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  1. COTA Trackday

    If you have a street bike & Want to do a track day then you need to hit up Ridesmart. They are very organized and safety oriented, fun group of people. Here are a few pics of myself at the ride day in June.
  2. OCT. 16 PRO MODS HMP!

    Ryan Engelhardt? When did he start coming out to the races again?
  3. THR Thunder Stocks

    Hey Jason I'll race your haus till mine is ready lol. Having two trophys from two different tracks on the same weekend, see where Im goin here.
  4. Im sitting here with my buddy, and we are both wondering....whats with all the bickering? We all live in Texas, yes its hot. Just race guys and enjoy it. Theres alot of people wishing they had a race car/team, but they dont. Enough with the Eternal net drama! Lets all gather to have fun!
  5. Jr

    I like the rugged look he was carrying. His ol' mans car. Emotional. Great job JR. now continue to win!
  6. Rock Crawling masterpiece

    If that guy thinks any harder, he might come up with a solution for the oil spill!! Nice RIG!
  7. Need help with a picture caption, please!

    Minus Levi- he is aight
  8. Need help with a picture caption, please!

    "The good, the bad, the ugly, and then there was smiley"
  9. Tracy

    I second that vote. Very nice driving. My 8 year old sister was yelling for you to pass!!
  10. Austin Speed Shop

    Yes he does own a Cisco burger in Cali. Hed be smart to open one here, to compete with P Terrys....mmmhhhmmm P Terrys is delicious
  11. Mama Dean Sanderfur a bit under the weather

    Mama Dean I hope you get better soon. You sure make the "38" TSRS crew SMILE! We all Love ya
  12. Thunder Stock

    Nice win last night Aaron! You looked flawless, and your car looks great. Your right, lets get all the thunder stocks together. You the man. Btw people-Aaron is a VERY intelligent individual. Stand around him in the pits, and watch him drive. You will hear and see useful tips!!
  13. Thank you to the Stapps and Gunnar Frid

    Nice Job guys!
  14. Some Photos from Thunderhill last weekend

    Nice Pics Tory!!! Thank you SO much for being out there takin them all day. Can't thank you enough, I havn't had a new pic of myself in SOO long. KEEP IT UP!