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  1. older mod chassis

    Well decided to get rid of it. Time to start the mower Back to trade for something.
  2. older mod chassis

    Looks like I might make a LLM out of it.
  3. Next year classes

    Does anyone know if the track is dropping any classes next year?
  4. older mod chassis

    Somebody trade me something I don't have to mow around.
  5. older mod chassis

    John Kelly got the cab
  6. older mod chassis

    Older mod chassis, metric frame, seems straight. Tired of moving it around. $ 300 or trade for victor jr, bell housing, good 4412 holley or? call Harlin 830 459-3816 Located in Kerrville
  7. Dega Baby

    My wife said it's a Allen Kulwicki stop!
  8. 300 at Texas Mile

    I just read somebody went 300+ at the Texas mile. That is something
  9. Fillip Mystery car

    I gather from the post that you don't know but Marvin past away a few years back. It was a sad loss for many racers.
  10. Aggravation

    I had a email from the guy again, wese@cartechbooks.com. This is the guy that contacted me. Try him. Harlin
  11. Aggravation

    If I remember rite the guy was from Minnesota but his E mail droped off my list, I'll look for the #
  12. Aggravation

    All I know is that a guy from up north called me because I worked for H&H roofing once, But I did not know the car. He was helping someone find out information on the car. Are you the one that he was helping? Harlin
  13. Looking for a cheap starter car

    where are you located??
  14. we need a little assurance

    Friday is fine with me. I leave the hill country by noon on fri when I go race, That way I can pay at golf on sat. I think it will work out good, The only real problem is fri night football. I know it hurt I37. Harlin