2. - Limited Mods and USRA Factory Stocks December 3rd-5th at South Texas Speedway.- Topless Limited Mods $5,000 to Win- USRA Factory Stocks $3,000 to Win Practice 12/3 Qualifier 12/4 Championships 12/5 Get Registered Now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/120414997499#DecemberToRemember #XR
  3. Kyle Larson Sweeps The ASCS Southwest Copper Classic by Bryan Hulbert QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (November 28, 2020) Making it an unprecedented 45 wins on the 2020 season, California’s Kyle Larson made it a weekend sweep with the ASCS Southwest Region in the fifth running of the Copper Classic at Arizona Speedway. Through the first two turns, Rico Abreu ripped the cushion to the race lead with Hickle and Larson giving chase. Into traffic quickly, Rico continued to hold with Hickle staying within striking distance. Getting the run on Lap 7, Hickle took the point down the backstretch, but could not hold the position as Rico reclaimed the race lead. Falling to third soon after as Kyle Larson worked by, the No. 57 was in hot pursuit of Rico. To the bottom of the Speedway as the race neared the half-way point, Larson was denied the advance. Getting the rubber band wound up two laps later, Larson again shot the hub with Abreu again keeping Larson at bay. Side by side on Lap 18, Larson took the lead, but the move would not count as the caution put the No. 24 back atop the leaderboard. Keeping pace in clean air, Rico pounded the cushion with Larson running in his tire tracks while the battle for third saw Macedo take it away from Hickle. Starting to find the back of the field again, a mistake by Rico with eight laps to go was just enough for Larson to steal the lead. Pulling away through the closing laps, Larson crossed with 2.584-seconds to spare. Taking away second in the closing laps, Carson Macedo crossed ahead of Rico Abreu for the California podium sweep. Washington’s J.J. Hickle grabbed fourth with Missouri’s Garet Williamson completing the top five. Buddy Kofoid crossed sixth with Colton Hardy seventh. Justin Sanders was eighth with Chase Majdic making up nine spots to ninth. Devon Borden completed the top ten. The 2021 event lineup for the ASCS Southwest Region is in the works and will be announced in the coming months. Through everything that has transpired in 2020, officials with the American Sprint Car Series cannot thank enough everyone who has continued to support Sprint Car racing in the Southwest. For other news, notes, and information on the American Sprint Car Series, from the National Tour to any of the nine Regional Tours that make up ASCS Nation in 2020, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com, follow on Facebook, on Instagram, and Twitter (@LucasOilASCS). Race Results: ASCS Southwest Region Arizona Speedway (Queen Creek, Ariz.) 5th annual Copper Classic (Night 2) Saturday, November 28, 2020 Car Count: 55 Heat Races (Top 30 in passing points advance to the Qualifiers) Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 2XM-Max Mittry[1]; 2. 5H-Michael Faccinto[3]; 3. 56-Sammy Swindell[10]; 4. 16A-Justin Sanders[6]; 5. 4-Logan Calderwood[4]; 6. 9R-Reece Goetz[9]; 7. 46JR-Joel Myers Jr[7]; 8. 2B-Billy Chester III[8]; 9. 50S-Rocky Silva[2]; 10. 67-Brian Thomas[5] Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 5T-Ryan Timms[2]; 2. 7-Gary Taylor[1]; 3. 13-Tim Kaeding[6]; 4. 19A-Buddy Kofoid[5]; 5. 19-Colby Thornhill[8]; 6. 01-Mitchel Moles[3]; 7. 115-Nick Parker[7]; 8. 38B-Blake Carrick[9]; 9. 18-Lorne Wofford[4] Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 1-Dylan Harris[1]; 2. 8-Devon Borden[3]; 3. 7Z-Zane Blanchard[5]; 4. 5C-Colby Copeland[8]; 5. 1B-Brenham Crouch[9]; 6. 5V-Kalib Henry[7]; 7. 131-Royal Jones[6]; 8. 47-Charles Davis Jr[2]; 9. 22B-Jesse Baker[4] Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 24-Rico Abreu[1]; 2. 83T-Tanner Carrick[2]; 3. 2X-Chase Majdic[3]; 4. 01X-John Carney[8]; 5. 20G-Noah Gass[7]; 6. 1X-Robbie Price[9]; 7. 7K-Mason Keefer[5]; 8. 12JG-Josh Grady[6]; 9. 14-Cody Sickles[4] Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 41-Colton Hardy[1]; 2. 57-Kyle Larson[6]; 3. 29-Jeff Oliver[9]; 4. 17C-Chris Bullock[3]; 5. 12J-John Clark[8]; 6. 5K-Patrick Krob[2]; 7. 14T-Tim Estenson[5]; 8. 2-Alex Pettas[7]; 9. 40X-Mike Archuleta[4] Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. 88N-DJ Netto[2]; 2. 63-JJ Hickle[4]; 3. 19AZ-Spencer Bayston[8]; 4. 24W-Garet Williamson[9]; 5. 21-Carson Macedo[7]; 6. 9-Dustin Freitas[3]; 7. 6-Jett Carney[1]; 8. 3V-Jim Vanzant[6]; 9. 91-Chase Goetz[5] Qualifiers (Top 16 in combined passing points advance to the A-Feature) Qualifier 1 (10 Laps): 1. 41-Colton Hardy[2]; 2. 24W-Garet Williamson[4]; 3. 21-Carson Macedo[10]; 4. 5H-Michael Faccinto[1]; 5. 16A-Justin Sanders[8]; 6. 19AZ-Spencer Bayston[5]; 7. 2X-Chase Majdic[9]; 8. 56-Sammy Swindell[6]; 9. 83T-Tanner Carrick[7]; 10. 2XM-Max Mittry[3] Qualifier 2 (10 Laps): 1. 8-Devon Borden[1]; 2. 63-JJ Hickle[4]; 3. 19A-Buddy Kofoid[9]; 4. 5T-Ryan Timms[5]; 5. 1B-Brenham Crouch[7]; 6. 5C-Colby Copeland[2]; 7. 29-Jeff Oliver[6]; 8. 19-Colby Thornhill[8]; 9. 9R-Reece Goetz[10]; 10. 1-Dylan Harris[3] Qualifier 3 (10 Laps): 1. 24-Rico Abreu[3]; 2. 57-Kyle Larson[4]; 3. 13-Tim Kaeding[2]; 4. 88N-DJ Netto[5]; 5. 1X-Robbie Price[8]; 6. 7Z-Zane Blanchard[1]; 7. 7-Gary Taylor[7]; 8. 20G-Noah Gass[9]; 9. 12J-John Clark[6]; 10. 01X-John Carney[10] B-Features (Top 4 from each advance to the A-Feature) B Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 56-Sammy Swindell[1]; 2. 5V-Kalib Henry[7]; 3. 5C-Colby Copeland[2]; 4. 20G-Noah Gass[4]; 5. 91-Chase Goetz[15]; 6. 46JR-Joel Myers Jr[9]; 7. 9-Dustin Freitas[8]; 8. 1-Dylan Harris[5]; 9. 2B-Billy Chester III[12]; 10. 6-Jett Carney[13]; 11. 17C-Chris Bullock[6]; 12. 22B-Jesse Baker[16]; 13. 131-Royal Jones[10]; 14. 3V-Jim Vanzant[14]; 15. 7K-Mason Keefer[11]; 16. (DNF) 7Z-Zane Blanchard[3]; 17. (DNF) 67-Brian Thomas[17]; 18. (DNS) 01X-John Carney; 19. (DNS) 9R-Reece Goetz; 20. (DNS) 40X-Mike Archuleta B Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. 2X-Chase Majdic[2]; 2. 1X-Robbie Price[1]; 3. 83T-Tanner Carrick[5]; 4. 01-Mitchel Moles[9]; 5. 38B-Blake Carrick[12]; 6. 2XM-Max Mittry[6]; 7. 12J-John Clark[7]; 8. 2-Alex Pettas[14]; 9. 4-Logan Calderwood[8]; 10. 18-Lorne Wofford[17]; 11. 5K-Patrick Krob[10]; 12. 50S-Rocky Silva[19]; 13. 12JG-Josh Grady[15]; 14. (DNF) 14T-Tim Estenson[13]; 15. (DNF) 7-Gary Taylor[3]; 16. (DNF) 115-Nick Parker[11]; 17. (DNF) 47-Charles Davis Jr[16]; 18. (DNF) 14-Cody Sickles[18]; 19. (DNF) 19-Colby Thornhill[4] A-Feature A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 57-Kyle Larson[3]; 2. 21-Carson Macedo[6]; 3. 24-Rico Abreu[2]; 4. 63-JJ Hickle[1]; 5. 24W-Garet Williamson[4]; 6. 19A-Buddy Kofoid[8]; 7. 41-Colton Hardy[5]; 8. 16A-Justin Sanders[12]; 9. 2X-Chase Majdic[18]; 10. 8-Devon Borden[7]; 11. 19AZ-Spencer Bayston[13]; 12. 5V-Kalib Henry[19]; 13. 88N-DJ Netto[10]; 14. 56-Sammy Swindell[17]; 15. 5T-Ryan Timms[9]; 16. 5C-Colby Copeland[21]; 17. 01-Mitchel Moles[24]; 18. 1B-Brenham Crouch[14]; 19. 20G-Noah Gass[23]; 20. 13-Tim Kaeding[11]; 21. 83T-Tanner Carrick[22]; 22. 29-Jeff Oliver[16]; 23. 5H-Michael Faccinto[15]; 24. 1X-Robbie Price[20]
  4. 2021 SCHEDULE: Huge Payouts, New Venues, Iconic Events Highlight 2021 World of Outlaws Season - WoO NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars will tour more than half of the US in its 90-plus race schedule CONCORD, NC — Nov. 25, 2021 — The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series is bringing a 90-plus schedule across 27 states with game-changing purses at stake in 2021. Key to next season is the revitalization of a full slate of crown jewel events, including the 60th NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals with a potential $200,000 to the winner; TWO Kings Royals each paying $175,000 to win from an $800,000 purse; an additional $100,000 on the line for the Jackson Nationals if the same driver wins the Huset’s 50 ahead of Jackson; and the historic Williams Grove National Open with $75,000 to the winner from an enhanced payout through the field. “We have set the stage for an incredible 2021 season,” World of Outlaws CEO Brian Carter said. “The teams will be racing for unprecedented purses in the recent history of the sport, we’ll be back to racing coast-to-coast, celebrating the 50th annual DIRTcar Nationals, the 60th annual Knoxville Nationals, two Kings Royals, a stellar Jackson Nationals with big-money incentives, and we still have a few more surprises to reveal this winter. We’re definitely looking forward to kicking off a huge new season in February.” The Series will make its inaugural appearances at four tracks in 2021 and return to several iconic venues in the upcoming epic new season, which will kick off Feb. 5-7 at Volusia Speedway Park in Barberville, FL for the 50th DIRTcar Nationals, and run into November when it wraps up with the championship-crowning Can-Am World Finals Nov. 4-6 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. “The COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on our initial 2020 plans, but I think we’ve put together an exciting 2021 schedule that brings the Series back to its roots of a long season spanning across the country,” World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Director Carlton Reimers said. “Several new tracks have been added this year that should please drivers and fans alike, along with fan-favorites still in place.” WHAT’S NEW Magnolia Motor Speedway (Fri., Feb. 19) – For the first time since 2011, the World of Outlaws will make its return to Mississippi with its debut at Magnolia Motor Speedway. The 3/8-mile track in Columbus, MS, opened in 2004 and has hosted several Sprint Car and Late Model events since, but will be graced by the World of Outlaws for the first time in 2021. “We’re looking forward to having the World of Outlaws race at the speedway and make their return to Mississippi,” Magnolia Motor Speedway Promoter Johnny Stokes said. “It should be a pretty good show here.” Revolution Park Speedway (Sat., Feb. 20) – The World of Outlaws will return to Louisiana for the first time since 2004 with its debut at Revolution Park Speedway. The 3/8-mile track is asphalt but will have dirt put down on it for the event, which it did for a Late Model event this year. Vado Speedway Park (Fri.-Sat., April 9-10) – The newly constructed multi-million-dollar state-of-the-art Vado Speedway Park in Vado, NM, will host its inaugural World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car doubleheader in April. The 3/8-mile track is located off Interstate 10 between Las Cruces, NM, and El Paso, TX. It features paved fan parking, a concrete midway, concrete pit pads and stadium quality suites. I-70 Speedway (Fri.-Sat., April 30-May 1) – While the World of Outlaws visited I-70 Speedway in the 1980s, when the Series returns to the Odessa, MO, facility this year it will be an entirely new 3/8-mile track. It closed in 2008, but was purchased by Chris Payne, who revamped Heartland Motorsports Park in Kansas. He has turned the facility into a state-of-the-art motorsport park with the new dirt track and a dragway. WHAT’S RETURNING Dixie Speedway (Fri., Feb. 12) – Instead of taking a few weeks off after the season opening DIRTcar Nationals, the World of Outlaws will hit the road and make its return to the 3/8-mile Dixie Speedway in Georgia. The Series has made three previous appearances at the track, with the last coming in 2007. Mark Kinser won the first two events in 1999 and Joey Saldana won the last. Talladega Short Track (Sat., Feb. 13) – After stopping in Georgia, the World of Outlaws will make its return to Alabama the following day at the Talladega Short Track. The Series last visited the 1/3-mile track in 2011, which saw David Gravel pick up his first career victory. There have been seven different winners in the Series’ 11 appearances at the track. “Talladega Short Track was a blast back when I was there and I’m excited to get back,” Gravel said. West Coast Swings (March 4-April 10 & Sept. 3-Sept. 18) – After missing out on a West Coast Swing last year, the Series has Spring and Fall swings planned, featuring the return of several exciting venues. The Spring swing will kick off Thursday, March 4, at The Dirt Track at Las Vegas before going to Arizona Speedway the following weekend and then to California. The California tour will include the Series’ return to Santa Maria Raceway for the first time in 21 years and its return to Merced Speedway for the first time since 2014. The Spring swing will then conclude at Vado Speedway Park. The Fall swing begins in Washington, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 3-4, at Skagit Speedway and stays in Washington on Monday, Sept. 6, at Grays Harbor Raceway before returning to California for the Friday and Saturday, Sept. 10-11, Gold Cup at Silver Dollar Speedway. The Fall swing will then conclude the following weekend Friday, Sept. 17, at Keller Auto Speedway and Saturday, Sept. 18, at Placerville Speedway. “I’m really excited we’re heading back to Placerville,” two-time and defending World of Outlaws champion Brad Sweet said. “It’s my home track and I missed not being able to race in California this year in front of all my friends and family. It just didn’t feel like a real Outlaw schedule without the West Coast Swings.” Sharon Speedway (Sat., May 22) – For the first time since 2016 the World of Outlaws will feature three Ohio tracks on the schedule with the addition of Sharon Speedway in 2021. The 3/8-mile track in Hartford, OH has hosted nine Series races in the past with the last event taking place in 2007. None of the current full-time drivers have won a Series race at Sharon. New York Tour (Fri.-Sat., July 30-31) – COVID-19 canceled all plans of racing in New York in 2020, but the World of Outlaws will look to venture North again in 2021 for a doubleheader weekend. For the first time since 2018, on Friday, July 30, the Series plans to return to Ransomville Speedway and then on Saturday, July 31, to Weedsport Speedway. Crown Jewels – The Jackson Nationals, NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals, Kings Royal and Williams Grove National Open return in 2021 as cornerstone events on the schedule. There will be an additional $100,000 on the line for the Jackson Nationals if a driver can win the finale of the Huset’s 50 – taking place a day ahead of the Nationals – and win the Nationals finale. Also, the 60th NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals will pay a potential $200,000 to the winner with each lap paying $1,000 to the driver that leads it. Finally, as released earlier, the 2021 schedule will also feature the Series’ increased purse, which will pay at least $10,000 to the winner each event. (RELATED: PAYING UP: World of Outlaws Increase Sprint Car Purses, Points Fund For 2021) Tickets for all events will be available at WorldofOutlaws.com/tix. If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch every race live on DIRTVision. 2021 SCHEDULE Fri.-Sun., Feb. 5-7 – Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL Fri., Feb. 12 – Dixie Speedway – Woodstock, GA Sat., Feb. 13 – Talladega Short Track – Eastaboga, AL Fri., Feb. 19 – Magnolia Motor Speedway – Columbus, MS Sat., Feb. 20 – Revolution Park Speedway – Monroe, LA Fri.-Sat., Feb. 26-27 – Cotton Bowl Speedway – Paige, TX Thurs., March 4 – The Dirt Track at Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV Fri.-Sat., March 12-13 – Arizona Speedway – San Tan Valley, AZ Sat., March 20 – Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA Sun., March 21 – TBA Fri.-Sat., March 26-27 – Thunderbowl Raceway – Tulare, CA Fri., April 2 – Merced Speedway – Merced, CA Sat., April 3 – Ocean Speedway – Watsonville, CA Fri.-Sat., April 9-10 – Vado Speedway Park – Vado, NM Fri., April 16 – Lawton Speedway – Lawton, OK Sat., April 17 – Devil’s Bowl Speedway – Mesquite, TX Fri., April 23 – TBA Sat., April 24 – TBA Thurs., April 29 – Jacksonville Speedway – Jacksonville, IL Fri.-Sat., April 30-May 1 – I-70 Speedway – Odessa, MO Fri.-Sat., May 7-8 – Eldora Speedway – Rossburg, OH Wed., May 12 – Lincoln Speedway – Abbottstown, PA Fri.-Sat., May 14-15 – Williams Grove Speedway – Mechanicsburg, PA Tues., May 18 – Bridgeport Speedway – Swedesboro, NJ Fri., May 21 – Attica Raceway Park – Attica, OH Sat., May 22 – Sharon Speedway – Hartford, OH Fri., May 28 – Terre Haute Action Track – Terre Haute, IN Mon., May 31 – Lawrenceburg Speedway – Lawrenceburg. IN Fri., June 4 – River Cities Speedway – Grand Forks, ND Sat., June 5 – Granite City Speedway – Sauk Rapids, MN Fri.-Sat., June 11-12 – Knoxville Raceway – Knoxville, IA Thurs., June 17 – 34 Raceway – West Burlington, IA Fri., June 18 – Dubuque Speedway – Dubuque, IA Sat., June 19 – Beaver Dam Raceway – Beaver Dam, WI Mon.-Tues., June 21-22 – Huset’s Speedway – Brandon, SD Thurs.-Sat., June 24-26 – Jackson Motorplex – Jackson, MN Fri.-Sat., July 2-3 – Cedar Lake Speedway – New Richmond, WI Sat., July 10 – Wilmot Raceway – Wilmot, WI Tues., July 13 – Attica Raceway Park – Attica, OH Wed.-Sat., July 14-17 – Eldora Speedway – Rossburg, OH Tues., July 20 – Lernerville Speedway – Sarver, PA Fri.-Sat., July 23-24 – Williams Grove Speedway – Mechanicsburg, PA Fri., July 30 – Ransomville Speedway – Ransomville, NY Sat., July 31 – Weedsport Speedway – Weedsport, NY Fri.-Sat., Aug. 6-7 – Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 – Pevely, MO Wed.-Sat., Aug. 11-14 – Knoxville Raceway – Knoxville, IA Fri., Aug. 20 – River Cities Speedway – Grand Forks, ND Sat., Aug. 21 – Red River Valley Speedway – West Fargo, ND Sun., Aug. 22 – Huset’s Speedway – Brandon, SD Fri., Aug. 27 – I-80 Speedway – Greenwood, NE Sun., Aug. 29 – Black Hills Speedway – Rapid City, SD Fri.-Sat., Sept. 3-4 – Skagit Speedway – Alger, WA Mon., Sept. 6 – Grays Harbor Raceway – Elma, WA Fri.-Sat., Sept. 10-11 – Silver Dollar Speedway – Chico, CA Fri., Sept. 17 – Keller Auto Speedway – Hanford, CA Sat., Sept. 18 – Placerville Speedway – Placerville, CA Fri., Sept. 24 – Eldora Speedway – Rossburg, OH Sat., Sept. 25 – Lernerville Speedway – Sarver, PA Fri.-Sat., Oct. 1-2 – Williams Grove Speedway – Mechanicsburg, PA Fri.-Sat., Oct. 8-9 – Port Royal Speedway – Port Royal, PA Fri., Oct. 15 – TBA Sat., Oct. 16 – TBA Fri., Oct. 22 – Lakeside Speedway – Kansas City, KS Sat., Oct. 23 – TBA Fri., Oct. 29 – TBA Sat., Oct. 30 – TBA Thurs.-Sat., Nov. 4-6 – The Dirt Track at Charlotte – Concord, NC
  5. USMTS forced to cancel annual awards banquetWEBSTER CITY, Iowa (November 23)—Due to ongoing restrictions related to COVID-19 imposed by governing officials, a USMTS awards banquet to celebrate the 2020 racing season will not take place.“We waited as long as we could to see how this pandemic would play out,” said USMTS president Todd Staley. “Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to host a large get-together this year.”Alternatively, the plan from USMTS officials calls for other ways to recognize those drivers, crew members and sponsors who made the 2020 season an exciting and successful one against all odds.Among other things, the USMTS—along with their partners at RacinDirt.com—will produce videos highlighting each driver who finished in the top 10 in the final points standings of the Summit USMTS National Championship fueled by Casey’s.That list includes Rodney Sanders, Dereck Ramirez, Jason Hughes, Zack VanderBeek, Terry Phillips, Tyler Davis, Tanner Mullens, Casey Skyberg, Joe Duvall and Adam Kates.While Sanders captured his fourth USMTS crown, Mullens earned the Grant Junghans Rookie of the Year Award. Sanders also claimed the season-long FK Rod Ends Hard Charger Award.Another four-time titlist, Jason Hughes thwarted Sanders’ sweep of the special awards by nailing down the overall Eibach Spring Forward Award.For the second straight season, Sanders also helped carry Hatfield Racing Engines to the USMTS Engine Builder of the Year Award and MB Customs Race Cars to another Manufacturers Championship.Live interviews, feature articles and photo galleries celebrating the 2020 campaign are among the items that USMTS fans can look forward to over the next couple of months at USMTS.com and on the organizations social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Keep up to speed by joining the USMTS email list
  6. 2020 Clash at Texana Huge success!

    Wish I could have gone to this one.
  7. CBS Sports Network Set to Showcase World of Outlaws, Super DIRTcar Series - Hour-long programs will be broadcast every Sunday on CBS Sports Network for the remainder of 2020 CONCORD, N.C. – Nov. 18, 2020 – Not ready to let go of the 2020 World of Outlaws and Super DIRTcar Series seasons? CBS Sports Network will be your source for reliving some of the biggest races of the year each weekend. The network will once again broadcast World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car, World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model and Super DIRTcar Series events from this season every Sunday at 7pm (ET) until the end of the year. “We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with CBS Sports Network and showcase the year’s best races on national television,” World of Outlaws and DIRTcar CEO Brian Carter said. “This has been a crazy season, but it’s produced phenomenal racing, which fans will get to relive every Sunday.” Fans will be treated to an assortment of thrilling races between the three top dirt racing series. Among them include the prestigious National Open at Williams Grove Speedway, where 10-time Series champion Donny Schatz won a historic sixth National Open title; the spectacular OktoberFAST finale at Weedsport Speedway, where Max McLaughlin earned an emotional first career win; the Late Model Firecracker event at Lernerville Speedway, Sprint Cars at Kokomo Speedway and the season finale for the Late Models and Sprint Cars at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. Along with the races, CBS Sports Network will also broadcast the Return to Racing documentary on Nov. 29, showing how the World of Outlaws made its return to racing during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. SCHEDULE Sunday, November 22 – National Open Prelim at Williams Grove Speedway – 7pm Sunday, November 22 – National Open Finale at Williams Grove Speedway – 7:30pm November 29 – Return to Racing documentary – 7pm December 6 – OktoberFAST Finale at Weedsport Speedway – 7pm December 13 – World of Outlaws Late Model Firecracker at Lernerville Speedway – 7pm December 13 – World of Outlaws Sprint Cars at Kokomo Speedway – 7:30pm December 20 – World of Outlaws Last Call Late Model Opening Night – 7pm December 20 – World of Outlaws Last Call Late Model Finale – 7:30pm December 27 – World of Outlaws Last Call Sprint Cars Finale – 7pm December 27 – World of Outlaws Sprint Car 2020 Highlights – 7:30pm
  8. TULSA, Okla. (November 17, 2020) In order to be as informative and transparent as possible, below are the guidelines for the 2021 Chili Bowl Nationals as recommended by the Tulsa Health Department. A special thanks goes out to our event sponsors because, without their continued support, the 2021 would not happen. Again, we thank you. COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATION Clearly communicate and educate employees, vendors and event guests through marketing elements on the following, but not limited to: Signage (sample graphics included), Website (chilibowl.com), Social Media and Building Announcements. Employees will be required to review this document and be knowledgeable of the content provided herein. PHYSICAL DISTANCING Facility will utilize signage and messaging to encourage individuals to follow public health guidance of maintaining at least six feet, whenever possible, to the person closest to them. INCREASED HYGIENE ACCESSIBILITY Stations with either soap and water or sanitizer, containing at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol, will be provided at all points of ingress and other well-marked areas throughout the venue. Supervisors will regularly confirm there are adequate supplies. MASKS AND FACE COVERINGS Mask guidelines will be followed as defined by the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Ordinance Number 24408. Drivers will not be required to wear a mask during competition as they will be wearing a helmet and fire protection equipment. When visitors are actively eating or drinking, or at a distanced table designated for eating and drinking, masks may be removed, otherwise masks must be worn at all times while in attendance. AISLE AND ENTRANCE MODIFICATIONS The interior layout will have wide aisles to promote physical distancing and allow space to safely move throughout the facility. The center aisle is 42ft wide. The main lobby entrance will separate ingress/egress to allow for physical distancing. MONITORING OF HUMAN HEALTH The Chili Bowl will implement and follow all CDC and THD guidelines. Individuals should not attend The Chili Bowl if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms within the last 14 days, have a fever or are immunocompromised. Daily temperature checks prior to arrival each day will be encouraged. Guidelines To Entry TEMPERATURE CHECK POINT All employees, participants and attendees will be tested for elevated body temperature. Any person with a body temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be detained and given a second temperature test utilizing a different thermometer. If the second test shows an elevated body temperature, they will not be permitted to enter and immediately requested to leave the property. Anyone refusing temperature check will be denied entry. ESTIMATED INDOOR CAPACITIES Utilizing 36 Sq. Ft. Per Person (Rounded Down to Nearest 100) Square Footage in Pit Area is 249,928sq. ft.; with an estimated capacity of 6,900 when allowing 36sq. ft. per person. Seating and General Admission/Pit Pass Sales SPECTATOR AND FAMILY HEALTH The Chili Bowl will be live streamed to provide distance viewing and reduce / limit amount of physical attendees. PIT PASSES Pit Passes will be limited to the following: Participant and Crew Team (remain in their dedicated work space) 750 Public Pit Passes Per Day. Square Footage in Pit Area is 249,928sq. ft.; with an estimated capacity of 6,900 when allowing 36sq. ft. per person. All Pit Crew / Car Service Areas will be required to maintain a clean and sanitized area; monitored on a regular basis. BLEACHER SEATING Reserved general bleacher seating tickets have been reduced to a 25% capacity of a normal year. CLEANING Staff will enhance cleaning / sanitizing of common contact points. RESTROOMS Increased cleaning and sanitizing will take place on a regular basis. WATER FOUNTAINS Access to water fountains will remain closed. TICKET OPERATION Sellers will have a plexiglass barrier at point of sale. TICKET TAKERS All ticket takers will be required to wear a mask and encouraged to wear gloves. RESPONDING TO CONFIMRED COVID-19 CASES RESPONDING TO CONFIRMED CASES OF COVID-19 If an employee or participant is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, their supervisor should immediately notify Chili Bowl Management; Management will work with Tulsa Health Department to execute the appropriate steps. Workers must notify their supervisor and stay home from work if they have symptoms of acute respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19 – such as fever, cough, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or shortness of breath – that is not explained by another medical or allergic condition. SYMPTOMATIC WORKERS If a worker exhibits symptoms of acute respiratory illness upon arrival to work, or becomes sick during the day, their supervisor must separate them from other workers and patrons and send them home or to a designated isolation area immediately if they are not able to go home at that time. Isolation areas include the following: West Event Conference Room In the event an employee is isolated in any area with symptoms; the area will be disinfected immediately prior to any future utilization. DOCUMENTATION The supervisor should document the circumstances of the worker’s illness to help with contact tracing, as applicable. CONTACT WITH COVID-19 POSITIVE OR SYMPTOMATIC INDIVIDUALS Because one can carry COVID-19 with no symptoms at all, anyone who has been in close contact with a person known to have had the virus, or whose family or friends show signs of exposure, should behave as if they are infected, isolate themselves, and contact their physician. RETURNING TO WORK Workers with symptoms of acute respiratory illness associated with COVID-19 may return to work after (a) home isolation for 14 days since their first symptoms or positive test, and (b) medical authorization. RESPONDING TO CONFIRMED CASES OF COVID-19 If a worker is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, their supervisor should immediately: Determine what areas of the venue were visited, used, or impacted by the infected worker (the “Impacted Areas”). Assess whether the worker’s role put them within six feet (two meters) of other workers or patrons, including whether their duties create specific transmission risks such as food handling, bartending, or ticket checking. Work with the local health department to determine which other workers had close contact with the infected worker (the “Impacted Workers”). Notify the Impacted Workers that they may have had contact with an infected worker and encourage them to monitor their health and report any concerns to their healthcare provider, do not provide information about the infected worker to potential impacted workers. Any worker who tests positive for COVID-19 should remain in home isolation after 10 days have passed since symptom onset and 24-hours fever free without the use of fever reducing medication and overall symptoms have improved. If an individual does not have any symptoms then at least 10 days have passed since they took a COVID-19 test. The worker should follow Tulsa Health Department and CDC guidance. Impacted Workers who have been in close contact with a person who tests positive, but who are not presently symptomatic or suffering a fever greater than 100.4 F / 38.0 C, should not come to work for 14 days after their last close contact, and quarantine themselves. During quarantine, they should watch for symptoms of COVID-19. SYMPTOMATIC VISITORS If a visitor exhibits symptoms of acute respiratory illness they will be required to leave property; in the event they are not able to leave immediately, they will be confined to the designated isolation areas. Isolation areas include the following for visitors: West Event Conference Room In the event a visitor is isolated in any area with symptoms; the area will be disinfected immediately prior to any future utilization.
  9. The 2020 Racers Reunion Banquet has been canceled because of the COVID-19 virus, we feel it is in the best interest and safety of everyone involved. Thank you for the continued support. Stay Safe.
  10. Fewer and fewer actually pray these days, and even fewer who would even consider praying for our military heroes and first responders. But, at least in Texas - and a few other states - there are those who truly understand that whatever freedoms we have left were won by courage, honor and blood. Our Heavenly Father, bless and protect our military members and first responders, honor our veterans and bring lasting peace to the families of those who lost loved ones for the cause of freedom. Amen Nick
  11. Kasey Kahne Racing Pulls Through Adversity To Claim Third Championship - KKR is now the fourth team in World of Outlaws history with at least three championships CONCORD, NC — Nov. 10, 2020 — This year tested everyone’s limits; it tested their mentality; and it tested their stamina. Mainly, it tested how they push through it all. Brad Sweet’s Kasey Kahne Racing team – consisting of Crew Chief Eric Prutzman and crew members Joe Mooney and Andrew Bowman – exemplified the never give up attitude in 2020. At times they faced Hell, yet still walked through the fire ready for another round. That drive and determination led Sweet to his second consecutive World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series champion and gave Kasey Kahne Racing its third team championship. “It feels great to get number three,” said KKR owner Kasey Kahne. “And two-straight for Brad Sweet. The guys have done a really good job. A really good job in an interesting year. But overall, they stayed after it and did all they need to do to win. “They just never slowed up. They never gave up. Brad is as focused and precise out here as ever. It is just fun to watch him. You just know he is always going to be there. He just takes care of everything all of the time. He’s got a really good team behind him and it is fun to watch.” For the first time since 2013, Sweet and the team suffered four DNF finishes this year. Three of them came consecutively. Logan Schuchart, who finished second in points had one DNF and Donny Schatz, who finished third had two. While it may have beaten their spirits at the end of the night, it didn’t kill their drive. In the 16-race span where Sweet suffered the four bad finishes, he still managed to earn seven top-10s – three of them runner up finishes. Then, he and the team returned to Victory Lane at I-80 Speedway for their eighth win of the season. After that win, Sweet reclaimed the points the next weekend from Schuchart, racked off eight top-five finishes in a row and earned five runner-up finishes in the final 15 events. That performance helped him hold of Schuchart by 46 points at the end of the season to get his second title. “It was a tough year,” Sweet said. “NAPA Auto Parts guys, we overcame a lot of adversity, to have four DNFs and still lead the points. We showed our resilience. We came in here (in the season finale weekend), and I thought, executed perfectly. We did everything we needed to do to win the points and get Kasey Kahne Racing the team championship.” This year was Sweet’s third season with Prutzman as his crew chief. In their time together they’ve won the 2018 Knoxville Nationals, 2019 Jackson Nationals, 2019 Kings Royal, 33 World of Outlaws events and now two championships. Prutzman, the 2019 Crew Chief of the Year, was handpicked by Sweet to be his crew chief. However, Sweet had admitted they’re kind of opposites. He likes to talk and figure things out, while Prutzman is a quiet thinker, he said. The key to their relationship is Sweet trusts him and Prutzman trusts Sweet. And the same goes for Mooney and Bowman. “Me and Eric, Joe and Andrew, we’re all meshing,” Sweet said. “Obviously, to overcome some of the stuff we had to overcome this year I feel like it made us stronger. To win, it makes us desire to win next year even more.” Prutzman, who had previously spent seven years with Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing as a mechanic and was a part of four championship wins with Donny Schatz, said he sees the continued growth of the team and their strength as championship contenders, no matter the circumstances. “It’s amazing,” Prutzman said about what the KKR team accomplished this year. “It just shows that our team is really strong and that we keep digging and just keep trying to win races and do our best. Obviously, we had really unfortunate races. It’s just really great.” Sweet locked up the driver championship during the penultimate race of the year, but the team championship came down to the final lap of the final race with David Gravel trying to win it for Jason Johnson Racing. And Sweet was just as focused as bringing home another title for KKR as he was for himself. After securing his second championship, he said he felt like his work was half done. “That means a lot,” Kahne said about getting his third championship as a team owner. “That’s kind of a split feeling if you don’t win them both. So, to win them both it feels like you were the best car, the best driver, the best team all season long in the toughest Series that there is in dirt racing.” It means just as much to the entire KKR team, as well. “Obviously, the driver [championship] is really important, but the team is all of us and Kasey,” Prutzman said. “Everybody at KKR, so it is a really big deal.” By claiming a third championship, KKR became the fourth team in the history of the World of Outlaws to have three or more championships. The other three on that elite list our Karl Kinser’s team with 16 championships, TSR with nine championships and Steve Kinser Racing with six championships. KKR is also only 15 wins away from 200 career World of Outlaws wins now. They know their title run next year won’t be easy with the rising level of competition, but that’s still not deterring their drive and determination to go after it. “I know next year is going to be even harder,” Kahne said. “We’re looking forward to that. We’ll be prepared and ready to go again. You can see that next year is going to be a stout field and it will be a lot of fun to see if we can get three in a row.” Their 2021 season will kick off Feb. 5-7 at the DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park. Click here for tickets. If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all of the action live on DIRTVision.
  12. time

    I have been allowing folks to express their personal opinions about the election and, so far anyway, only one member has been edited - deleted, actually. Civility has always been required in order to post in these forums. If you just can't be nice, try Facebook. They allow rants - as long as it follows the liberal talking points and leftist agenda. Nick
  13. Brad Sweet Crowned Champion; Logan Schuchart Wins Season Finale - Kasey Kahne Racing clinched the team championship Saturday night at The Dirt Track at Charlotte CONCORD, NC — Nov. 7, 2020 — Brad Sweet and Logan Schuchart closed out the 2020 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series season the same way they opened it. Schuchart won the DIRTcar Nationals finale in February, while Sweet claimed the event’s title. Saturday night, during the World of Outlaws Last Call season finale at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Schuchart won the race, while Sweet was officially crowned the 2020 champion. “We overcame a lot of adversity to have four DNFs and to still win the points,” said Sweet, of Grass Valley, CA, about his 2020 season. “I thought we showed our resilience this week and we came here and executed, I thought, perfectly. “We did everything we needed to do to win the points and get Kasey Kahne Racing the team championship. Hats off to our competitors. Logan (Schuchart) gave me a good run for my money all season long and the 41 (Jason Johnson Racing) bunch… nothing but respect from all of us here. Obviously, we want to win and stay on top of the mountain.” Schuchart and his Shark Racing team kept the pressure on Sweet for the championship all year long. The two swapped the points lead twice during the season, but Schuchart’s effort came up short Friday night at The Dirt Track. By Sweet finishing ahead of him, the reigning champion secured enough points to clinch his second consecutive title. However, that did little to diminish Schuchart’s hunger for another win. His last trip to Victory Lane was in September. So, with a championship mentality no longer needed, Schuchart went full king shark Saturday night. He set Quick Time in his Qualifying flight; finished second in his Drydene Heat Race; finished second in the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash; and dusted Sweet in the 30-lap Feature to earn his seventh win of the season and third win at The Dirt Track. “We came into this weekend saying we just wanted to end strong,” said Schuchart, of Hanover, PA. “We knew certain things were out of our control. Last night was a challenge, but we made up for it a little bit. To end the World of Outlaws season with a win is awesome. “We weren’t able to get the champion. But fifth last year and second this year (in points). This Shark Racing team is coming. We’re going to continue to try and get better and move forward.” Sweet was the early contender for the win, claiming the pole for the Feature and led the three opening laps. But Schuchart had the NAPA Auto Parts #49 in sight the entire time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. With a run down the front stretch, Schuchart pulled the trigger and shot a slide job underneath Sweet into Turn 1 and cleared him for the lead by Turn 2. From then on, the Drydene #1S held command out front. Sweet closed on him in traffic but could never get close enough to attempt a pass. “I wish I wouldn’t have lost the lead to Logan because I felt like the way the race played out I never really got another great opportunity to get by him,” Sweet said. “Just started out the race just a little off. But it came to me. I felt like we were just as good as Logan in open air. And that says a lot, because he’s usually really good at this place.” Aside from trying to run down Schuchart for the win, Sweet still had a championship to worry about, other than his own. His Kasey Kahne Racing team entered the night 22 points ahead of Jason Johnson Racing. And JJR’s driver David Gravel didn’t help ease the pressure off Sweet throughout the night. Gravel set overall Quick Time for the second night in a row and beat Sweet for the win in their Drydene Heat Race. By the luck of the draw, Sweet started on the pole for the DIRTVision Fast Pass Dash and won, claiming the Feature’s pole position. Gravel finished fourth. In the Feature, Gravel stole third on the first lap and kept Sweet in sight throughout the entire event. Gravel could close on him after a restart, but Sweet pulled away over time in clean air. To have any shot at bringing JJR the team title, he needed to beat Sweet and hope that "The Big Cat" fell at least 11 positions behind him. He came up short on that goal and ended the season with a third-place finish. “I knew we had a chance (at beating Sweet),” said Gravel, of Watertown, CT. “Just lacked a little bit there. We were pretty good, but Brad and Logan were really really good there. We could hang with them on the restart and I had some good runs and Brad made a move and blocked my lane. That was kind of my only chance.” The race was also Gravel’s final drive behind the wheel of the JJR #41 car. He’ll join Big Game Motorsports in 2021 for a championship run. Ten-time Series champion Donny Schatz ended the night with a sixth-place finish and ended the year third in the championship standings. That breaks his 14-year streak of finishing first or second in points. Sheldon Haudenschild had a career best season, finishing fourth in points with a career-high seven wins in a single season. Carson Macedo also had a new career achievement by finishing fifth in points with Kyle Larson Racing. Macedo will join Jason Johnson Racing in 2021 as KLR closes this year. The Last Call was 2013 World of Outlaws champion Daryn Pittman’s final race as a full-time Series driver. He capped off his career with a ninth-place run at The Dirt Track and finished seventh in the championship standings. Now, with the 2020 season completed, the World of Outlaws will look to 2021 and, again, open the season in February at Volusia Speedway Park for the DIRTcar Nationals. A new beginning to Sweet and Schuchart’s budding competitive tale. UP NEXT The World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series will kick off the 2021 season Feb. 5-7 at Volusia Speedway Park for the DIRTcar Nationals. For tickets, click here. If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all of the action live on DIRTVision. RESULTS NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2][$12,000]; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [1][$5,500]; 3. 41-David Gravel [4][$3,200]; 4. 2M-Kerry Madsen [7][$2,800]; 5. 21-Brian Brown [3][$2,500]; 6. 15-Donny Schatz [9][$2,300]; 7. 10-Dave Blaney [11][$2,200]; 8. 57-Kyle Larson [12][$2,100]; 9. 72-Daryn Pittman [13][$2,050]; 10. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [10][$2,000]; 11. 9-James McFadden [16][$1,500]; 12. 11K-Kraig Kinser [17][$1,200]; 13. 39-Spencer Bayston [8][$1,100]; 14. 71-Shane Stewart [14][$1,050]; 15. 71P-Parker Price-Miller [6][$1,000]; 16. 26-Cory Eliason [22][$1,000]; 17. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [24][$1,000]; 18. 2-Carson Macedo [5][$1,000]; 19. 13-Justin Peck [23][$1,000]; 20. 39M-Anthony Macri [21][$1,000]; 21. 83-Dominic Scelzi [25][$]; 22. 5-Brent Marks [15][$1,000]; 23. 7S-Jason Sides [20][$1,000]; 24. 1A-Jacob Allen [19][$1,000]; 25. 33M-Mason Daniel [27][$]; 26. 11-Ian Madsen [18][$1,000]; 27. 6-Bill Rose [28][$]; 28. 2C-Wayne Johnson [26][$]; Lap Leaders: Brad Sweet 1-2, Logan Schuchart 3-30; KSE Hard Charger Award: 3Z-Brock Zearfoss[+7] Qualifying Flight-A – 1. 1S-Logan Schuchart, 12.69; 2. 2-Carson Macedo, 12.779; 3. 2M-Kerry Madsen, 12.786; 4. 21-Brian Brown, 12.831; 5. 39M-Anthony Macri, 12.831; 6. 10-Dave Blaney, 12.841; 7. 15-Donny Schatz, 12.86; 8. 1A-Jacob Allen, 12.91; 9. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 12.927; 10. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss, 12.927; 11. 72-Daryn Pittman, 12.929; 12. 5-Brent Marks, 12.935; 13. 26-Cory Eliason, 13.024; 14. 7BC-Tyler Courtney, 13.053; 15. 44S-Trey Starks, 13.099; 16. 33M-Mason Daniel, 13.136; 17. 6-Bill Rose, 13.247; 18. 7NY-Matt Farnham, 13.273; 19. 2X-Bill Balog, 13.278; 20. W20-Greg Wilson, 13.388; 21. 40-George Hobaugh, 13.448; 22. 70-Nick Tucker, 13.858 Qualifying Flight-B – 1. 41-David Gravel, 12.688; 2. 71P-Parker Price-Miller, 12.856; 3. 49-Brad Sweet, 12.873; 4. 39-Spencer Bayston, 12.879; 5. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild, 12.886; 6. 57-Kyle Larson, 12.893; 7. 11-Ian Madsen, 12.92; 8. 9-James McFadden, 12.924; 9. 71-Shane Stewart, 12.926; 10. 13-Justin Peck, 12.956; 11. 1-Sammy Swindell, 13.003; 12. 7S-Jason Sides, 13.11; 13. 14-Tim Kaeding, 13.11; 14. 51-Paul McMahan, 13.123; 15. 49D-Shawn Dancer, 13.146; 16. 83-Dominic Scelzi, 13.15; 17. 3C-Cale Conley, 13.212; 18. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg, 13.245; 19. 27-Tucker Klaasmeyer, 13.267; 20. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 13.425; 21. 12-Brent Shearer, 13.496; 22. 6X-Frank Rodgers, NT