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  1. I will say that if it wasn't for LSSZ I probably wouldn't be where I am today as a stock car photographer. While the ride has been bumpy at times, I can look back and see that the requirement was limited on my behalf and when we found our "sweet spot" then it worked out pretty good. Even after moving to NC, from NY and TX, I still posted a few shots here and there. Thanks for the effort, Nick!!!
  2. I was able to cover a few nights of the DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park. Saturday's Gallery WoO Sprint Cars and DIRTcar UMP Modifieds Sunday's Gallery WoO Sprint Cars and DIRTcar UMP Modifieds Monday's Gallery DIRTcar UMP Modifieds and DIRTcar Super Late Models Donny Schatz doesn't seem too fond of the gator after winning the final night and overall champion of the sprint portion of the DIRTcar Nationasl Kyle Strickler kisses a live gator after winning the $5,000 to win Gator Championship race Nick Hoffman was the overall Gator Championship winner Jonathan Davenport celebrates his victory on the opening night of the DIRTcar Super Late Model segment
  3. Let me know if this happens. I have all of the login information for Twitter, Facebook, Rainedout, and such.
  4. No problem. I took a few classes and that was something I learned. The content and pictures sell, not the show fonts. Keep it simple and you'll have better luck.
  5. From a design standpoint, you need to get rid of 90% of the fonts and just go with a basic serif or san serif with no funny looking highlights. Use images to help sell your product not dressed up fonts.
  6. This is an interesting conversation. I'm ASSUMING that Tim is probably early to mid 30's that's why his attitude, no disrespect meant, is the way it is to the guys that have been around racing almost twice as long as he has been alive. Nick, Reb, and the rest have been there and seen it all, and even though I don't always agree with them; I have to give them the benefit of the doubt because they have seen it.
  7. Thanks, Nick. I've been shooting for OneDirt.com for all of the events so far and have been invited back for the rest of the season for the SEDMS (Southeast Dirt Modified Series) by a co-owner. I'm pretty proud of how I've been shooting, I just wish they were more than one groove races for the most part.
  8. I got the opportunity of a lifetime this past weekend to shoot the WoOLMS here where we are now and it was awesome. The track wasn't perfect but they did their best to help it out by stopping the show twice before the WoO feature to fix turns one and two. Texan Morgan Bagley Shane Clanton and Brandon Sheppard battling for the lead in their heat race Tour regular Rick Eckert and local Ben Watkins in their heat race Four wide salute in front of a monster crowd Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert, and Frank Heckenast Jr in the feature Brandon Sheppard taking the checkers Sheppard celebrates in victory lane The rest of the images can be seen HERE.
  9. I get to shoot them tonight at Fayetteville Motor Speedway. The weather is a little iffy and cool, but should be fine.
  10. Last weekend the Ultimate Super Late Models and Southeast Dirt Modified Series (SEDMS) made a stop at Dublin Motor Speedway in Elizabethtown, NC for the Rattlesnake Rumble. The late models raced for a cool $10,000 and modifieds ran for $1,500, with a full compliment of support classes. Some serious competition showed up in both series with some big name drivers. Chris Ferguson set fast time in qualifying, popped RR off of rim in heat and had to set position through B Main; finished in top 5 Jonathan Davenport was caught up in an early red flagged incident and would have to make major repairs; restarted but pulled off early Earl Person Jr had the fastest practice speeds, won heat, started third and would eventually win the 50 lap feature EPJ made winning $10,000 look easy Zack Mitchell (57) and EPJ early in the event; Mitchell was also caught up in red flag incident and couldn't return Billy Workman Jr set the PFC Brakes quick time; was series points leader going into the weekend Taylor Cook who has been absolutely on fire; was slated to run somewhere else and rerouted to DMS Heat race action with local Andy Boahn (66) and Kyle Strickler; Boahn is a Fayetteville Motor Speedway local that is about to have a bounty put on him A reroute worth the effort as Taylor Cook dominated the feature event Ryan Ayers (6) and Slater McCray battle for position; McCray is the grandson of 4x NASCAR truck champion Ron Hornaday Jr who also builds modifieds There rest of the images can be seen HERE.
  11. I think it is imperative for tracks and series to embrace social media for all of the good it can do; they just have to remember to take the good with the bad. The tracks and series here in NC that I have see have that all figured out.
  12. I have been saying this for a few years now. I read that 37% of the races are ran on 1.5 mile tracks throughout the season, I think I know where we can trim the fat. When they announced the move to a second Las Vegas race I quit defending NASCAR, they honestly just don't get it.
  13. NCWTS Champion Matt Crafton in hot laps This is the second race in as many trips for me this season at Fayetteville Motor Speedway here in NC and Matt Crafton has been able to do what he loves pretty much without much notice. No one seems to bother him or even care that he is there and he can just race. He has a small 24ft.(approx) trailer towed by his motor home and small group with him helping. It is quite something when you think about how successful he has been in truck series. Anyway... The Southeast Dirt Modified Series made their first stop at FMS for round 1 of the Sandhills Shootout which was their 4th event of the season. I think 26 cars signed in, 24 took time, and 22 started. Not a bad showing for a sophomore season that has attracted some heavy hitters in modifieds. Taylor Cook in hot laps. Taylor had a trifecta with fast time, 4th of the season, heat win, and went on to win the feature. Taylor for the PFC Brakes quick time award Heat race action between series points leader Billy Workman Jr(64) and Kyle Strickler(8). This was the first lap and Strickler would bend a tire rod and have to qualify through the B. Slater McCray's badly damaged car. Carnage was an understatement for this caution laden race, this was part of a three car pile up on the front stretch the brought out the red flag. The race was scheduled to go 25 laps but they cut it to 20 due to running up close to the curfew with 2 more classes still to run. I have my opinions as to what the issues are but I'll keep them to myself. Taylor Cook collecting the spoils of victory The rest of the images can be seen here: http://smu.gs/2pr67SN
  14. Thanks. I learned a lot and being that it was only my second time at the track, I feel pretty good about what I got. Hopefully I'll get a few more chances there and I'll be even better.
  15. Side note about Crafton. There was no hoopla about him being there, I actually didn't even know it was him until their feature when I heard the starting lineup, and there was no increase in ticket prices. He finished third, the first two were in a class of their own, and surprised me with his car control.