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  1. Great night of racing!

    Anyone have results?
  2. Liberty Bell race thoughts

    Nick, That's a perfectly fine approach in almost all instances UNLESS the driver's door is exposed to oncoming traffic that is at speed. It's the easiest way to get someone seriously injured or killed. If there were an incident and an insurance company heard that philosophy or saw the tape there would definitely be a problem. This post asked for comments. This is mine. I thought the night was fantastic and that is my one recommendation. Driver safety should always come first. JL
  3. Liberty Bell race thoughts

    Fantastic night! So glad to see racing back at HMP. I am not going to make any comments about the calling of races. People see that differently. However I have to make a comment about the yellow flags. You absolutely cannot put driver's in danger with cars stopped on the track, especially when driver's side doors are exposed to oncoming traffic. I stopped counting at 7 throughout the night and it continued. Racing is racing, calls are calls from the box, but there is absolutely no room for error in regards to driver safety. This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Otherwise, great show and great grandstand turn out. I hope it makes for a successful return!
  4. The simple truth of what has needed to happen for years is that local racing needs to cut the cost. It has become way out of touch with reality and needs to get the local driver's cost down. Fans want to see fast looking cars - Drivers want to be able to afford it. Put an outlaw body on a hobby stock and they won't know the difference but it sure would cut the cost for the driver. You will have one heck of a car count and a better show for the fans and then begin to build more of a fan base to fill the stands. If you are going to have 10 classes, pick 3 as your weekly schedule and alternate weekends for the others as a highlighted series. Make the 3 weekly classes your cost effective classes and build car counts. As much as we love them, PM and PLM are just not cost effective for most weekly local drivers. Keep those for highlighted feature weekends as a special show. Cut cost = more cars = better show = more fans. Ja
  5. Again, adjust. Race March, April, June, then skip to September, October. There were only 4 races run this season and they can be adjusted to times where heat isn't an issue. We practice all day long during the day in August, what's the difference???
  6. I grew up around SAS and I know the track well. I moved to New England a few years ago for awhile and frequented the tracks up there. They did something I had never seen before and it should be tried at SAS to keep over head low. They did schedules like a NASCAR show and day raced. Schedule as follows: Gates open at 7am. Practice from 9-11:30am Driver's meeting at 11:30am. Qualifying at 12 noon. Racing from 1pm to 6pm. Simple and not one overhead light was turned on or a huge energy bill cranked up. These two day to weekend racing and night shows are killing budgets for everyone - owners and drivers alike. People must evolve/think outside the box to make things work. Just an idea. I get paid to in my day job to brainstorm.
  7. Congrats Kenny Hurley

    Congrats Kenny on a great weekend of racing! Ja Lane
  8. Madhouse

    "My stupid foot......." (Junior Miller) lol The one thing that is pretty cool about this show is that it's the first true representation of the passion of short track drivers in stock car racing. Everything before now has looked blurred and not too accurate. Remember "Days of Thunder"? This has come a long way.
  9. Sorry, I kept messing with my adobe drive till it works. JANUARY 10, 2010 AT 9PM.......
  10. What's the first day and time of the new show 'Madhouse' on History Channel? http://www.history.com/video.do?name=Madho...tid=53882278001
  11. Auto maker's bailout.

    If anyone in this topic has questions about what it could potentially do to stock car racing, please pick up your December issue of "Automobile" magazine for this educated article regarding the connection of the auto dealers and NASCAR. Thanks, JL85
  12. Today, Monday, April 14, 2008, Ja Lane and Ja Lane Racing will be withdrawing from competition for the remainder of the 2008 season with the Texas Pro Sedans. I would like to take a moment and thank the people that have helped me on the car and with this race team over the last 52 months. First, I can't thank you enough Dad. I have been your number one fan for 36 years and your knowledge of racing, race cars, race track management far surpasses anything I could ever comprehend. Not only are you an amazing racer but you are an amazing father. If I ever could be half the man that you are it would be an honor. Thank you for being my Dad and now thank you for being an amazing Grandfather. Mom, what can I say. You got us into this sport decades ago and what a ride it has been. You are a lot of things to a lot of different people but you are always an incredible support to people you don't even realize. There's a lot of men out there that don't know about racing what you know. Thanks for being the rock behind me and Dad for all of these years. Now for Kevin. I know you don't want me to sell but I hope that one day you realize the scarifices that I am willing to make for you and that everything will be okay. Now we can go fishing and hiking and all the things that you want to do. We are NOT done with racing. Mike Balzer. You are such a mentor. You are a great friend to so many people in your life and I am glad to be called you one of them. I greatly appreciate the time, energy, knowledge and guidance that you have afforded me and I will never for get it. Thanks you Crew Chief! Thanks Vern and Anita Burk. You have worked so hard through so many hot months at the track. You truly have a love for this sport and I am so glad you were a great help through the good and the bad. Thanks! Boerne Jacobson, you were around a few races but man we put you to work when you were! Thanks for everything and good luck with your new marriage. It's a huge responsibility but you are off to a great start. Thanks for everything. Kenny Hurley. You have a been a long time family friend and you're always there for us. I appreciate the tire change the last Saturday night, sorry we couldn't get out there and wrap the race up for you and your hard work. Thank you! A special Thank you to Maryann Naumann. I appreciate your hospitality and service to the racing community. Your presence has kept the proper racing spirit alive and well. Good luck to your future and Thank you! Rick Day - an unbelievably honest man you are. You told me when I was right and you also told me when I was wrong. It takes a person like that to deal with tough racing calls and as friend sometimes its hard to say but you do it and keep me as well as everyone in line. Thanks! To all our friends and competitors: Good luck with 2008 and we look forward to seeing you again! Hasta la vista, Ja Lane and JLR "Big 85 Forever" (Note No. 1: Ja Lane is open to any opportunities to drive in the future as a non car owner - 832-651-5850) (Note No. 2: Please see classifieds for car for sale listing.)
  13. PRESS RELEASE: AMIDST SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT RULE CHANGES WITH TPS, JA LANE RACING ADDS "HIRED GUN" FOR 2008 SEASON. "I'm ready!" he states. Going into the 2008 Texas Pro Sedans' Season opener, Ja Lane of Katy has added a "hired gun" to fight the rule changes this season for his racing team. "We as a whole have waited till just the right time do make this decision and now is the time. I feel quite confident that he will add exactly what we need to prepare for Wichita Falls and the future in general." Lane commented Saturday, March 15, 2008 which happens to also be his birthday. "This could possibly be the best birthday present I have ever experienced." Lane is referring to the new addition. The new addition is none other than digital game expert and soccer goalie, Kevin Michael Lane. Kevin, originally from El Paso, Texas has shown great enthusiasm in the racing program. "When do I get to drive????" he exclaims daily and cannot wait to see the first race. I doubt very seriously if the soccer or video games are going to assist the racing program but he is convincing and only time will tell. Ja Lane along with grandparents Pat and Brenda Lane would proudly like to introduce Mr. Kevin Michael Lane into our family. For any questions, please call ecstatic grandmother Brenda Lane directly.
  14. Thanks Neil, I believe that your entry form, entry list and member list has remained the same for all Texas World Speedway races, TIDA, and the Texas Pro Sedans for almost 30 years. I understand that you publish a list stating who has registered for the next race, but you are at no means responsible if any of them show up. Weather, finances, family emergencies, etc. all play a contributing factor in whether teams make it to the actual race day or not. Your system is by far the most thought out, fair, and explanatory in the state. Thank you for your years of continued, consistant leadership in auto racing. JL
  15. Hello Everyone! First I'd like to congradulate Bill LaBarge for a clean driven quick win! Way to go Bill! Now I'd like to say thanks to everyone I encountered Saturday night for my first race with the Texas Pro Sedans. Great racing sportsmanship off the track is what makes for great clean hard racing on the track. All of you were very nice and helpful and I had a great time on my first qualifying and race day. The TPS tech and administration were very helpful and patient when I had scanner problems early in the day. Thanks for being a kind group of people. I appreciate all the people around me that have been so helpful with me and the car, my family and many close family friends. My Mom and Dad have been unbelievably supportive - just when they thought their time with racing was winding down after 40 years of it, I dragged them back in! Mike Balzer has been so helpful with guidance, time and his help with that car. Thank you so much. I look forward to the rest of the year racing with you guys! Let's have a great 2007! Ja Lane TPS 85 www.jalaneracing.com # 18 / Lanny - I still have your electrical cord splitter - will bring with me April 7th. # 26 / Lalo - I still didn't get a carne guisada taco