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  1. THR cancelled

    THR is cancelled. Just got the word from Brian. He said it was to windy, cold, and the infield is too wet. I think it was the smart thing to do. Would of been a miserable night.
  2. [edited out by Nick Holt, 6/26/2011] All I know is Jake, Mark, and JC ran a hell of a race and I enjoyed watching it.
  3. CCS Races are still on!

    What other TSRS cars are there today?
  4. THR Practice status

    On the schedule on Thunderhill website it says the pro trucks are suppose to be there?? Are they not there this weekend??
  5. What happened that made John Heil get DQ'ed for unsportsmanlike conduct??
  6. So SAD!

    my family and I would like to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers. My Papa will truly be missed. The viewing will be held Monday night at 6:00 at McGurdy funeral home in Lockhart. The funeral will be Tuesday at 2:00. Jamie
  7. red sowell

    Our prayers are with the family. God Bless T and Jamie Darity
  8. Prayers for "Red" Sewell

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. May God be with you. T and Jamie Darity
  9. I wish I would of knew this race was the Tommy Darity 75 because I would of went considering he is my father-in-law. I don't recall seeing anywhere it was the Tommy Darity 75 race.
  10. Truck Race

    Just wondering what the weather is like down there. Are the races still on?
  11. TSRS schedule

    I was wondering if there is an up to date TSRS schedule. The one on Speedzone doesn't show that there is a July 5th race in Corpus.
  12. TSRS schedule

    I hate to say it but I am glad the race isn't in corpus that weekend cause that is the day of my wedding. YEAH!!!
  13. TSRS schedule

    I just wanted to confirm if there is a July 5th race in Corpus for TSRS.

    I Love the invitation. It looks good!!!
  15. It has taken Danny a while to get the car together, but it all pays in the end. He was excited to get back out there and race. I 5th place finish isn't that bad for it being the first time the car has ever been on the track. T and I are looking forward to next season to watch him race.
  16. Live Updates from THR, 10/27/07

    Mark got DQ'ed for a carb. infraction. I heard he is going to try and appeal it though.
  17. TSRS Respect vs. Disrespect

    can anybody let me know what happened to cause that big wreck and who was all involved in it. Was anybody hurt??
  18. Tammy Dickerson

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Terry and the family. I know first hand what is feels like for somebody to pass away so unexpectedly. You are going through a tough time now, but you must take one day at a time. Just remember that she is in a better place now looking down upon us.
  19. In the Dallas Area

    Go to Cowboys
  20. Living Legends

    Tommy Darity Sr. is the person I would pick.
  21. Crew Chief or Members

    I would say Jamie Reeder who is the spotter for James Reeder #4 TSRS. She is the best crew chief ever!!!!
  22. My dad was behind the 50 during the race and I was spotting for him. I asked him if he was getting water on his windshield and he said NO. So according to my dad during the race, water was not coming out during the green flag laps.
  23. So there is not really a benefit of having a 2 day pit pass right? I liked the idea better of having a 2 day pit pass for $40. That would save $10. Or you could have a 2 day pit pass for $45, which saves $5.
  24. THR practice

    I was just wondering if they are having practice tomorrow, and if so how much is it to get in??
  25. TSRS houston

    Just wondering if it is raining down in Houston.