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  1. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    I agree the cars need to be up graded. a class for V8 Mustangs and Camaros from the 80's to present would be good. the fans could relate better and here the V8s. They road race the the unibodies so why not circle track. Just an idea from an old guy.
  2. I have one that needs to go through a blast cabinet. Text me your # and I'll send you a pic 830 459-3816
  3. 993 heads, camaro clip, saginaw 4 speed

    Heads sold
  4. 993 heads, got them in a trade, appear to be good heads. $ 150 SOLD! Camaro front frame, new screw jacks installed and comes with a arm plates $ 125 saginaw 4 speed got in trade $200 They are in Kerrville. I can text you pictures. Call Harlin 830 459-3816
  5. Next year classes

    Does anyone know if the track is dropping any classes next year?
  6. Dega Baby

    My wife said it's a Allen Kulwicki stop!
  7. 300 at Texas Mile

    I just read somebody went 300+ at the Texas mile. That is something
  8. Fillip Mystery car

    I gather from the post that you don't know but Marvin past away a few years back. It was a sad loss for many racers.
  9. Aggravation

    I had a email from the guy again, wese@cartechbooks.com. This is the guy that contacted me. Try him. Harlin
  10. Aggravation

    If I remember rite the guy was from Minnesota but his E mail droped off my list, I'll look for the #
  11. Aggravation

    All I know is that a guy from up north called me because I worked for H&H roofing once, But I did not know the car. He was helping someone find out information on the car. Are you the one that he was helping? Harlin
  12. Looking for a cheap starter car

    where are you located??
  13. we need a little assurance

    Friday is fine with me. I leave the hill country by noon on fri when I go race, That way I can pay at golf on sat. I think it will work out good, The only real problem is fri night football. I know it hurt I37. Harlin
  14. Interesting article in todays S A Express News Business section