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    Try for 43 again... see if they can turn it around...

    Man am I bummed... I will not be able to make it to the awards dinner this year. To all TPS - know I will be there with you in spirit... and congratulations to all of the awards winners this this year!!
  3. Tammy Dickerson

    May God Bless and comfort the Dickerson family. Our condolences, and you all will be in our prayers.
  4. Dad In Hospital Again

    Praying for a speedy recovery!!
  5. Biffle or Boyer?

    So if na$car was consistent with rules - Boyer and Johnson should be penalized for passing under the yellow... (and I think they should - but na$car and consistent is an oxymoron...)
  6. Sergio Hexsel wins TPS Title

    Congratulations Sergio on winning your second Championship!!! Also to Ja for winning the rookie Honors....
  7. Pretty cool!! I can believe that "there is never a dull moment at the Mirth house!!" Way cool and looks like ya'll have fun no matter what you are doing...
  8. Cool Deal... Looks like the Pro Sedans now have 2 more races this year. October 12th and the 27th!!
  9. I think so. This year has been so hectic, but I think we will be out there next year...
  10. Randy - Your next car is for sale on the classifieds forum. Not sure why Lanny is selling (hopefully he is building/built another car.) You know you can win in that VW... so just go buy it!!!

    Almost forgot - what a run that little red bug had... If that was his first excursion from dirt to asphalt - I can't wait to see what he does when he is gets used to this track!! Great run, and I see why Randy Larsen was so excited to get him to race in TPS!!

    Hey Sergio, from the stands, it looked like you and Lalo were both having some kind of mechanical issues, and seemed slower than normal. Also Mike seemed down on power a bit in the 70. Mike Knotts looked good, and so did John in the 55 bug. Heck - all of the drivers looked like they were having fun... I have got to get off my butt and get my car done...
  13. We went out there Saturday before the races at TR. Had a blast. The fast road course style track was really fun. I ran that track like three times, my kids ran it a couple of times, and even got my wife to run it once. We all had a lot of fun there, which really put us in the mood to head up and watch the races at THR. I ran the “slick” in the winged carts once, and it was great. "Slick" is an understatement. I will not be able to make it out there tonight, but wish I could... it will be as much fun watching this one as it will be to race it. Looking forward to reading the outcome and everyone's thoughts about it here tomorrow!! Have fun!! I think the dirt races will definitely have the advantage here initially. I ran this track on Saturday and it and it reminded me of a very slick dirt track with way too much air in all four tires, but without the ruts . However, I think that once the asphalt drivers get some practice (more may be needed for some than for others) they will be competing for the win. This track will definitely help an inexperienced driver to learn car control...
  14. Ja Lane wins TPS race

    Congrats Ja on the win. That car seemed untouchable!!
  15. Legacy results anyone?

    Great race for the Legacy's!! I was very impressed with the run of the 32 Levi Krauss. Worked his way towards the front, had an issue and was sent to the back, and then worked his way all the way back up to third. Very impressive. Looked like he stayed calm and used his head working his way back up to the top three. Great job...