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  1. 2016 Lone Star Legacy rules are here

    Is a Earnhardt bar required?
  2. New car

    Thanks everyone
  3. New car

    Thanks where can I find the rules
  4. New car

    Looking for a little information , just picked up a legacy , wondering what gear to run at cts and where I order parts and other important info
  5. SuperStreet/SuperStock at CCS/CTS

    So are there any cars showing up?
  6. Ya mine to it stops right after the track worker was hurt

    Condolences from all the Hooligans
  8. DONNA

    Guess I can't find em , can somebody post a link ghanks
  9. CC SPEEDWAY any preliminary results?

    I know nick just messing with Mel
  10. CC SPEEDWAY any preliminary results?

    Way to go Mel you had to ask. Ha ha
  11. On the other one it says October 31 which is right?